Be “Pro-pack-tive” and send a healthful lunch

Kids are more likely to enjoy healthful foods such as crisp fruit for lunch if it comes in small packages.

Kids are more likely to enjoy healthful foods such as crisp fruit for lunch if it comes in small packages.

LUNCH is important to power kids through their school day, explains Dr. Kurt Hong of the Center for Human Nutrition and director of Huntington Medical Foundation.

He recommends combining complex carbohydrates with lean protein—nonfat yogurt and granola, a lean turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, low-fat cottage cheese with fruits and vegetables—for a concentrated, long-lasting source of energy (consider Crispy Fruit from Crispy Green when fresh fruit is not available or a convenient option).

Of course, packing a healthful lunch is one thing; getting kids to eat it may be another. Here are four hints that can help:

• Get colorful. A rainbow of fruits and vegetables, meat and cheese can entice children to eat right. So can sending it all in lots of different-colored plastic containers to liven up the lunchbox.

• Go small. Serving size does matter. Big meals can seem daunting to small appetites. Send bite-size versions of lots of different good-for-you foods, from carrot sticks to cheese sticks.

• Be a cutup. Shape sandwiches with cookie cutters into bite-size treats.

• Be fruitful. Parents can now pack a healthful, easy-to-carry, lightweight, mess-free and nonrefrigerated fruit snack that scores high with kids and nutritionists. The tasty, 100 percent natural, Non-GMO Project Verified snack is also excellent for extracurricular activities and kids constantly on the go.

It’s 100 percent pure fruit—freeze-dried in slices to satisfy a snack attack anytime, anywhere. Flavors include tangerine, apple, Asian pear, banana, cantaloupe, mango and pineapple. The freeze-drying process results in a light crispy texture that can be enjoyed like a chip but has all the nutrients of fresh fruit. Called Crispy Fruit, it’s from Crispy Green and comes in individual, single-serving packets that are easy to pop into lunchboxes, soccer bags, overnight totes and backpacks.

Not only will your children benefit from this treat, you can help other kids in need. The company is a sponsor of the Power Your Lunchbox campaign from Produce for Kids. Now through September 18, parents who take the Power Your Lunchbox Pledge to pack healthier lunchboxes can get lunchbox ideas, tips and coupons. Plus, for every pledge taken, $1 will be donated to Feeding America to support children’s hunger programs. You can take the pledge at

To find a retailer nearby that carries Crispy Fruit, go to For further facts and tips, visit

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