BBL not perfect, Ferrer admits


Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, the chairperson of the government peace panel negotiating peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on Monday admitted that the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is not perfect thus, it is the responsibility of Congress to “clean it up.”

Her statement deviates from the stance of the MILF whose leaders have repeatedly warned that they will not accept a revised version of the proposed Bangsamoro law.

“We know that the draft law is not perfect, that it is up to Congress to clean up, fine-tune all the different provisions,” Ferrer told Palace reporters.

Appearing in Malacañang for a press briefing, she also blasted “inaccuracies” that are circulating over the BBL and which were designed to derail the bill.

She said there are at least four issues that have surfaced that should be clarified to completely understand the spirit of the BBL.

“I think all along we have been consistent with what we have been saying as to what exactly are written in the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law… Our biggest problem has been the misrepresentation of the actual provisions that you will find in the Bangsamoro Basic Law,” she added.

On the matter of the constitutional bodies, Ferrer explained that the “imperfect” draft measure “does not in any way diminish any of the powers of the constitutional bodies.”

“For instance, on the matter of the Commission on Audit, we will find in the Section on Article 5, powers of government, Section 2 under concurrent powers number 7, auditing, it says here very clearly that any—the body that will be created in terms of performing some auditing function in the Bangsamoro shall not in any way prejudice the powers, authority and duty of the national Commission on Audit; and that’s very clear,” she said.

“So that is not taking away anything from the powers of the national COA,” she stressed.

Ferrer said what could have caused confusion was the proposal to call that body Bangsamoro Commission on Audit.

“Perhaps, one of the revisions or cleaning up that could be done is to remove any reference to that particular name, which has created much of this confusion,” she pointed out.

With regard to the Civil Service Commission, the official cited the same article on the powers of government, particularly Article 5, Section 2 on concurrent powers number 8 where it says that the Bangsamoro government shall develop and administer a professional civil service corps which is an ideal because all agencies and units of government certainly should have that kind of a professional civil service corps.

“We are not adding anything new in the powers of this Bangsamoro government to the powers that are already enjoyed in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao over its own civil servants. Because the reference here are to those powers that are already provided in Republic Act 9054,” Ferrer explained. “Go back to the original source kasi ‘pag ang lumalabas ay ‘yung mga parang general perceptions then you miss out all of these very, very important provisions in the draft law that basically repeats what is written in the constitution or upholds what are written in the Constitution and effectively delimits the powers of the Bangsamoro government.”

She said the same holds true for the poll body in the Bangsamoro government shall be part of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

“So it is like the regional offices of the Comelec and that is written here. This is the actual text that you will find in the draft law. This Bangsamoro electoral office shall be part of the Comelec and shall perform the functions of the Comelec in the Bangsamoro, precisely the functions that are performed by the regional offices of the Comelec in all other regions of the country,” Ferrer said. “It’s not going to be an entirely different electoral body but very clearly it is going to be the regional office of the Comelec in the Bangsamoro, in the same way that you do have a regional office now in the ARMM that administers the elections—the regional elections.”


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  1. The administration and the people that draft the BBL has already the interest to have it pass as a law, as it is being agreed that once BBL signed the balance of the promised consideration as a bonus will be released minus operational cash advances. Interested or concern pilipinos should investigate as it is a promise by Malaysia. US $ 750 million. Better no BBL , the gov’t. should exercise full sovereignty of the country, the Philippines should exercise full authority of Sabah by cancelling lease contract of natural resources extraction. Where are the bright Pilipinos. Wake up, wake up.

  2. Traitors PNot Ferrer and Deles. Get lost. You are giving away the Philippines to MILF and Malaysia.

    Junk BBL NOW and FOREVER!

  3. Carl Cid Inting on

    The biggest misrepresentation about the Bangsamoro law is that it will bring peace. Coronel herself admitted that “BBL is not equal to peace”. So what good is BBL?

  4. Crisostomo Ibarra on

    Yup, we need to clarify the terminologies. You can start with removing all the “Bangsamoro term”in housebill 4994.

  5. Roldan Guerrero on

    This woman: FERRER who came from nowhere is one of the problems in the creation of BBL. The other one is DELES, a member of the HYATT 10, everybody knows what these people are doing in the past and present government. Enacting a very critical law which is intended to take in place of a failed one ( There is no proof that ARMM is a total failure) the ARMM. If such is the case that ARMM was not able to work properly, then we should be very careful of doing the right remedy for future success, not to commit again a deeper blunder. I believe everything went wrong, from the President down and they do not have the right qualifications to create a law which affects the whole nation. This job should be tasked to the next administration, we shall hope and pray we will have a better successor.

  6. vagoneto rieles on

    Ms. Coronel-Ferrer now says that the provisions of the BBL, except for some minor points, are the same as those that cover the presently enforced ARMM. The minor points, she says, are in the language used on the BBL’s proposal for Bangsamoro’s own COA and CSC bodies. She further says, (casually), that it is now up to Congress to “clean up” these sticking points. Having read the draft BBL agreement, we feel that Congress will have to change or cancel much more than just the ‘COA and CSC duplications. But, with respect to Coronel-Ferrer’s original statement; why is there a need to supplant the ARMM with the Bangsamoro if one is the same as the other?

    The fact is that the two animals are not the same. Bangsamoro is ARMM on steroids. It is, and/or, will be, an unwieldy monster. It must be scrapped now.

  7. Alam na alam pala ng mga babaeng ito na may mali, bakit pilit na pilit nilang minamadali at gusto palusutin ang mga maling ito! Nasaan ang konsensya ng mga hanggal na taong ito! Ano ba kung tumaggal ito ng ilang buwan pa o taon kung magiging maayos at tama ang lahat!
    Sa sobrang sipsip kay Aquino para lang matapos ito bago maalis sa puesto ang amo nila at makuha ang pabuyang karangalan!
    Kahit magkapisti-peste ang lahat basta masunod lang ang target nila, at maging kahanga-hanga si Aquino!
    Kahit wala na si Aquino,kung nasa tama lang lahat,walang mag-aangkin ng karangalan kung hindi siya lang!
    Kapag nagluluto dapat dahan-dahan para hindi mahilaw at makain ng mahusay!