• BBL and Aquino’s gangster concept of democracy


    It should not take another Aquino—Fr. Ranhilo Aquino (no relation to the president)—to pinpoint the perversion of governance under the presidency of Benigno BS Aquino 3rd. But it was Father Rannie who came closest to the truth when he opined in August last year that PNoy has “a gangster concept of democracy.”

    The outburst was provoked when the president challenged and threatened the Supreme Court after it ruled decisively against his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) in July last year.

    Explaining his point, Fr Aquino wrote:

    “[Aquino]has always thought of himself as above law, above criticism and above fault because he has always been able to count on the adulation of the multitudes. In other words, this pathetic excuse for a President has a ‘gangster’ conception of democracy. As long as his gang is numerous enough to silence all opposition, ‘the king can do no wrong.’ “

    Ramming the BBL bill through Congress
    That gangsterism is now again on display in his efforts to ram through Congress the patently unconstitutional, foolhardy and dangerous Bangsamoro BasicLaw (BBL) bill as written by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front [MILF] and Malacañang with help from Malaysia.

    With the aged Speaker Feliciano Belmonte serving as his Capo (mafia term for captain), PNoy has tendered the members of Congress an offer they cannot refuse – a big signing bonus Those in danger of prosecution for misusing their pork barrel will be spared from prosecution.

    Like the movie mogul in the movie “The Godfather” who found the severed head of his prize horse in his bed, the members of the ad hoc committee hearing the Bangsamoro bill have promptly caved.

    Speaker Belmonte will now move swiftly to have the BBL bill debated and approved by the entire House before June11, when Congress is set to adjourn.

    The bill will then be passed on to the Senate, where another capo, Senate President Franklin Drilon, is itching to get the baton and herd the senators to approve the measure. But here the project faces a big problem in Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr, who chairs the Senate committee that is reviewing the measure and will finalize the draft bill for debate by the Senate.

    In a statement last Tuesday, Marcos called on the Palace to desist from setting a deadline for Congress to approve the bill.

    Betrayal of the national interest
    The events unfolding in Congress because of the BBL bill have obscured public perception of the fundamental defects of the proposed BBL, and the even more fundamentally defective Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), which is supposed to be the reason why there should be a Bangsamoro and a Bangsamoro Basic Law.

    Jemy Gatdula of the School of Law and Governance at the University of Asia and the Pacific has spelled out clearly and persuasively the reasons why Congress must not pass the BBL. Jemy is a lawyer and law professor, and his field of specialization is international law, which he studied at Cambridge University.

    Gatdula’s case against the Bangsamoro project can be summarized as follows:

    1. A close reading of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro and the present drafts of the Bangsamoro Basic Law leads to only one rational conclusion: They are not in the interest of the Philippines.

    2. The CAB effectively serves to provide a legal cover to the MILF’s claim for statehood. The BBL then supplies the resources and implementing wherewithal to carry out that claim. Mohagher Iqbal is a very able negotiator indeed. And Miriam Coronel-Ferrer is a fool.

    3. Under the CAB, all four international law elements of a State have been granted to the Bangsamoro: namely, people, government, territory and the capacity to enter into international agreements.

    These elements are spelled out in specific provisions of the CAB.

    4. In addition, the CAB also provides police powers, taxation, and eminent domain. It even gave executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. At this point, for the Philippines to refuse “recognition” to the Bangsamoro is inutile. Nothing is stopping the MILF from declaring anytime that they are now the “Bangsamoro” State. No recognition is required from other States (as recognition is not an element for Statehood).

    5. The Philippine government, by agreeing to terms in the CAB like “armed conflict”, “self-governance”, “combatants”, the “justness” and “legitimacy” of the “cause of the Bangsamoro”, and the unwitting use of the term “self-determination”, and the participation of other States in the process arguably elevated the CAB to the level of an international instrument.

    6. The CAB and BBL are full of references to the Bangsamoro’s right to “self-determination.” Under international law, the term “self-determination essentially means “secession.”

