• BBL optimism buried and dead, Iqbal says


    THE Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the government peace panel had finally accepted the bitter truth that the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) will not be passed under the Aquino administration.

    MILF peace panel chairman Mohagher Iqbal said their optimism that Congress will pass the BBL “has long been buried and dead.”

    “Don’t ask anymore, we are just hoping,” Iqbal told reporters at the sideline of the launch of the “Journey to the Bangsamoro,” a three-volume publication outlining various historical phases in the GPH-MILF peace process in Makati City.

    “My only concern is that the BBL is still pending in Congress. Chances are high that it will not pass at all,” Iqbal said. “Signs are already pointing to that direction. There is lack of quorum in the House and I think, if it will not be passed these three days, I don’t think it will be passed at all,” he added.

    Iqbal said the peace panels are still hopeful that Congress will eventually pass the controversial measure.

    “What remains in the MILF in general and the peace panel, in particular, is the hope that finally it will pass Congress,” he said.

    Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, the head of the government peace panel, admitted that the fate of the BBL lies in the hands of lawmakers.

    “The period is too tight already. So I can say we don’t have any assurance that it will be completed, though we still have some hopes,” Ferrer said.

    She added that the panel will continue to push the enactment of he measure.

    “It is really sad to think, because we really want that what we pass on to the next administration is a solution, not a problem,” she told reporters.

    The Bangsamoro bill was stuck at the House of Representatives because the chamber could not muster a quorum.

    If the BBL is not passed, Iqbal said that the peace process will continue but the decommissioning of the armed component of the rebel group will not proceed.

    “On the part of the MILF I don’t see any serious danger. Of course there would be frustration on the rank and file but the MILF has the command and control over its members. But frustration is a toxic thing,” he said.

    Iqbal said Congress will be held responsible if the Bangsamoro bill is not passed.

    “We will continue to look for the peace settlement of the conflict in Mindanao and kukulitin namin ang gobyerno na hindi sila nag comply (we will badger the government for its failure to comply).It’s their obligation, it’s the internal obligation on the part of the government,” Iqbal said.

    Ferrer said the publication of “Journey to the Bangsamoro,” highlights the so-called “gains of the peace process.”



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    1. Perhaps there is nothing to wait for the BBL because if there is it is deluted. Paikut style parin. The question on the part of MILF is how did they accept the condition that final outcome is when Pnoy steps down in June 2016. By that time he is busy for his Mar friend and others not related to BBL

    2. Benjamin P. Dumato on

      I see, the only way to control or hold for a while radicalization in the ground if BBL will not be passed is have the ARMM under care-takership by the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) while waiting for the next administration to pass the BBL and have this period to serve as Transition Authority. Without this the danger is very much possible because of the two very much active radical groups in the ground the BIFF and the ISIS (Abu Sayaf) who can easily influence the very hot frustrated MILF and I know they will not start the war but if BIFF will start a massive attack the MILF will be drag because they (members) are cousins. Like wise in Basilan and Sulu Abus and MILF members thereat are also relatives if not cousins. I
      hope OPAPP and the Office of the President may consider this analysis.

    3. Massacre of SAF Also Massacre of BBL got even. This BBL is buried and dead.What’s the point of quorum if MILF show sincerity then no killing was happened now maybe BBL is passed already without obstacle.