• Beating up a smaller old man isn’t manly

    Conrad M. Cariño

    Conrad M. Cariño

    If there is one thing special about Philippine culture, it is how we respect the elderly or senior citizens, to the point that we are willing to forgive their shortcomings or wrongdoings.

    “Bayaan mo na at matanda na yan [Just let the situation go for he is an elder],” was usually the advise given to a person who figures in a scrap with a senior citizen, even if the older person was at fault.

    So when a vehicle driven by a senior citizen suddenly cuts the car I am driving, I automatically let the situation go. I can count at least two dozen times that happened when I was driving, and all I did was let the situation go.

    But what if I yanked an elderly driver from his vehicle and beat him up? What does that make of me? Someone less than a man?

    So I find it very hard to comprehend that a professional boxer named Ardie Boyose beat up a 63-year old grandfather in Cebu City early this month. The professional boxer was undefeated (17-0-2 with 13 KOs) and at 5’9” contended in the light welterweight division. That makes him a big fellow among Filipino boxers.

    As to why the Millennials or netizens did not unleash a backlash from the situation escapes my imagination, because nobody in his right mind will ever beat up an elderly person even if the senior citizen was provoking a fight. And of all the people, it was an undefeated professional boxer who did it!

    It would be an entirely different situation if the grandfather was as big as Brock Lesnar or Mike Tyson!

    Have Millennials or netizens forgotten that in Philippine culture, we should still give outmost respect to elderly people, even if they have done something wrong? I mean, throwing the poor grandfather, who was a lot smaller than the professional boxer, to the ground and hitting him repeatedly is NOT manly behavior. Only a fool will say otherwise.

    Now, just imagine if it were Floyd Mayweather Jr. who did the same thing to a senior citizen in the US? For sure, Mayweather would get charged in court or get a lot of flak from social media. Wanna bet?

    Or maybe top fighters from mixed martial arts, wrestling and even boxing would be calling him out for a fight.

    I wonder how Boyose who beat up the old man in Cebu City would figure in a bout against the likes of Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman, Terence Crawford or Jessie Vargas? I’ll bet you my dollar he won’t last one or two rounds with any of those top fighters. And if he doesn’t make it to the international scene like Donnie Nietes, Nonito Donaire or Manny Pacquiao, consider that his karma.

    Boyose would later be punched by two able-bodied men, but he did not chase any of those two to retaliate. Instead, he pounced on the poor old guy again. Was that manly behavior?

    Even if the older guy was provoking Boyose again and again, the boxer would have done an honorable thing by simply walking away from the very beginning of the scuffle.

    So what am I batting at? Simple – professional fighters should show they are real men by picking on opponents who can hit back and hurt them. Some fighters are criticized for being “cherry pickers” for taking on cream puffs and tomato cans. But what do you call a professional fighter who beats up a smaller and older man? You supply the term.

    Anyway, have you ever wondered why many peaceful citizens would keep a gun handy? Simple – some bullies have a penchant for picking on those who are not gifted physically, even if most citizens prefer to be left in peace. That is one of the reasons why I am an advocate of RESPONSIBLE gun ownership.

    So the next time you see a young and strong man beat up a smaller older male, be man enough to at least condemn the act! Or are we Filipinos, especially the young ones, have forgotten age-old traditions? Tsk tsk!


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