BBL or nothing – Aquino


The Aquino Administration will press Congress to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) as it has pledged to do under a peace agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said on Tuesday.

“Uulitin natin, tuloy na tuloy ito [We repeat, there’s no stopping the BBL]. There is not a better alternative for the rest of the country . . . It’s time to make a stand . . . Am I for peace or am I for war? I don’t think there is any politician who will stand up to say ‘I am for war,’ ” he quoted Aquino as saying during his meeting with leaders of the House of Representatives on Monday morning.

Coloma said the President made the remarks when he was asked by a lawmaker about the BBL and how he intends to go about passing it considering delays caused by a massacre in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province on January 25 where 44 police commandos from the Special Action Force (SAF), 18 MILF rebels and six civilians were killed.

According to him, he thinks the President was able to appease the House leaders, prompting Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, whose committee handles the BBL, to “set” a “timeline” for the proposed law’s passage.

“On May 4, when we resume [it should be plenary deliberations already and then we pass the BBL on]June 11,” Coloma also quoted Rodriguez as saying during the meeting with the President.

He said the dates mentioned by the lawmaker were significant because Congress will go on recess on March 20.

Sessions will resume on May 4 until June 11 for the sine die adjournment before the State of the Nation Address in July.

But Coloma clarified that the pace at which the proceedings would be conducted depends on the legislators, noting that what the President asked them to do is to deliberate on the BBL “in a timely manner.”

He noted that after the President’s explanations, the lawmakers were appeased and emotions seemed to have subsided.

Coloma said Aquino reiterated the importance of approving the BBL in a timely manner to pave the way for the holding of a plebiscite and, if approved, to “give members of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) sufficient time to demonstrate their capabilities.”

Passing the BBL was the real message that the President wished to convey to the 30 or so lawmakers with whom he met to explain his side on the Mamasapano operation that also left dead Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan.

Among the legislators were Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and Rep. Elpidio Barzaga of Dasmarinas (Cavite), also House good government and public accountability panel chairman.

Other lawmakers who were present were Muslim legislators, as well as those who were former military and police officials.

“He [Aquino] said there are no winners in war… that all will be losers since there will be bombings and displaced persons. And I believe him,” Barzaga, a member of the National Union party allied with the administration, said.

But for Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila) Rep. Rodolfo Biazon, the BBL has been standing on shaky ground, pointing to undeniable involvement of MILF rebels in the killing of the police commandos.

“The BBL is really floundering because there is mistrust on the part of the government and the MILF. And this is an unavoidable consequence of what happened [in Mamasapano],” Biazon, who skipped the meeting at the Palace, said in a news conference.

The former Armed Forces chief, however, clarified that abandoning the peace agreement signed between the government and the MILF in 2014 should not be an option.

“We can’t give up. We have to nurture the BBL to its final enactment,” Biazon said.

Giving up is also not an option for the President amid the Mamasapano incident and other “challenges” to his administration.

In his speech at the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations awarding ceremony also on Tuesday, he said he is doing everything to address the troubles besetting the nation.

“Kamakailan lang, humarap muli ang sambayanan sa panibagong pagsubok bunsod ng insidente sa Mamasapano. Bilang Pangulo, ginagawa ko ang lahat upang harapin at tugunan ang mga suliranin ng bansa. Madalas, binabaliwala nalang natin ang pagod at puyat [Lately, the nation again faced a new challenge caused by the Mamasapano incident. As President, I am doing everything to face and answer the country’s problems. Oftentimes I just disregard fatigue and lack of sleep],” Aquino added.

This was Aquino’s first public engagement since his message to the nation on February 6 after some groups and personalities called for his resignation because of his alleged mishandling of the Mamasapano operation.

In confronting every issue, the President said he does not let himself get swayed by emotions to avoid worsening the problem.

“Hindi ako pwedeng magpadala sa bugso ng aking emosyon dahil baka mapalala ko pa ang problema [[I cannot become emotional because that might just worsen the problem],” according to him.

“Sa bawat pagkakataon, kailangan kong maging mahinahon at laging balikan kung para saan natin ginagawa ang lahat ng ating pagsisikap [In every opportunity I have to be calm and to recall why we persevere],” he said.

With more than a year remaining in his term, Aquino pointed out that his administration does not intend to repeat the mistakes of the past.
He is facing resignation calls amid public discontent over the January 25 Mamasapano tragedy.

