• Why Bea Alonzo can’t go beyond ‘exclusively dating’ Gerald Anderson


    Bea Alonzo

    PLUS: Luis and Jessy, Piolo and Shaina—when will they head down the aisle?

    She’s been in the business for over a decade now but 29-year-old Bea Alonzo remains one of the most in demand actresses in tinsletown. In fact, when we saw her at the Fujifilm Instax “Memory Lane Kit” event, she had just finsihed taping for her current soap, A Love to Last, in Baguio City.

    Her secret is that she reinvents herself every now and then. In the Know noticed this via her new lob hairstyle and edgier clothing styled by Rex Atienza.

    Bea shared, “Grabe, everyday ako may work this year. Nga­yong buong summer nga four days lang ang bakasyon ko! But I’m not complaining.”

    When asked who she wanted to spend those four days with, she gave a candidn reply.

    “I haven’t decided if family or friends, or if makakasama siya,” she added meaningfully, referring to Gerald Anderson, her ex-boyfriend back in 2010, and now her special someone anew.

    “We make an effort to see each other pero yun nga we’re both so busy so that’s the very reason why we can’t jump into a relationship.”


    Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano INSTAGRAM/senorita_jessy

    Still on the topic of relationships, while Luis Manzano would rather not reveal the exact date when he and Jessy Mendiola made it official, it hasn’t stopped him from taking the fast track with her. In fact, he takes Jessy with him for Sunday family dinners at his mom, Batangas Rep. Vilma Santos’s house already.

    Luis may have had a lot of showbiz exes in the past that became close to Ate Vi, and fortunately, she is fond of Jessy too.

    “Jessy is very thoughtful, in fact nagulat nga ako noong Valentine’s Jessy sent flowers on her own kay Mommy. Ako nga hindi ko nagawa at hindi ko nabigyan ng flowers si Mommy! Nagulat na lang ako na Mom sent me a message saying, ‘Thank Jessy for me’.”

    Luis is also enjoying the fact that for the first time in his life, despite his age gap with Jessy, their relationship actually works.

    “Malaki ang age gap namin. I’m 35 turning 36 this April, and she is 24. Close to 12 years yung different outlook namin sa buhay, but they match.”

    He was quick to clarify that even though he is not getting any younger, he will not rush Jessy to walk down the aisle.

    “Hindi pa naman kasi talaga kaka-24 pa lang niya… I understand her commitments and responsibilities.”


    Piolo Pascual and Shaina Magdayao

    Ever since timeless hunk Piolo Pascual dropped the news that he and Shaina Magdayao have been dating exclusively for five years, there have been netizens who chose to bash the actor instead of being happy for him and his lady love.

    Good thing is, Piolo was too busy to mind the bashers because of his busy schedule.

    “Actually, hindi ko alam na may bashers… I was surprised nga eh but I don’t mind them naman as long as I am happy, and Shaina is happy, that’s what matters.”

    Piolo even said that because of their very busy schedules, most of the time he only gets to bond with Shaina during events related to work.

    “We make most out of the time we have, anywhere it is.”

    Five years is indeed a long time, and both have grown comfortable with each another. But Piolo doesn’t see settling down in the horizon just yet.

    “Sinabi ko I planned to get married when I was 35. Hindi naman nangyari, 40 na ako nga­yon so ayoko na pangunahan. If it will happen then I’d be happy, if not, well I have a son na.”

    GUESS WHO? Women admire this beautiful and outspoken lady but people who know her are a bit disappointed that she is quite the softie for love. She even entertained almost all her admirers during her younger years, and now that her love life is alive and kicking, beautiful and outspoken lady is giving more than she should for this lucky man who they say might be using her for a career boost.

    Until next week, ta-ta!


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