‘Beauty and the Beast’ enchants expectedly


Karen Kunawicz

First, I must cough up a confession: due to a horrible bout with phlegm, mucous and congestion, I missed the press screening of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast.

I passed on my ticket to my cousin Hank—rock star, bartender, milkman. He may be more of a Disney pirate than a princess but he reported being entertained by the whole film. Maybe it has to do with him sitting between two big Disney fans, nevertheless, he found himself clapping during the opening number.

There must be something magical indeed about this fairytale. The story was written by a French author in the 18th century and it has survived countless re-tellings. The Disney animation treatment in 1991 lives on and is loved by so many fans—you can just imagine the anticipation for this one.

With a timeless and beloved story, a director who knows his audience, an all-star cast and the Disney machinery behind it, how can this movie lose?

Apart from the great opening number, expect lots of great performances. Ewan MacGregor is spot on as Lumiere, Luke Evans is a fabulous Gaston and his sidekick Josh Gad aka LeFou provides much of the comedy in the film. Kevin Kline is a sweet Maurice (Belle’s father) and Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson are wonderful as Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts.

Luke Evans (right) is the perfect Gaston in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ while Josh Gad provides comic relief as LeFou

On another note, there’s a Winterfell vibe with snow and wolves at the Beast’s castle.

There are also new songs that accompany the 2017 version of the story. Let’s face it, considering the way the world is today, we all need a little Disney to remind us of real-life qualities that make life and people more magical.

While Hank was watching the press screening of Beauty and the Beast, I decided to take a peep at the show I divorced last year: The Walking Dead.

In one scene, King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) looks upon a dug up grave with a sign above it saying “bury me here” and reflects upon the sad and absurd state of the world and says “It’s mere luck we are not all insane.”

In a world where, on the whole, most of the great leaders are making sense, where we would see justice get served and the truth would prevail, I would actually be entertained by The Walking Dead. It’s just weird when quotes and musings by wise men over the travails of life after the zombie apocalypse seems rather relatable.

See? In these mad days in the history of the world, we need some Disney.


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