The President first earned the nation’s ire when he failed to attend arrival honors for the bodies of the fallen SAF troops.

He then came under fire for his alleged role in the fatal Mamasapano operation, which he is yet to fully reveal to the public.

Last week, Aquino again drew criticisms over his perceived inappropriate remarks to families of the slain police commandos in their meeting at Camp Crame.


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  1. The legislators already sold their souls to the devil, what else is there to sell? The country, of course.

  2. Brasuhan na ba ito? Will congress surrender their independence and become a rubber stamp just like during Marcos time? Why the haste? MILF will just use the billions govt will give them to stengthen themselve militarily like what they have been doing during the lull. If BBL passes I think we should prepare for a bigger war in the near future. With the way MILF is behaving now, BBL is just like feeding a latent monster.

  3. why in a hurry sir? ano ba meron? habol ka ng nobel peace prize mo? hanggang sa kahuli-hulihan yan pa din nasa isip nyo! sama-sama kayo nila deles! imbes na ung pera dapat sa armed forces nyo na lang binibigay, ng makabili naman ng mga maayos na kagamitan nila! ang MILF, BIFF ASG sobrang advanced ng mga gamit, eh ung AFP at iba pa? naiwan na sa kangkungan!

  4. P-NOY is pushing hard to pass the BBL,this show the betrayal he did to the fallen 44.P-NOY doesnt care what happen to them the Fallen 44 all he care is to get BBL pass and give it in a silver platter to the terrorist MILF who massacred and mutilated the SAF Police.I dont know if P-NOY is still a human being.

  5. Appeasement in a political context is a diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an enemy power in order to avoid conflict.

    The BBL is Aquino’s Philippines version of the “British Appeasement” that failed to stop Hitler!

    So, Aquino wants to give a bully (MILF) what the bully wants! Walang bayag kasi.

    Pero, ang masakit, marami pala tayong elected
    Senators & Congressmen na hindi lalaki at hindi babae kundi binabae not unlike Aquino!

    Mga bayarang duwag!

  6. money (taxpayer’s money) talks supreme with noynoy and his cohorts in congress and senate… there is one good thing on noynoy (not necessarily positive) -to spend/give money to influence anybody to toe his line/course even if it leads to disaster or hell… as if it is his money to spend!

  7. jose b. taganahan on

    Scrapped the constitutionally infirm (according to many constitutionalists, including 2 retired Supreme Court Justices) Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in its present form as submitted by this incompetent but egoistic Pres. BS (boy sis) Aquino lll.

    Then pass an amended BBL to conform with the Philippine Constitution and be ready for any eventuality incase the MILF will violently react for the amendment of the proposed BBL. If the MILF will not accept a watered down BBL, the government should instead strengthen the constitutionally mandated and existing Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)

  8. aquino can hide behind purisima and napenas but a simple and most basic principle of COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY involves comprehensive follow up….why did PNOY when he knew at around 6am that the SAF44 were under fire…he never lifted a finger to personally direct GAZMIN or CATAPANG to ensure that reinforcements were there. HE CONTINUED TRUSTING THE SUSPENDED PURISIMA when PURISIMA had no business coordinating the operations with BSAQUINO anyway…..malinaw after thought na lang to sacrifice napenas AND purisima kasi litaw at labas na ang baho

  9. Claro Apolinar on

    Is the BBL Coloma is saying he and his Boss Aquino wants a Bangsamoro Basic Law that is exactly what their best friends, Murad, Iqbal and the Central Committee of the rebel organization MILF demand from them? Is that grossly unconstitutional and illegal BBL, the enabling law of the illegal and unconstitutional Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro, what the traitor Aquno says Congress should pass OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE WAR?

    Is that why the Palace version certified for priority passage into law by BS Aquino is just as iunconstitutional as the original MIL:F version?

    If that is the case then our Philippine Republic and we Filipinos are in a situation similar to the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, worse than when we were under the Marcos Dictatorship which always upheld our sovereignty as a state.

  10. This is the height of stupidity to pass the BBL, when the MILF has shown that it cannot be a trusted partner.

    Scrap this BBL. How stupid could Aquino get? We should oust him.

