• Most beautiful Czech castles on show in CCP


    Michal Lukes of the National Museum of Prague

    The Czech Republic‘s most beautiful historical sites are among the top destinations for many Filipino travelers. Now, even those less visited ones could be viewed at a premier photographic exhibition entitled “Czech Castles” held at the Little Theater Lobby at the Ground Floor of the Cultural Center of the Philippines main building.

    Clearly, the most visited castle in the Czech Republic is the Prague Castle, the world’s largest medieval castle according to the Guiness Book of World Records. It has a prominent position not only in the country, but also in this exhibition, which showcases a selection of the most interesting castles and chateaux of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia—the three regions that make up the Czech Republic.

    According to Czech Ambassador Jaroslav Olša, Jr. “The criterion of the selection of the localities has been the historical significance, as well as the architectural, artistic and historical value.”

    The exhibition of photographs and reproductions of historical drawings was prepared by the National Museum of the Czech Republic. According to its Director-General Michal Lukeš, who personally opened the show on its Manila leg “the exhibition features prominently the sites of European importance, including those on UNESCO‘s list, such as Prague, Ceský Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Litomyšl, Kromcíž and Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape. ”

    Dr. Raul Sunico, Cultural Center of the Philippines President, who also appeared during the opening of the exhibition, underscores that “for many travelers the exhibition can prove to be an excellent list of tips before their visit to Europe. ”

    Hungarian Ambassador Jozsef Bencze with National Artist F Sionil Jose

    Prague, the capital, is the most popular, thus, many end up seeing only the castles in Prague or maybe Ceský Krumlov. Why not try a road less traveled and stop on the opposite side of the country? Closer to Vienna than Prague lies the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape—a UNESCO World Heritage site of 17th Century castles, monuments, ponds and gardens created by the Dukes of Liechtenstein.

    According to Jan Vytopil, Deputy Head of Mission of the Czech Embassy, “by staging the exhibition in Manila, the Embassy of the Czech Republic strives to increase the awareness in the Philippines about Czech historical riches, representative of the European history. ”

    Historical treasures such as castles and chateaux make the Czech Republic one of the richest countries in historical monuments in Europe, and one of the most attractive destinations for foreign visitors.

    Though headless knights and ghosts of ladies dressed in all white often wander through the night in most of the old Czech castles, on your way from Prague Jewish Quarter, please beware of meeting the first though a bit erratic „robot“, the Golem of Prague, created from fresh soil during the reign of Emperor Rudolf II by Rabbi Judah Loew to protect the Jewish quarter of the city and its citizens. You might see all this if you visit the Czech Republic.

    The Czech Castles exhibition runs until May 27 (closed on Mondays).


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