• BB Marcos is rewriting history with Mr. BS Aquino as co-author


    There is a raging “Stop Marcos” move led by victims of martial rule and they have vowed to carry this out to its logical end, which is to stop Senator Marcos from becoming the country’s vice president. As a victim myself (that Marcos Senior robbed us of our youth is painfully true), my e-mail has been receiving schedules of anti-Marcos protests with the plea to join. A journalist-friend who was also a witness to the brutality of the martial law years, has coined the phrase We Are Back, meaning the victims of Marcos are back to haunt the leadership ambitions of his son and namesake.

    I will not vote for the young Marcos even with a gun leveled at my head. But neither will I join the organized protests to derail Marcos Jr.’s vice presidential quest. You know why? The rise of the young Marcos to political respectability has Mr. Aquino, yes, the president himself, as abettor and co-conspirator. Mr. Marcos is expunging the ghosts of the martial law years with assistance from the most unlikely source — Mr. Aquino

    What is my basis for this seemingly out-of-this-word claim? I will elaborate.

    The young Marcos did not decide on his vice presidential candidacy whimsically — he sought a favorable environment for the run. While not as bright as his dictator-father, he has a pragmatic, on-the-ground sense on what is political feasible or not. He canvassed — though we don’t know the modalities he used — the current sentiment and the demographics of the electorate. What he found out pleased him no end: the current environment will make him competitive in a vice-presidential race. While it is not yet (take note of “not yet”) the time to go for the biggest political prize, a vice presidential quest, he found out, was well within reach.

    What is the principal feature of the environment that young Marcos found favorable? The deep alienation of so many Filipinos from the government and governing policies of Mr. Aquino. The deep disenchantment of so many Filipinos with Mr. Aquino himself. Those two sectors plus many more that have been put off by Mr. Aquino’s moralizing and attacks on the Marcoses and the Arroyos, all designed to paper over his many omissions as father of the nation.

    The deep alienation and disenchantment has naturally worked well to obscure, if not deodorize, the brutality of the martial law years.

    Exhibit A is the sector to which I belong, the small farmers.

    Before 2010, there was no palpable nostalgia among small farmers for the Marcos years. Life went on without much talk on politics, without discussions on the political leadership and the leaders’ impact on our lives. Then came Mr. Aquino.

    As Mr. Aquino’s brutal policies toward small farmers unraveled, the small farming sector slowly but steadily evolved politically. Its current form is what I call the “Period of Great Hankering.” Within the ranks of small farmers, there is now a deep nostalgia for the “genuine CLOAS, ” the agricultural extension workers in Enduro bikes, the Samahang Nayons and their access to farm loans, the golden years of the Masagana 99 and other government-supervised farm and food production programs. The Marcos time was also the last time that farmer-leaders often went to the Palace for consultations.

    The years when irrigation water came on time for the planting season and came very cheap is a major part of this “Great Hankering.”

    The nostalgia is deeper now with Mr. Aquino’s go-signal to eviscerate the original Land Bank (a bank for farmers and agrarian reform beneficiaries) in favor of a megabank that Mr. Aquino can be proud of.

    The Philippine economy is a “two-stop shop.” First, and the largest contributor, is the OFW sector. The second is the BPO sector. Both the major players and the workers (the de facto middle class) cannot identify themselves with Mr. Aquino. What they know of Mr. Aquino is not even positive, a plus for BBM and to rewrite history and usher in an age of national amnesia.

    The OFW sector was institutionalized during the time of Ka Blas as labor minister. The groundwork for the BPO was laid by Mr. Ramos and enhanced by Mrs. Arroyo. In these two most important sectors, there is no memory of Mr. Aquino as a dynamic and aggressive interventionist and leader.

    What the BPO workers are fully aware of is the endless and killing traffic gridlocks, the three-hour trip from Caloocan City to Makati City. The same with the OFW families – the endless nightmare of sending off departing OFW workers to the NAIA terminals.

    To ordinary lives with just the barest of expectation from government and leaders, Mr. Aquino has been an abject and miserable failure. A six-year streak of GDP growth, a string of credit upgrades, the puff pieces by economic journalists on the supposed “wonkery” and “ reformist bent” of Mr. Aquino have no bearing on their lives.

    This alienation from the leadership benchmarks Mr. Aquino cherishes and is proud of was perfectly captured by Mr. Marcos, who is well on his way to the vice presidency.

    Next stop for BBM if the rage from the people of my generation is found inadequate is predictable – another Malacañang tenure for the Marcoses and a stinging rebuke of Mr. Aquino’s government for, by and of the 1 percent.