    Gatdula concludes his paper with this warning: even if Congress produces a BBL conforming to the Constitution, the MILF can disregard the same by saying that such BBL does not comply with a binding international agreement that is the CAB.

    This is how badly our people and our nation have been served by President Aquino and his negotiators. They thought they were at liberty to throw away our national sovereignty.

    Unknowing and unwilling to learn, Aquino does not comprehend in the least how his gangster concept of democracy has placed the nation in grave peril.

    Authority lies in Congress
    Some intellectually dishonest priests, businessmen and citizens have tried to rationalize the Bangsamoro project by engaging in legal sophistry and delusional thinking that the BBL bill if passed will bring peace to Mindanao.

    Some independent minds in Congress know better, however. They know the dangers embodied by the BBL bill if enacted into law. They know that the unambiguous authority on this issue of the Bangsamoro lies in Congress and nowhere else. Legislators do not have to justify to the Pesident that it is their sworn duty under the Constitution to make law and protect the Republic and the people.

    Aquino has no authority under the Constitution to cede a single square meter of Philippine soil to a Moro state. Even a gangster should understand that.



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    1. joey s. aranda on

      What a poor analogy just to lay one on the President. Anyhow, the President has never put himself above the law just like Fr. Aquino, who has always been on a steady diet of sour grapes, portrays him to be. The President just lobbies for the legacy he wishes to leave when he steps down. Fr. Aquino is just bitter because he was never considered to be a member of the peace panel. Besides, the President never takes him seriously at all. Let the democratic process proceed as it may — whether it passes sooner or later or even if it doesn’t. But to even allude to the President as mafiiosi or underworld is really the pathetic issue here. But granting the President is, i’d pick him and his criminal ways anytime over the sanctimonious, pharisaical prick that Fr, Aquino is. Such a LOSER!

      • Yes,you are very right and correct.The President just wishes to have a legacy when he steps down!.But what kind of legacy?,a dismembered Philippine Republic? and at the behest of his allies,the MILF?.Truly,there is nothing wrong in wanting to having a good deed as one’s legacy,but at a cost of what?.How many constitutionalist,lawmakers,jurors and military generals must it take for the President and its yellow allies to realize that they are making a big mistake by making BBL as a law.Ferrer,by grandstanding herself as a political law genius must be made to realize that she is no match to Iqbal who outwitted her in creating this BBL for the benefit of Malaysia.Hopefully.these traitors will still be alive when the time comes that the MILF will show their true color and finally secedes and declares their independence from the Republic.People should not show any sign of mercy for these traitors and let them hang in front of our true heroes in Luneta,who fought for the establishment of the country we call the Philippines.

    2. jose btaganahan on

      There is still a good chance that the BBL will not be acted by the Senate if the media will continue to spread the news that a vast majority of the people of Mindanao are against the BBL. Please note that not a single BBL supporter, (including this idiot Pnoy and his treasonous peace panel or Congressman Rufus Rodriguez), ever claimed that majority of the people Mindanao are in favor of the BBL which boggles the mind why this government is pushing hard for the passage of the BBL contrary to sentiments of the vast majority of the people of Mindanao and the entire country which this government represents

    3. Jose B.Paderes, Jr. on

      Although I am not living in Mindanao, but I have a lot of relatives there. What will happen to them, the Christian settlers from the Visayas? I heard of the stories when I was young, how the settlers were harassed, killed and beheaded and their crops harvested by the Moros. That was the reason why Ilaga was organized by the Ilongos to protect them from the barbarity of the Moros. I am scared to wake one day that what will be left of the Republic of the Philippines are the Luzon and Visayas.

