BBL will remain dead – Enrile


Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile on Saturday said the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) “will remain dead” as he blasted President Benigno Aquino 3rd for blaming him and Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for the non-passage of the controversial measure.

Enrile said Aquino should not point fingers over the BBL fiasco.

“BBL is dead and it will still be dead, unless they recast it. The questions that I raised and questions that I will raise or would have raised are really difficult to answer. That’s what happened,” he said at a forum in Quezon City.

“As a President, he should not point a finger on some people for his failures and shortcomings, intellectually and as a leader,” he added.

During a meeting with local leaders in Iloilo City on Tuesday, Aquino, without mentioning any names, said that BBL critics were nowhere to be found when the administration reached out for suggestions on how to go about the Bangsamoro measure.

But Enrile said the BBL draft prepared by Malacañang would not have passed legal scrutiny.

“The original version of BBL is a work of ignoramuses. They do not know the Constitution. The version that was produced by Bongbong, although it was already a refined version, has many constitutional problems. I was pointing it to them,” the veteran lawmaker stressed.

“The fault is really the President’s. He lacks leadership, he does not study the legislation that he brings to Congress, just like the P2,000 across the board hike for SSS retired members. He allowed it to roll in Congress and it passed,” Enrile said.

Aquino vetoed the measure, saying the increase would leave the Social Security System bankrupt.

“He has been in Congress like me, in the House of Representative, as a senator and by fate, he became a President. I am not saying that he is lousy, but if I may say so he is the worst President this country has ever had,” he added.

Enrile reiterated that he is willing to debate and question the “unconstitutional” BBL with anyone anywhere.

“I engaged them in every aspect of that bill. I went over that bill, 215 sections, section by section, and I am willing to debate with the entire Liberal Party, with everyone in the country, to show them that that bill cannot stand in any system of the government,” he added.


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  1. Anybody from LP or from Yellow Submarines to debate with JPE? Sen. Drillon and other lawyers from LP sagutin ang hamon ni JPE…

  2. A law should be pass that a natural born filipino candidate for president should have a wife and children or at least a wife to become president. Look at what we experienced with this heartless man. The basic structure of a society is the family. And this president is family-less.

    • Irog, wag naman. Wala na akong pagkakataon maging presidente nyan dahil wala ako asawa at anak, hehehehe. Natural born yata ako. Wala nga lang akong pang filing fee para sa Certificate of Candidacy.

  3. Salamat po manong at na exposed mo rin yang bbl na yan pati yung mey pakana nyan. i like the word “ignoramuses”

  4. One basic idea that I agree with Enrile statement as I quote Aquino is the worst president that this country has. Close quote. I believe this statement. Aquino does not understand human nature. He also do not know the effects of BBL to this country. As I have said, he was just elected because his mother died and we sympathize with him. He is not qualified to be the president of this country.

    • Take away his last name
      the yellow color that he clings to
      and the friends he thinks he have.. he is nothing but a mere puny man since Day 1 of his presidency.