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    1. Martial law is not an issue,yes there are victims of it with regret but the father paid for it with regret…Will you blame the son……that is far too far….too personal and has nothing g to do the current issue of corruption,drugs and crimes plus poverty….That is the issue not Maritail law…Tday with needs change of who will make thePhilippines better.i see BBM deserve the national vote in majority not of what he is but what he done to nation goods.BBM is innocent and deserve better like anybody else….If you still hate BBM that is your business but for the wise,I will favour BBM……

    2. you were in EDSA, you can compare, aquinos have all the power to investigate and find the truth behind noynoys assasin, why the mother and son didnt do so. because it is to reveal that it was done by the clan itself. you are only the youth of yesterday that think that you deserves to have all the freedom in the world by talking with out doing. inviting communist to live in the country and spread the word calle freedom while in the other hand polluting the mind of you then youth.
      i will vote BBM why not his vision is forward no vengeance, let history judge him not relating him to his father, you worried about imelda? why? how long she will live? you worried of what we will do with this yellow rat after this election and new goverment(if there will be) will come.your trying to relate us with your experience in the past , i was there also and my faith said good luck and , 30 years of sufferings.
      i am force to leave the country and look for a better life because theres none left in Philippines, let us bring the glory back to us again.

    3. The yellows should now be able to differentiate what Marcos had done to our country against the Aquino’s. It’s a good thing that you realized how unkind this government to the people. In his leadership, Filipino billionaires returned to the Forbes’ list of richest in the world. A proof that the Aquino has served well the 1% elite and absolutely disregarded the plight of the masses. Imagine him vetoing the SSS pension hike for the elders who are receiving only Php2,000 monthly while blindly approving the million bonuses of the SSS officials. The author is bright to understand the difference of Marcos against Aquino but not so smart to understand that the EDSA was a revolution of the ill-favored oligarch at that time.

    4. I think a huge mistake most of you filipinos make is to keep calling on god, keep asking for his help. If you want things to change, to be different, you need to forget prayer & take action. Inaction will leave things as they were. Prayers will not change a thing, action will help make change.
      Get religion out of politics.
      Now look at the marcos family & think about what you believe or dont believe. We know all of them benefited from marcos being president. Treasures the marcos family & friends & co horts stole from the country keep being found. Do you think the marcos’s know about these things & will benefit from having them sold other than by the country. I do & because of that ( & other things ) i say never elect a marcos. Let them all show you the people their family did wrong but they are doing everything they can to put that right. I think none have ever said sorry, well that would be a starting point for me.
      Good luck

    5. Rene Pamintuan on

      While Aquino expound and whine about the Marcoses, it merely accentuates his family’s failure to put the Marcoses to jail effectively. Why is that? With 30 years in between the MOTHER AND SON, full authority and powers of the presidency, they failed to do so. But, Pnoy is capable of doing what he wants, if he wants it, when he wants it. Take the case of Corona and GMA. He had the political will to do what he wanted. Corona is the SC chief, while GMA was the erstwhile president. The marcoses were have-beens and the whole nation would have backed the Aquinos up if they jailed them, and yet they couldn’t, wouldn’t, failed. Are there things stopping them from doing so? Do they know things we don’t? Are the Marcoses holding to something that the Aquinos could not move effectively to do so? what could that be? Why isn’t the killer of Ninoy known by now? What about all the failures of Aquino in most fronts? The MRT, LRT, EDSA TRAFFIC, PNR failures, PORT CONGESTION, NAIA congestion and constant delays, NAIA considered as worst airport in the world, Hongkong tourists deaths in Luneta, Mamasapano PNF44, Zamboanga siege, Yolanda Tacloban debacle, LTO failures and errors, cocolisap problems, failure of agriculture to grow, continuing smuggling that the UN deemed at its worst in the whole history of the Philippines, China illegally occupying our territories, lack of interest on gaining back Sabah, etc…. The list just goes on and on. People today can equate far more successes to the Marcoses handling the Philippines then, than today’s Aquinos. Is it just perception? People could not relate to the “successes” of Aquino, more than they look back with nostalgia at the Marcos times.

      • They, the Aquino and/or the Philippine government can not jail the Marcoses, simply because they have nothing on them, no evidences to put them in jail, even Imelda Marcos who was accuse of excessively spending government money, they can’t show evidences, but the marcoses have legal documents to prove of each and every money, gold and investment that they own…

    6. Luzy Canilao on

      So true. PNoy’s betrayal provided the avenue for Bongbong to rise. I was an Edsa1 active participant myself, and I do not suffer from amnesia, and yet, I am now ready to vote for Bongbong. He is cool, an astute politician and a competent leader with a respectable track record in public service. Bongbong is the exact antithesis of PNoy who is so insanely out of touch with reality of what is good or bad for the greater number of Filipinos. Bongbong will do great for this country as he redeems the name and honor of his family. And that will surely benefit the masses and not only the 1%.

    7. I agree. For almost 6 years–current administration has shown any concrete or specific “big ticketed” accomplishment. All hype with no sound bytes. And it seems like a “playground for “Aquino and Marcos clan”. Blamed it also on those “people behind and around him” (except for a few)

    8. So much time and effort have been done to dismantle the “Kleptocratic” era of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos that saved the country from total bankruptcy. People who fought the Marcos dictatorship and are now opposing the VP run of Bongbong have so much at stake in this election to simply allow the Marcos “kleptocratic” legacy to sneak back in with the election of the dictators son. The mostly ignorant population have to be reminded that Bongbong is just a front act in the fulfillment of Imelda’s final acts.