    4. Lets go to war with malaysia. they are causing war in Mindanao for so long.

      Do you think he pro-Malaysian BS Aquino will do that, sir? It;s the Aquino administration that is giving away Mindanao to the Malaysians through their advance party in Mindanao, the MILF. And now Aquino’s Liberal Party and the MILF are political allies, while the President of the Philippines and his OPAPP are tools of the MILF/Malaysia.
      Please be more aware of the massive national security issue we are facing, sir!

    5. Helen Ramos on

      Aquino does not rely on the adulation of the multitude. He is a low-lying gangster who simpy uses the people’s money to buy his way. No need for adulation there. You only need dirty thick-faced public servants who can be bought and we have them a-plenty in Congress. And as the gangster who pays them to get what he wants, using the people’s money, he is just another low-life, like them.

    6. Vicente Luz on

      Atty. Robredo, kasama ka rin ba sa mga traidor? Baka bumangon sa hukay ang iyong asawa.

    7. The BBL is nothing about peace. It is all about creating a Muslim nation in our South. The ARMM was an effort to have peace but the radical MILF did not want a piece of cake, they wanted the whole cake. A clear thinking president would see that, but we don’t have one of those. Our only hope is the SC. This administration feels it is above the law. They will have to answer when the next anti-LP president is elected.

    8. It time for the people to tell the Congress and Malacañang who are the bosses. Let’s go to the streets and kick their asses. BBL is the start of the balkanization of Mindanao. I won’t be surprised if Malaysia, OIC and the United States will recognize them should BBL later proclaim independence from the Philippines.

    9. I think the country will be pushed to a civil war inevitably.I just wonder what incident will trigger the war.God please help the Filipino nation survived this kind of ordeal.

    10. Person like PNoy have always thought of themselves as above law, above criticism and above fault are normally imbeciles.

    11. Odnalor Obirt on

      The passage of BBL in the ad hoc committee only means that there are more of the likes of the Nueva Ecija congresswoman in the congress. I just cannot imagine how “sipsip” to Pnoy those who voted in favour of BBL. The only reason I can think is their need for money and support of the Liberal party for the 2016 election. With the Bangsamoro as the first area to follow the Ideology of Quor’an and Implement the Sari’ah Law, the Philippines will slowly but surely disappear as a democratic country. It will be the only Christian Country in the Far East converted to Islam. We will just wait when Mindanao will be declared as the Islam Caliphate of Asia. Also wait when Pnoy and the rest of his families get out of the Philippines leaving all the problems he created for the Filipinos to suffer.
      With my disappointment for those congressman, and my situation as an ordinary citizen – the only thing I can do is NOT TO PAY ANY TAX TO PHIL. GOV’T. It hurts knowing that part of the taxes I paid before were as salaries for those cronies of Pnoy.

    12. Mr. Makabenta, please publish the names of the ad hoc committee congressmen and identfy according to their 48-18-1 votes. Napaka importante po ito para sa kaalaman namin kumg paano bumoto and mga hinalal naming mga congressmen. Please be brave enough to do this.

