Beautiful legs in the eyes of Filipina photographers


Women’s legs have always been the subject of admiration and discussion, especially where beauty is concerned. Opinions abound as to the attributes of a truly beautiful pair of legs.

To gain more perspective on the subject, Boehringer Ingelheim (Phils) Inc. commissioned five Filipina photographers to capture the beauty of women’s legs in a photo exhibit. Titled Legs for Life, the exhibit was mounted in time for the launch of Antistax, a leg vein supplement made from natural red vine leaf extract.

Featuring the works of Sara Black, Mau Aguasin, Ia Genato, Shaira Luna, and Ria Regino, the exhibit showcased women’s legs in various shapes, sizes, and situations. It also displayed these photographers’ different style and technique, but also captured their thoughts on what healthy, beautiful legs are.

Sara Black, a popular photographer who has been in the industry for nine years now, presented photos of a swimmer’s legs to show the beauty of legs moving in water. “In these photos, the energy and movement is reflected in the water,” she says.

Mau Aguasin has been a professional photographer since she graduated in 2010. In the exhibit, one can easily distinguish Aguasin’s photos simply because she is the only one who used plus-sized women as subject. “I wanted to show how women express themselves through their legs, which is kind of a challenge because we usually show expression through eyes or hands,” says Aguasin.

Ia Genato’s works looked modern and energetic. Her photos displayed in the exhibit were “all about vibrancy and dynamism. I wanted a more art directed and symbolic approach that evoked perspective. They just show that healthy, beautiful legs give women more confidence as well as the freedom to do more.”

Shaira Luna, who has been shooting professionally for more than six years, opted to take photos that draw inspiration from a normal day in the life of a woman. “I did photographs which show a woman’s legs while she’s doing her daily routine like when she wakes up, when she goes to the bathroom, when she’s choosing her clothes, and when she’s eating her breakfast. I just kept the vibe very warm and very relaxed. Healthy, beautiful legs are legs that can carry women through their everyday activities without any hassle,” she says.

Ria Regino feels very excited and happy to be given the opportunity to work with young and budding female photographers like herself. “My photos illustrate a few of the seven deadly sins. Those displayed are gluttony, wrath, and lust. Altogether, these exemplify beautiful, healthy legs which are supposed to let women do the things they are most passionate about,” she says.

As seen in these five photographers’ works in the Legs for Life exhibit, healthy, beautiful legs are essential in living an active life. However, since the legs are also the most used and most exposed parts of the human body, they need to be given special care and attention.


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