Bea Binene gets curvy in all the right places



Now that she is getting such good projects, Bea Binene is determined more than ever to be slimmer. She has already lost 13 pounds, which is evident via her new body curves. All the same, the actress believes she still has to lose some more.

She went back to wushu training not only to attain her goal but for easier movement in fight scenes for the upcoming GMA Network telefantasya Mulawin Versus Ravena. She landed a big role in the project together with Derrick Monasterio.

“The routine we do is not easy. During the first day of training, we were taught the proper form, the right stance in a fight scene. The following day, it was already sword fighting that we had to learn. May footwork na, may tumbling na.”

And it doesn’t stop there. They were asked to report again for another training, this time, on flying.

“Mahirap siya, masakit sa upper thighs but I enjoy the flying. While I was doing the training, I felt I was really flying because I couldn’t see the cables tied to me. I was jut swinging. I even tried tumbling while I was swinging,” Bea excitedly told Showbuzz.

Bea has also made going to the gym part of her regular routine, add to this her new found diet.

“No carbs for me,” declares Bea. “For weeks now, I have not tasted even a bit of fast food. Pag nasa car nga kami and my mom and my sister eat fried chicken from a fast food store, I envy them especially when I smell it! I’m thankful that I can control myself. I’m not tempted to eat with them. Wala, I just make myself busy with other things like checking my social media account.

Bea Binene

It’s all career for Bea right now, and decided not to be involved in a relationship yet. “I’m just enjoying my life and I don’t miss being in a relationship. I realized I’m still young to be so involved already. Besides, with all the things happening in my career, I don’t have time to entertain suitors. I’m happy taping for Tsuperhero and I have to give a lot of time to my training for Mulawin Versus Ravena. ‘Yun pa lang, ubos na oras ko,” the 19-year-old averred.

All the same, Bea considers Derrick Monasterio as the man closest to his heart these days.

“Pero hindi kami,” she quickly added. “We’re very close because we’re really very good friends. We’re always together in our projects like Tsuperhero and Mulawin. We talk a lot and we’re so comfortable with each other. Walang ligawan. Maybe that’s why we can talk about anything at hindi kami nagkaka-ilangan.”

Even in their training, Bea and Derrick complement each other. They now go to the sane gym.

“It’s actually my gym,” said Bea. “Sinabi ko sa kanya na maganda doon. Before I knew it, he was already enrolled in the gym. There are days when he would call me para ayain akong mag-gym and there are days when I would come to the gym and find him there working out. After gym, there would be times when we would go out to eat or hang out. We’re that close but hanggang du’n lang,” Bea assured.

* * *

As planned, Maine Mendoza celebrated her birthday without a big party on March 3 only with her family and very close friends in attendance. She tendered a simple dinner. That’s how she wanted it, simple and low-key.

The following day, Maine was in the studio early to rehearse for her grand birthday celebration. She was the Eat Bulaga’s opener with her big production number where she sang and played the drums. She had a dance number with love teammate Alden Richards of course. The fans in the studio were going wild.

Maine and Alden both say they enjoyed their dance number immensely.

After the show Maine continued with her birthday celebration. This time, they went to a beach somewhere in the north. She was with some of her friends from Eat Bulaga. “It was fun but bitin. We had a very short time to enjoy because we left after Bulaga so we arrived in the beach quite late. We were just starting to enjoy the beach then it was already dusk. We still made the most out of our beach outing though kaya masaya pa rin,” Maine enthused.

Showbuzz visited Maine and Alden on the set of their primetime series Destined To Be Yours in far away Dolores, Quezon, at the foot of Mt. Banahaw. It was a fun set. Maine has obviously adjusted to her new job as telenovela star. She is already close to her co-actors like Sheena Halili, Janice De Belen and her contravida Coreen Medina. They often times just spend their free time chatting and laughing.

That day, the production gave Maine a surprise birthday celebration. The entire cast was called on to the set. Maine was made to believe that they were taping a scene but before she knew it, everyone was singing happy birthday. Juancho Trivino and RJ Padilla was carrying a big birthday cake, and Alden was walking towards Maine with a bouquet of flowers.

“Sobra naman akong touched. I was really surprised that my Destined To Be Yours family prepared something like this, at ang laki talaga ng cake,” she told Showbuzz.

And what is Alden’s birthday wish for Maine? “I wish that we will stay this way. Steady kasi kami ngayon. Of course, there have been times when we encountered problems but that’s part of it. As of now, we’re just happy with how things are in everything. Sobrang OK kaming dalawa,” Alden related.

“I agree with Alden. Steady lang talaga. Walang problema, maayos lahat between the two of us,” Maine beamed.

* * *

After all the rumors that Kris Bernal is switching to another network, she finally signed a new contract with GMA thus ending the persistent rumor.

At the contract signing, Kris was with GMA Artist Center’s Simon Ferrer and Kapuso Network’s Senior Vice-President for Entertainment TV Lillybeth Rasonable. GMA Films President Anette Gozon was also present.

Kris Bernal

Kris revealed that it took them one year to negotiate the deal and at the end, as she put it, she followed her heart.

“My heart was saying I should be where I am comfortable, where I am satisfied, where I am happy, so here I am at my home. This is where I grew as an artist, as a person. This is where I was molded into who and what I am now and this is the only home I where I would like to be,” Kris said.

Even before signing her contract, Kris already started a new soap for GMA afternoon prime, Impostora. The actress is happy her acting mettle has been challenged once again in this project, where she plays a dual character here.

“Challenge siyang malaki for me because yung characters ko, isang mabait at isang masama. I struggle with the bad character because this is the first time I’m playing that kind of role. But I enjoy it, masarap paglaruan.”

For now, Kris would like to be 100-percent focused on her career. Having no love life is a choice.

“Dadating din ‘yan, in God’s perfect time,” she said with a smile.

* * *

GUESS WHO? A showbiz couple was having dinner in a secluded restaurant somewhere in the QC area when a man on a motorcycle arrived. The man went straight to the table where a (gay) network was executive waiting. Upon reaching the table, the man removed his helmet, and turned-out to be a handsome hunky actor.

As he sat down, he saw the showbiz couple. The couple swears he became uneasy. He turned his back on the couple hoping perhaps that he wouldn’t get noticed. Rumors have been circulating linking the actor to the executive. Confirmed?


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