• Bea Alonzo shares love for travelling and photography

     It is important for Bea alonzo to capture the beautiful places and the unforgettable moments that she experiences in her travels

    It is important for Bea alonzo to capture the beautiful places and the unforgettable moments that she experiences in her travels

    As one of the most beautiful and bankable actresses in the country today, Bea Alonzo is always in the public’s eye. What more these days when she returns to the big screen as Basha (to John Lloyd Cruz’ Popoy) in the much-anticipated sequel of One More Chance aptly titled, Second Chance.

    But despite her unwavering popularity, Alonzo tries to keep her life as private as she can, especially in social media where she is only active on Instagram and not on Twitter and Facebook.

    In fact, the main reason why she opened her account (@beaalonzo) in the first place was for the purpose of sharing her photos during her travels, confessing she is an avid photo hobbyist.

    She revealed this side to herself during her launch as the newest celebrity endorser of imaging company Fujifilm Philippines. Held on November 10 at Relish in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, the event was a milestone for Fujifilm, which stated its goal to further expand business in the country.

    The 28-year-old actress said on the other hand she felt this particular endorsement to be a perfect fit for her travelling lifestyle.

    In an interview with The Manila Times, Bea shared she discovered her love for travelling at quite a young age. She recalled, “I was introduced to traveling when I was 14 because we would go on shows overseas. That’s when I realized it’s something I loved doing. And then I started travelling alone when I was 19 or 20—well not really ‘alone, alone’ but with a few companions and not for work.”

    And since she and celebrity boyfriend got together, she went on to travel more. She noted, “Most of my travels are with Zanjoe and we’ve been together for almost five years. We travel twice or thrice a year.”

    Asked what kind of a traveler she is, Bea answered that she used to be a stickler for planning and scheduling but later on, she learned how to be “spontaneous” from her boyfriend.

    “At first, we used to clash. Eventually, I realized it’s more fun to be spontaneous. We get to discover quaint places that we don’t see on the Internet so it becomes more memorable and romantic for us,” Bea explained.

    Her most favorite destination? “Florence, Italy,” she answered.

    Capturing beautiful moments
    b03It is very important for Bea to capture the beautiful places and unforgettable moments she experiences in her travels. Her favorite tool to do so is her Fujifilm X-A2, mirrorless camera model.

    “I’ve been a Fujifilm camera owner even before this endorsement,” she swore, adding she discovered the brand online.

    “I read the reviews on Google because I was looking for a digital camera last year,” the gracious celebrity continued. “The memory and camera of my smartphone was getting too limited for me. I wanted to showcase all the beautiful things and places that I see during my travels and that was when I decided on the X-A2.”

    This November, her camera will be eight-months-old already, and she has been using it non-stop. She showed The Manila Times that the earliest photos still in memory were taken in June.

    Indeed, taking photos becomes easier and more fun for Bea because Fujifilm X-Series cameras are handy unlike heavy DSLRs.

    “I had a DSLR before but I gave it to my mom right away. I never had patience for big cameras because I don’t get to use it so much. It’s heavy especially for women like us who bring bags. ‘Yon pa lang, mabigat na diba? [Our bag alone is heavy already, right?]” she generously chatted away.

    Just like most of us, the actress also loves to takes selfies with her X-a2 mirrorless camera

    Just like most of us, the actress also loves to takes selfies with her X-a2 mirrorless camera

    “With this though, the selling point really for me is that it’s very stylish. Tama sa OOTD ko [It fits my Outfit for the Day]!”

    Besides the quality and design, Bea also enjoys the WiFi capability that allows her to immediately transfer photos to her phone and post them on her Instagram; as well as the “Beauty Mode” for “no filter” selfies, through a flip screen.

    “I really like looking at pictures and posting pictures. That’s the main reason why I got this camera,” she concluded.

    Persuading Pinoys to ‘shift’
    Meanwhile in a separate press launch in September, Takuya Maeda revealed to The Manila Times that despite Fujifilm’s growing following in the country, they still have to convince Filipinos to consider their brand.

    He expressed, “I’ve been here for two years and I feel that Filipinos really love taking photos compared to people from other countries. Everywhere I go around here, people are carrying cameras.”

    However, the executive also admitted that he is “frustrated” because most of these camera-carriers are not using their cameras. “Unfortunately, many Filipinos don’t use our mirrorless camera because they don’t know [about it]. That is why I’m really frustrated because our technology produces better pictures. [Also] with our mirrorless cameras, Filipinos will enjoy taking photos even more because they’re lightweight and compact,” he explained.

    He continued, “We assume that here in the Philippines, interchangeable mirrorless cameras only account to 15 percent of the overall camera market, while 85 percent go with the DSLR. Compared with other countries, that number is small. I think in Thailand, it’s almost 50-50, while in Japan, it’s 40-60. In Philippines, DSLR is still dominant.”

    From this, the company aims to persuade Filipinos to shift from big and bulky DSLR cameras to its X-Series line of products. They can choose from the X-A2, which is perfect for social media maven just like its endorser Bea Alonzo; the X-T10, for globe-trotters; and the X-E2 for the designated documenter. On the other hand, the X-T1 model remains to be the top choice of Filipino professional photographers.


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