      • To accuse Imelda and the Marcos’ of Kleptocracy and mismanagement of this country that led to bunkruptcy is one thing and is very easy.But to prove it and laying down your facts that the Marcos’ really had done what you and your yellow communist cohorts is alleging is another .You see,what we,the silent majority (before,not anymore),and now Marcos followers,cannot understand and keep on trying to comprehend is the fact that for more than 30 years,none of your allegations and accusations that the Marcos’ had robbed,plundered and committed human rights abuses had ever convicted,not even one,any of the Marcos’ or a crony or even any accessory to those crimes.And yet,for more than 3 decades,you still wants us to believe that what you all anti-Marcos are saying and alleging were all truths and nothing but the truth! This is very absurd,ridiculous,senseless and the most illogical way of thinking a group of people and fanatics have ever embarked on.And you wanted us to trust and postulate you? Have you people ever asked yourselves if you are still on the right path?.And that the ideologues you believed in your youth,more than 30 years ago,are still worth fighting for? We absolutely understand that during your teenage and youthful days you were fed with an ideology you once thought was the right path our country should adopt and is worth dying for.But time has change and have proven (ask the east Europeans and the Cambodians) that the ideology you were once fighting for is dead and is now unacceptable in almost all the countries in the world.You hated Marcos because he stood up against your ideology and obviously,he won,killing in the process your young comrades in arms,and some,if not lost,landed in jail.The aftermath of that bloody confrontation (almost a civil war) was the implementation of martial law in the Philippines.Where,as a youth also,i saw how this country can become if all of us Filipinos will be disciplined and will unite.That era gave us the dignity of being a known as Filipino and gave the country the needed infrastructure for our nations industrialization.Having seen those years when the country is in peril overcoming by the communists,and how the country benefited after martial law was imposed,how can i not trust the Marcos’? The Aquino’s did nothing that would benefit this nation.What they gave the Philippines is chaos and a traitorous legacy that had divided the people instead of to unite.Now,am i,nor the public heed what you people wanted us to believe and to do? or we will take cognizant of what the Philippines had become after 30 years the yellow cult have been in office? I know my answers,,,and hopefully,,,the people too…

      • And three decades were totally wasted by the Yellow traitors with nothing to prove but continuous blunders, corruptions and attrocities.

        We can’t blame people who are now liking the kind of candidate like Bong Bong Marcos. These people didn’t really forgot and didn’t have amnesia. But only proven that allegations thrown by people like you is nothing but LIES

        You can repeatitively call Ferdinand Marcos a “dictador/tyrant/thief”, but what the Aquinos (and allies) have done effectively negated your allegations.

        Your days were numbered. Wanna join Jim Paredes to Australia?

      • Really, the mostly ignorant population? Or a corrupt w/ damaged culture like you of many middle class kuno.

      • Ang pera ng bayan, ipinamigay sa mga Tongressmen at Senatong! You know it, I know it! Ginagamit para pang Tonggal sa kalaban, gaya kay Corona.

      • Mr Manuel, it could’nt be said better….and if I may add this…very shallow reasoning but, those words dictator kleptocracy etc are words you see in google when you search Ferdinand Marcos…google was born in the mid 1990’s, the time of Cory’s presidency, and of course, who else would feed all these information, if you read google wikipedia on Marcos, you will find it so very “Aquino”, hahahaha….So hopefully, someday/something has to be done to correct all this crap …

    9. Douglas Rosete on

      My addendum: Bongbong could have run for President if he was that ambitious. He could beat any of the Presidentiables now hands down. . Abnoy thought that he was ready and able to be President when it was handed to him in a silver platter. Walang delicadeza. He miserably failed. He has everybody else to blame except himself. He is lucky to have survived his six years in office.Now he has to prepare maybe for the rest of his life in jail when he steps down.

    10. It is a fact that Ninoy’s brother was married to Imelda’s sister. That marriage produced 1 son and 1 daughter.

      All in the family.

      I confirmed this fact from all 4 of them who I know personally.

    11. David M Meyer on

      One is reminded of the biblical saying: “The sins of the father are visited on the children” This of course is not what “Right minded “Christians would want I would remind readers of what the learned Rabbis said of the Holocaust “We can forgive : But we must never forget–Lest it happen again”

      Dr David M Meyer (PhD psych}

    12. Driving my Enduro as a Livestock Inspector and a new graduate working in the Dept of Agriculture, I yearned for those days. As a young man, life was so simple then and care free. Reading your column is a nostalgia but at least Bongbong Maros is not yet running for president while we are desperately seeking an alternative to the betrayal of this regime.

    13. Coming from you, once a yellow collaborator, it makes me cry to read you state matter of factly, that pinoy’s is a govt for, by and of 1 %. There is a betrayal of trust of the highest order done with impunity, callousness and complete disregard of the rest of society who voted for him.