      • Here’s how the lawmakers voted on the BBL:
        Yes vote
        Abad, Henedina (Batanes)
        Acop, Romeo (Antipolo City 2nd district)
        Acosta- Alba,Ma. Lourdes (Bukidnon 1st district)
        Adiong, Ansaruddin (Lanao del Sur 1st district)
        Almonte, Jorge (Misamis Occidental 1st district)
        Amatong, Isagani (Zamboanga del Norte 3rd district)
        Amatong, Rommel (Compostela Valley 2nd district)
        Arbison, Naryam Napii (Sulu 2nd district)
        Bag-ao, Kaka (Dinagat Islands)
        Balindong, Pangalian (Lanao del Sur 2nd district)
        Banal, Jorge (Quezon City 3rd district)
        Barzaga, Elpidio Jr. (Cavite 4th district)
        Belmonte, Jose Christopher (Quezon City 6th district)
        Biazon, Rodolfo (Muntinlupa City)
        Cabilao, Belma (Zamboanga Sibugay 1st district)
        Dimaporo, Imelda Quibranza (Lanao del Norte 1st district)
        Ermita-Buhain, Elenita Miagros (Batangas 1st district)
        Fariñas, Rodolfo (Ilocos Norte 1st district)
        Garay, Florencio (Surigao del Sur 2nd district)
        Garcia-Albano, Mylene (Davao City 2nd district)
        Gonzales, Neptali II (Mandaluyong City)
        Gutierrez, Ibarra III (Akbayan Party-list)
        Hataman-Salliman, Jim (Basilan)
        Hofer, Ann (Zamboanga Sibugay 2nd district)
        Katoh, Angelina Ludovice (Akbayan Party -list)
        Labadlad, Rosendo (Zamboanga del Norte 2nd district)
        Lagdameo, Antonio Jr (Davao del Norte 2nd district)
        Loong, Tupay (Sulu 1st district)
        Mangundadatu, Zajid (Maguindanao 2nd district)
        Masongsong, Edgar (1-CARE Party -list)
        Matugas, Francisco (Surigao del Norte 1st district)
        Mendoza, Raymond Democrito (TUCP)
        Oaminal, Henry (Misamis Occidental 2nd district)
        Piamonte, Mariano Jr (A Teacher Party-list)
        Robredo, Maria Leonor Gerona (Camarines Sur 3rd district)
        Quimbo, Romero (Marikina City 2nd district)
        Rodriguez, Maximo (Abante Mindanao)
        Rodriguez, Rufus (Cagayan de Oro 2nd district)
        Romarate, Guillermo Jr (Surigao del Norte 2nd district)
        Romualdo, Xavier Jesus (Camiguin)
        Sacdalan, Jesus (North Cotabato 1st district)
        Sahali, Ruby (Tawi-Tawi)
        Sakaluran, Raden (Sultan Kudarat 1st district)
        Sarmiento, Mel Senen (Western Samar 1st district)
        Sema, Bai Sandra (Maguindanao and Cotabato City 1st district)
        Teodoro, Marcelino (Marikina City 1st district)
        Turabin-Hataman, Sitti Djalia (AMIN Party-list)
        Tupas, Niel Jr (Iloilo 5th district)
        Ungab, Isidro (Davao City 3rd district)
        Uy, Juliette (Misamis Oriental 2nd district)

      • hwag mong kalimutan ay yung numuro unong bumaligtad, si cong rufus ‘LUMAMBOT’ rodriguez at si paquiao. palagay ko yung isa sa dissenter ay si lobregat

    13. chthonic monster on

      “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”! _ _ Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather

    14. genesisbughaw on

      Peace be with you!

      Transcending to the impotency of BS President Aquino to comprehend and understand real issues from delusion and fallacy to synthetic substance wherein truth, wisdom, logic works, bs. aquino is like a battery run barbie doll where the holder of the key is the oligarchs.

      Hoping for the best and praying

    15. Im wondering if one day in the future this will lead to a civil war in the philippines. I say this because if these people are given this inch that they are after will they later want a foot. Then will it extend to a yard, then a furlong & then a mile. If it works like that one day the people might say thats it we want it all back & then it could be a civil war. In a way a civil war is a good thing. Thousands if not millions could die in a civil war but where i say its a good thing is that after its sorted the winning side is back to a nunited country.
      I hope im dead & gone if that ever happens though as those going through it will see nothing good in it at that time. But i think the filipino is known for never looking ahead to what could happen. They love looking back at their heros & its taught in schools but the wise know how to look ahead & sort a problem before it happens.

    16. Pnoy Aquino and his 3rd rate lawyers have been outsmarted by MILF, and taken for fools

      Congressmen need no help to play the fools, and those who vote for BBL, without even understanding the implications, should have their names carved in the hall of shame.

