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Five ways to re-master your jeans

People will all have at least one old pair of jeans that will always be their favorite. For this reason, Levi’s, one of the most timeless international denim brands, suggests a clever way to reuse these well-loved pairs and make them even better: re-mastering.

This technique will inspire jean lovers to personalize their favorite according to their individual styles and make it iconic:

Here, are tips and tricks for re-mastering from Levi’s very own master tailors:

• Taper your jeans. For skinnier jeans one can taper its legs.

Here’s how to do it: first, pin the leg taper and rip out the ankle hems. Trace a line along your pins, and sew this line—this will be the new inseam. Rip out the old inseam; iron your new inseam flat; and sew the ankle hems.

• Get the destructed look. Distressed jeans are all the rage right now.

Try this: With a pen, mark the spot in there jeans where you’d like to distress. Line the denim with a cardboard and cut through the jeans using a dull knife. Do this repeatedly until the desired effect is achieved. Finally, use a razor for a more frayed look.

• Make cut-offs.

First, choose the desired length. Next, mark this line before making the chop. Then, distress the piece and wash to wrap up the look.

• Add panels. Give your old jeans a touch of rock-and-roll by adding black leather panels.

First, mark where you want to place your panels, then trace lines on these. Proceed with measuring and marking the black leather fabric, then cut panels to the right size.

Next, rip out the outside seams within the made marks. Pin and sew the panels in place. Finally, flip the jeans inside out and sew the outside seam closed.

• Patch it up. Patch up holes—and other tears and tatters—with these easy steps:

Get the desired fabric for patching up, and cut this to the right size—just slightly larger than the hole. Pin the fabric in place, and hand-stitch around the hole. Again, use a sharp razor for additional fraying.


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