• Beggars’ kin told to help Baguio’s anti-mendicancy drive


    BAGUIO CITY:The city government has urged relatives of beggars in various parks and city streets to help in the city’s anti-mendicancy campaign by convincing them to stop their activities that have put the country’s undisputed Summer Capital in a bad light. Mayor Mauricio Domogan said family members and relatives of the mendicants play a key role in reducing the proliferation of beggars around the city by admonishing them to stop their begging activities. He added that the existence of beggars donning attire of the different tribes in the Cordillera begging alms or have their pictures taken in exchange for money from visitors result in degradation of the culture of the peoples of the Cordillera. Domogan said the practice should already stop to prevent the culture of the Igorots from being commercialized. He admitted that begging has been a lucrative source of income for some people in the Cordillera.Some of the beggars were able to build houses for their families and put up their own businesses, among others, with the money they earned from begging. The City Social Welfare and Development Office rounds up the beggars and turn them over to their families but they keep coming back to beg.


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