Auspicious directions for Chinese New Year
Here are the auspicious directions for Wealth, Helpful People, Nobility and Good Fortune, Career and Business Success on February 19, 2015, the first day of the Lunar New Year.

For those of who want to receive the Wealth Star (culturally known as Receiving the God of Wealth), receive the Qi from the East.

For those seeking mentors and helpful people, use the West.

If you prefer to give value, contribute, and serve others more this year, use the North. This is the direction of Nobility and Good Fortune.

If you seek career advancement and progress this year, tap to the Northwest.

For Business Opportunities and business growth, access the Northeast.

The auspicious time is 12.30 a.m. Allow the Qi to flow into your home from the direction you desire. Make sure the Qi from this direction can enter your home.

Traditionally, people also [say]full prayer facing that direction. Or if you are like me, who prefer to keep things simple (but equally effective), make a wish facing that direction.

Can we use more than one direction? Why not?

The Qi (energy) is free for all. Tap in and access it as much as you’d like.

More importantly, share the wealth and good fortune with others. The more we can help others succeed and be happier in life, the more we will receive in return. Wishing you good fortune and happiness in the Year of The Wood Goat.


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