Be missionaries of peace

    Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle

    Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle

    The annual commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection and glorification gives us a glimpse of the eternal life that He, who became human like us, now possesses – a life that will not be touched by sin, destruction and death again. His risen life is our hope, the pledge of our future glory. But Jesus’ resurrection does not cut us off from our earthly life and concerns. It is not an excuse to ignore and to be indifferent toward our world. Rather the light from Jesus’ resurrection makes us see more clearly the truth about our complex human condition while urging us on towards a glorious future.

    Some words spoken by the Risen Lord during his appearances to various people seem to be addressed to us Filipinos in our present situation. The eternally reigning Lord is speaking to us now. Let us listen to some of these words.

    To the disciples gathered in a room he asked, “Why are you frightened and why do doubts arise in your hearts?” (Luke 24:38). To a troubled Mary Magdalene he said, “Why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?” (John 20:15). The Risen Lord offers the same questions to us especially in moments of fear, doubts, distrust and grieving. He leads us to our hearts so we could reflect, explore and find meaning. Outbursts of panic, phobia, worry and sorrow need the calming influence of reflection and meditation. The Risen Lord asks questions that make us pause and look into the reasons (or lack of reason) for our terror and anxiety. Let us listen to Him.

    To the disciples still unable to believe that He was indeed alive and standing before them He asked, “Have you anything here to eat?” (Luke 24:41). The glorious Lord comes to us through our humble, simple, poor and suffering brothers and sisters. Even while possessing all authority and power, he deems it worthy to reside among the lowly, those who lack basic necessities of life. He invites us not to allow worries and cynicism to blind us to the needs of the poor among us. Let us behold the Risen Jesus in every needy person and see a neighbor, a brother or sister.

    I pray that this Easter we may promptly respond to the Risen Lord’s greeting, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” (John 20:21). Let us go to all the corners of our country as missionaries of peace.


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    1. Dominador D. Canastra on

      But with due respect and reverence for you and your office as priest and bishop, I must implore you, Cardinal Tagle, to kindly be more knowledgeable about the problem of the Smartmatic-PCOS machine that, with Comelec approval, has imposed on our country the most untrasparent, illegal, manipulated precinct-level electoral system.
      Your fellow bishops in the National Transformation Council have seen the evil against TRUTH, MORALITY and the CHURCH that this fact has caused and will continue to cause. The PCOS machines can be manipulated to ensure the election of presidents and legislators who belong to the same camp as those who passed evil laws, including the Repropductive Health Bill.
      Happy Easter, Cardinal Tagle.

      • Catholic Daniel on

        What you are asking the Cardinal is get away from his primary duty to the Church of taking care of the spiritual and religious matters of the faithful. Using the words of St. Paul, that the Church is the body of Christ which has many parts. Each part has its own function. You cannot ask the brain to substitute for the work of the heart. Bishops and Archbishops are neglecting their primary function in the body of Christ by going into politics. That is not what they made their vow for. Their personal rights to express their politics are supposed to had been willingly subordinated to their spiritual and religious duties to the Church in obedience to Christ. Are they now going back at their word? There are lots of laymen who are can properly take on these activities these Bishops and Archbishops are doing in politics. Clerics getting into politics just make the Church a bad impression. God already have an assignment for them to do. God can surely find others people to do the job needed for the country.

    2. One of the best things that CBCP can do is to build more parochial schools in Baguio, Pampanga, the Ilocos, Visayas, the Cordilleras, Maguindanao, Zamboanga, Basilan and other areas of Mindanao.

    3. Sino kaya ang ayaw ng kapayapaan!!!meron ba! alam naman lahat ay gusto nito! Ang gusto ng lahat ay itama at ilagay sa ayos ang lahat! at kailangan ang tamang oras at panahon nito!
      Anong nangyayari sa inyo?? bakit feeling ata ninyo na kayo lang ang mabuti at nakakaalam ng tama at nagmamadali at parang binabraso yata ng mga nagpapangap na maka dios at maka-yellow cult!
      Anong akala ng mga ito na sila ang sugo ng langit!