      ‘There are three ways to be fooled.
      One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true; and the third is to not have a clue about what is going on’

    17. This is a very enlightening piece of an article/commentary. Abnoy does not respect the intelligence of us majority poor Filipinos so he is doing what he thinks is good only for himself and his gangs, anyway most of us especially the poor majority could not care about our leaders as we are constantly busy in our daily business of eking out a living under a regime not providing the most basics a citizen should have been entitled in the first place, meaning we are simply being neglected by our government, proof of this is the daily increase in number of Filipino applicants to find greener pastures abroad while others who can afford migrate to other countries for good. During Marcos times, although he had some misgivings, he treated the ordinary people especially the farmers with programs that could at least support their farming activities and the local industries with incentives to develop and prosper and adequate infrastructures for power, transportation, communication, etc. From Cory regime to Noynoy’s, although our country reverted to democratic rule, our infrastructures is in shambles and the return of pork barrel system that corrupts and destroys the check and balance between the executive and the legislative. Corruption is endemic in all parts of our government system now from national to local level that surely make a harder life for an average Filipino and so is confused on what to prioritize first, to eke out a living first or to call the attention of our corrupt leaders to reform? What a hell of a place we have! God please help us! No to BBL because Abnoy is going to sell a part of our land to Malaysia.

    18. P.Akialamiro on

      The power of PDAF/DAP is overwhelming that it blanks the mind, blinds the sight, deafens the hearing and numbs the heart of the beneficiaries of the corrupt and corrupted government. What more, with the fear of being ‘exposed’ again by the benefactor confirming their greed, they have to say “amen”, in unison, to the BBL despite its flaws as observed by many. Adding to the repercussions of the BBL are the following:

      (1) Extreme poverty of at least 80 percent of the population and it’s fast growing;
      (2) Corruptible and corrupt and members of congress and other high government officials as well as the military;
      (3) High unemployment and underemployment rates;
      (4) High incidents of crime and the problem of ‘drugs’;
      (5) problem of territorial integrity and security;
      (6) Ineptitude, insensitivity and inefficiency of the powers-that-be; and
      (7) A choice of an experienced but ‘corrupt’ versus inexperienced but ‘honest’ candidates. .

      Quo Vadis, Philippines?

    19. Maghintay kayo!,katakot takot,paninira ang aabutin ni bongbong,at muling bubuhayin nila ang Marshall law,kung ano anong yaman ang muling bubuhayin ng mga alagad ni Aquino,upang mapigil at mapasunod nila si Marcos!
      Dapat ang lahat ng tutol sa ginagawa ni Aquino,ay magplano ng advanced para mapigilan ang baliw na pangulo!kahit,kung kailangan ng lumabas sa kalye at doon idaan at ipaalam sa tao!
      Mahirap pigilin ang taong may malademonyong utak!kailangan ng ipakita kung sino talaga ang boss!

    20. There seems to be a never ending clamor really for a cease and desist order from the people to be served upon the mentally deranged occupant of Malacanang. The long list of his foul deeds never seems to end. We fear how far and wide the conflagration would be if this crazy fool remains in the office he was not elected to.

      It is true his gangster concept of democracy is most dangerous to the country. Coming as it does from an eminent law specialist, as Dean of the Graduate School of Law, Fr. Rannie’s critique should be deeply reflected on. Our country is likely to dismembered if no one stops this gangster.

    21. Indeed, simyon as well as all those who voted to allow secession and dismemberment of the country legally will go to the lam for treason irrespective of whether they were re-elected come May 2016. Surely, Iwahig or Panatag Shoal can accomodate 150 congressmen and 20 senators including four dozen functionaries like Ferrer and Coronel. This is one big reason why we can never allow politicians who will just protect simyon to become the next president. Surely, simyon is trying to play his divide-and-rule cards to know who still gets a higher rating and support him/her, never mind Senyor Kho Rheena.

    22. Roldan Guerrero on

      AQUINO does everything he wants, whatever it takes. The word PIGNOY fits him very well. From 2010 until now, BINABABOY NA NYA ANG BAWAT FILIPINO AT ANG BANSANG PILIPINAS.