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    Choosing the kind of business to go into is as important as measuring your chance of success. The right choice, grounded on what catches your curiosity the most and what you can connect with in a blink of an eye, puts you in a good position for a triumphant venture.

    For 37-year old Joby Linsangan-Moreno, she felt that opening up a beauty salon was the correct move to get into entrepreneurship. She couldn’t be more spot on.

    Joby Linsangan-Moreno  and (center) at one of the branches of Orange Blush Salon.

    The successful lady entrepreneur even picked her favorite color, orange, for a name, and gave birth to what has now become Orange Blush Salon, a chain of modern beauty parlors dubbed as The Rebond Center for the hair rebonding service is specializes in.

    “I have always wanted to put up a business,” she shared, “After having done enough research, I chose a business that I am most interested in and could relate with—a beauty salon. I bought an existing small salon for only P30,000 and had it repainted and refurnished.”

    Success warranty

    Joby was still working as a medical technologist at a local hospital in her hometown Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija when she started her business in 2003. Today, that humble beginning has blossomed into 21 branches nationwide including salons in Bulacan, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Batangas and Metro Manila.

    Revenues continue to increase steadily each year. Joby says over the last two years total sales increased by 3 percent, from P27.6 million in 2016 to P28.5 million in 2017.

    She attributes Orange Blush Salon’s steady sales to the wide array of services that it offers which is not just limited to haircut, hair coloring and treatments but also includes manicure/pedicure, footspa, hair and make-up services, and hair rebonding packages. Joby says her salon is the only one that offers its clients warranty services.

    “We believe that it is important to maintain the quality of our services and deliver our promises. We want our dear clients to know we are responsible for the outcome of our service and that their trust means so much to us,” Joby noted.

    A decade and a half 

    In 2013, OBS transformed into a corporation, with Joby as president. Accepting franchisees became part of the expansion, too, as the business looked forward to increasing sales and improving operations. The franchising of OBS fully set up salons and a new pop up salon concept, the OBS SuperCut was particularly a hit.

    Also, by way of distributorships and online selling in Lazada, the salon’s market is embracing its specially formulated retail products, including its increasingly popular Leave-On Conditioner.

    “Great ideas and success come once you have discovered who you really are and what you can do and achieve.

    Most importantly, work hard, pray and believe that all things are possible with God,” expressed Joby, who is now targeting the opening of 15 OBS branches this year as a nod to its 15th year in the industry.

    Busy queen bee

    The slim, soft-spoken charmer graduated with honors from the College of the Immaculate Conception in Cabanatuan City, before she went to University of Santo Tomas to finish her Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. She took the board and passed in 2002, the year before she became an entrepreneur.

    A devoted family woman in spite of her busy schedule, Joby is married to her longtime sweetheartand fellow entrepreneur Lawrence who runs a chain of rice retail stores and with whom she has three kids namely Lucille Star, Jose Gonzalo and Lawrence Jr.

    Apart from OBS, she also is also involved in other business-related endeavors including The Podium Special Events Center, NYORK Cafe, and the Orange Institute of Fashion and the Arts Training Center.

    She explained, “Those who are just starting out with their own businesses should focus on one thing they’re best at. God has given each one of us a unique gift. Our job is to find what that gift is. They should know what they can uniquely do and accomplish naturally that others can’t, and spend time and effort to nurture and develop that talent.”

    For more information on Orange Blush Salon including how to be a franchisee, visit www.orangeblushsalon.


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