BBL critics told: Stop being insensitive


Malacañang on Wednesday appealed to lawmakers who remain skeptical of the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) to put themselves in the shoes of the people in Mindanao in order for them to understand what the controversial measure aims to achieve.

Its spokesman Edwin Lacierda advised the lawmakers to visit Mindanao and directly ask the people who are most affected by the government’s peace deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

“It’s owing to the fact that we are here in Manila. We don’t see the kind of radical shift that happens in those people who are in those conflict areas,” Lacierda said when asked about senators being unimpressed by the decommissioning of 145 MILF fighters on Tuesday.

“You may not need to reside there but you may want to see the hopes and see why these people are very hopeful,” he added.

Lacierda pointed out that the laying down of arms was a “radical shift” for the MILF members “who have lived 20 to 30 years of their lives fighting.”

He said that those living in Metro Manila do not understand the importance of the act of decommissioning since they do not live in a conflict area where there is a threat of violence.

“We are not mindful of the perspective because we do not grow up in conflict. But in conflict areas… you always have a firearm with you,” Lacierda added.

“In and of itself, it’s a powerful symbol that they are willing to participate in the peace process, that they are willing to stake their future in this peace process for the future of their generation and for peace and security in Muslim Mindanao,” Lacierda added.

Earlier, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that while the initial decommissioning and handover of weapons was a good confidence-building move, it would not have a big impact on the Senate’s decision to reject the draft BBL at the committee level

Lacierda said the Aquino administration continues to push for the passage of the BBL.

“We continue to be hopeful that the BBL will be enacted,” he added. “We hope the legislators would see that, that there is a continuing dream and aspiration from our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Lacierda said they will have to work on a shorter timeframe for preparations for a plebiscite and synchronization of elections in 2016.

“That is why we need to hasten the [capacity-] building of our Muslim brothers…The burden is on all of us stakeholders of peace, fast forward… to peace. All of us have a stake. Congress, yes. Congress is there to legislate the law. It’s part of [its]mandate,” he added.

“But for all of us who have a stake [in]peace, I think it’s incumbent [for]all us to also engage our legislators and to tell them why we believe that the BBL is the framework for peace and development in Muslim Mindanao,” Lacierda said.


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  1. the bottom line mr. lacierda, marunong ba kayong sumunod sa saligang batas ng pilipinas?? first of all ,you people from malacanang , esp your president , should protect and abide the law of the Philippine constituton ..
    This is very simple……… mahirap bang intindihin ito?????

  2. It is the Aquino Administration who is insensitive. You only spoke to the MILF and not the other stakeholders. You only wanted to give money to the MILF not the other stakeholders. YOu preferred that the nation be held captive by these MILF rather than stand firm and tell these terrorists that we will not negotiate. You allowed the country (Malaysia) who funded these terrorists (MILF) to act as mediators instead of following what had been agreed upon int he past. So who is the insensitive one Mr. Lacierda?

  3. Alejo Rosete on

    To Edwin Lacierda – drop the BBL and just
    accept the ARMM. However it has to be updated
    for all the people of Mindanao and the rest of Filipinos
    not only for the MILF

  4. Vic PenetranteVic on

    “Stop being sensitive!” BBL critics told. Kahit sukling candy lang ang kapalit ng give-away ng gobyerno!

  5. It is clear that Malacang who wants BBL passed and majority of the people who disapprove it are watching different channels. Malacanang aims for peace through BBL in Mindanao at any cost, while the majority believes that the BBL is flawed and want to correct it. Both want peace but Malacanang insists that its way is correct. Mabuti pa seguro wala ng BBL. Improve na lang ang ARMM.

  6. Everybody in the world like to live in peace,the problem is that only the terrorist MILF will be the only who will benefit on the devilish BBL,that you need to understand Mr.coward President.The best thing is to abolish autonomous regions because we are all Filipinos regardless of religion we believe in.Nobody is special every region in our country fought the Spaniards,Americans and the Japanese.

  7. “We are not mindful of the perspective because we do not grow up in conflict. But in conflict areas… you always have a firearm with you,” Lacierda added.

    That’s FALSE

    Idiot Lacierda, if only ALL of those firearms have been removed from the hands of those armed groups and terrorists, what “armed conflict” will still rise there?

    It those terrorists were still itching for war, then let them fight mano-a-mano instead

  8. You do not have to be a Muslim to know how it is to be poor. You do not have to be in Mindanao to feel how miserable our daily life as a people is. You do not have to be living in conflict areas to understand how it is to live at constant risks. You do not have to be a Mindanaoan to want and embrace peace. You just have to be a Filipino living anywhere in the Philippines to know, feel and understand that there is a need to have peace but one that is based on justice. You just have to be a caring citizen of this nation to call for national liberation on behalf of the millions that are abused by the rich oligarchs and are living without peace and without justice.

  9. Let me remind Edwin Lacierda that he should be sensitive to protecting the Nation. The government should not negotiate with the MILF and place them in power in Mindanao. The government should above all protect and defend the people and the Nation. It is that simple.