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    Mother’s Day in the Philippines is always a magical time especially now that mothers have changed from mere homemakers to superwomen who can do it all. This is possible thanks to organizations that empower women (ah, my favorite phrase to say and hear: women empowering women).

    This is where Beauty Biz Bliss comes in. Founded by three awesome all around mommies, Frances Sales, Martine De Luna and Ginger Arboleda (see Cover Story on page 2).

    “Whether this mom is a homemaker looking for ways to make more money or an entrepreneur looking to expand her business or even an office working hoping to climb the ranks, we aim to be a community who will encourage, inspire, and equip them,” the trio said.

    All successful in their respective fields (you may even recognize them from TV), they connect because they understand how difficult it is to juggle the roles assigned to them. And while they understand that family always comes first, they are also inclined to further fuel their passions.

    “We were discussing how difficult it was to juggle nurturing our families, taking care of ourselves, and growing our careers. Later on, through discussions in our Facebook group, Work in Freedom Community, we discovered that many women have the same concern.”

    This was where Beauty Biz Bliss was born. “We discovered that so many women have this concern, everyone was saying that they wishes there was a workshop series dedicated to just helping working women.”

    They went on to explain the reason behind Beauty Biz Bliss.

    Beauty they said is inspired by the beauty found in every woman and how it empowers her to make her dreams come true, “Beauty is in every woman. It’s not just a physical attribute; it’s also confidence, dignity and strength within. Once this is recognized by the woman, she is empowered to make her dreams come true.

    This then radiates outward and is seen in her smile, her care for her appearance, her attitude towards life.”

    The biz part focuses on what a woman does, “Biz is the work that we all want to do. It doesn’t need to be owning a business—it could be a passion, a hobby, a career, a calling. Women are usually told we can’t do this or we can only do that, and this holds us back. But if we’re encouraged to pursue the work that we want to do, then we can achieve anything, whether it’s to be the CEO of a multimillion-worth company or be the baker of the best chocolate-chip cookie in the city.”

    Completing the trifeca is happines or bliss, “Bliss is the state we enjoy when our purpose, passions and priorities are aligned. It’s not perfection because the pursuit of perfection causes unhappiness. Bliss is living life passionately with purpose and according to what we believe is important. “

    They aim to empower working women by providing a community through a website where “women who work can come together to talk, encourage each other, and find business opportunities from each other. It will also have articles that aim to inspire women to do better in their career.”

    They will also be offering workshops and events that will equip women in the beauty, biz, bliss aspects ranging from how to use make up and what outfits to wear to look more professional, how to ask for a raise, and how to achieve that elusive work-life balance.

    And for them being a superwoman is possible but only with the right support and community, “No one can do it alone. We all need help. Martine, Ginger and I are hands-on moms but we’re lucky we have husbands who are just as involved in parenting. We wouldn’t be able to pursue our careers without our supportive spouses. Many women rely on their mothers, sisters and yayas to help care for their families as they work. That’s exactly why we created Beauty Biz Bliss! We want to create a community to help other women so we can all be superwomen!”

    * * *

    Sending out a special happy mother’s day to my bestfriend, my super mama who has sacrificed a lot not just for me but for our whole family. Love you mom!


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