Bautista resignation pressed


Critics of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista urged him to resign after the mayor himself admitted that his brother Hero, a councillor of the fourth district, tested positive for drug use.

Leon Peralta of the Liga ng Eksplosibong Pagbabago said Bautista had lost the mandate given to him by voters.

“During the campaign we told the voters that the drug menace is already eating up not only the youth but breaking homes and families. Mayor Bistek can no longer be mayor. He failed as a brother to Hero, how can he be the father of the city?” Peralta said at the Balitaan sa Rembrandt news forum.

Peralta also revealed that his group is asking the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to act on their complaint of vote buying against Bautista.

“A recall election move is also in the offing because of what is happening right now in the city. We only need 25 percent of the entire voting population to sign a petition,” Peralta explained.

Professor and broadcast journalist Erick San Juan said it is better for the young Bautista to tender his resignation to save his face and his brother’s.

“It’s as if the mayor does not know that there are too many drug syndicates in the city. Even his own brother was a victim,” San Juan said.

On Wednesday, the mayor admitted that his brother Hero tested positive for drugs.
Hero said he will deliver a privilege speech on Monday to air his side.

But the mayor has kept mum on the issue and refused to answer queries of reporters.


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