• More ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Get Out’ and this week’s releases


    Karen Kunawicz

    I finally watched Beauty and the Beast and while everyone I know enjoyed it, we all had different ideas on what we loved best about it.

    The all-star cast was put to excellent use, Dan Stevens’ Beast was loveable but my choice of standout goes to Luke Evans’ Gaston.

    Gaston was so full of himself and so annoyingly entertaining, I thought the “Gaston” number was the best one in a film filled aplenty great numbers. It’s so good to have Evans in a movie where he is singing.

    When he was here for the Fast and Furious 6 launch, Luke Evans surprised a lot of people with his singing—by nailing a Tagalog love song, “Kailangan Kita.”

    At some point, the man has to be on Broadway. Especially after doing shows on the West End early on in his career.

    From big blockbusters, we go to little films that are hard hitters. My cinephile friends have been very excited about a film called Get Out. Director Quark Henares puts this movie as well as Logan and Trainspotting 2 in his list of 2017’s best.

    Reviews and feedback though give out very little of the plot—vaguely saying it is scary, funny, clever and that Get Out throws in social commentary. It is written and directed by Jordan Peele (half of the comedic tandem of Key and Peele).

    Luke Evans is a standout in the already fabulous ‘Beauty and the Beast’

    I just feel bad I got sick when it opened last week, I hope some cinemas keep it around. Honestly, though, I don’t know how much of a chance it will have, there’s a lot of competition this week.

    The Power Rangers movie opens today (see story below) but if you want to know more about the film, hop on over to Chris Cantada Force on YouTube. There’s no one more qualified to have a session with cast. He is the biggest Power Rangers fan I know.

    CHiPs opens tomorrow. Comedian Dax Shephard writes, directs and stars in the comedy film version of the ‘70s TV series about two California Highway Patrol cops. Dax takes on the role of Jon Baker (originally played by Jon Wilcox) and Michael Pena (Antman) is Francis “Ponch” Poncherello (Erik Estrada’s role).

    Who would have thought fantasy, horror and comedy films would make more sense than reality? Have a good time at the cinema!


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