  11. The Tongressmen were appeased because they know that money is forthcoming. They badly need it for the 2016 election. If the demand for the resignation of Abnoy succeeds, both houses of Congress should go down with him (Abnoy). Walang silbing mga tao na ginagastosan ng pera ng taong bayan!

  12. This is a something scary? The government daring us citizens that BBL or nothing (apparently war)? Obviously all peace loving citizens of the Philippines want peace but not a the expense of losing our country’s sovereignty with some rebels whose sincerity is questionable up to this time.

  13. Roldan Guerrero on

    Let us stop the futile intentions of this inutile president by dislodging him now! The bribery tactics is in progress again. These congressman who met with MAMASAPANOT left malacaniang with loads of Bribe Money, such that they were easily convinced by this DAP KING to pursue his unlawful plans, forcing the BBL into enacment by the HOUSE of REPRESENTATHIEVES. LET US KICK MAMASAPANOT OUT OF THE PALACE TOGETHER WITH ALL LP ASSOCIATES AND LET US FORM A NEW AND LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT. We must start now! Today Feb. 25 , is the right time to begin.

  14. PNoy, good luck in your efforts. boy, oh boy, the people of the Philippines will be spending lots of tax money to be used by PNoy to bribe the more than 200 representathieves and 24 senathieves. Question is will the SC allow themselves to be also bribed. All eyes will be on them.

  15. BBL or Nothing
    War or Peace with BBL?

    I choose Nothing / War to achieve Peace – real Peace

  16. If there is no alternative to BBL which is only a document of surrender to the MILF then you can say I’m for war and so are all Filipinos who are for national honor,territorial integrity and sovereignty.Why is patriotism demonized just for the insane ambition of one man for self glorification.Even if the BBL is passed there will be no peace in Mindanao.Just look at how the MILF is preparing for war.Instead of a war limited to the southern Philippines the government is encouraging the MILF to become bolder.It is as if the whole country will be ravaged by war if it does not caved in to the MILF demands.

  17. BS Aquino insists “Tuloy na tuloy ito (BBL)”. After the MILF and BIFF massacred our 44 SAF troops because he refused to send them reinforcements, this idiot President is still insisting to give the MILF the Bangsamoro territory? He is not just ceding a territory, BS Aquino will also give the MILF its own police force, mainly made up of MILF fighters and fund them P70 billion of taxpayers money, just so these separatists could kill us. Isn’t this outright stupidity? Is this BS Aquino an agent of the terrorists?

    This dumb President should be removed from office before he cedes more of our territory to the duplicitous MILF. The way to peace in Mindanao is for the MILF, BIFF and other terrorist groups to lay down their arms and pledge allegiance to the government of the Philippines. There is no other way to peace.

    NO to BBL. Never forget the FALLEN 44.

  18. BBL or nothing. NOTHING….for now! Nobody wants war but, by the same token, nobody wants concessions contradictory to the Philippines Constitution weakening the position of the republic. The efforts done by the president which caused him some sleepless nights are a given, he being the president. The president doesn’t have to get whatever he wants. The interests of the majority of the people should be paramount to anyone else’s.

  19. Kahit kinasusuklam natin si Aquino! Kahit maraming mali sa mga desisyon niya!
    Kailangan natin tanggapin na kailangan ng bansa ang kapayapaan, walang masama kung susubukan,sarili nilang lupa at kinalakihan ang kanilang hinihingi sana ibigay natin,upang sa ganoon maging masaya ang kanila buhay!
    Wag nating katakutan ang bagay na ang mga negosyante lang ang napasama dahil sa kanilang kasakiman!
    Tanggapin natin ng maluwag at may awa nasa kanila talaga ang lugar na ito!!pang-unawa dapat upang maging payapa ang bansa!

  20. Kung sakaling maipasa ang BBL ng mga kasalukuyang congressmen na puro halos tiwali ang panunungkulan, walang silbi ito sa mga taga Maguindanao o Bangsamoro. Ang dapat ay papaunladin ang pangangabuhay ng bawat Pilipino sa pagastos ng pundo ng bansa sa tapat at makahulogang pamamaraan. Kahit ano pang batas ang gawin ng congresso kung kurakot naman ang mga nanunungkulan mula Malacanang hanggang sa mga Barangay Chairmen ang kapayapaan at kahirapan ay magiging mailap sa ating Inang-Bayan.