• Behold — or beware — the Pinoy whistleblower!



    I had been expecting something like this ever since Senator Leila de Lima started her justice committee hearings investigating allegations of this administration’s extrajudicial killings in its war versus illegal-drugs: The sensational testimony of a “whistleblower.” Of course, it’s been an old script, so overused it has become sickening, I think.

    After the public ignored most of the testimonies of heavily-masked accusers in the past weeks, one Edgar Matobato, an admitted killer, testified in De Lima’s hearing yesterday accusing President Duterte of undertaking summary killings of suspected criminals in Davao – through what has been called his “Davao Death Squad” – in the years he was mayor there.

    But we’ve have heard those accusations since the start of the election campaign last year. So Matobato had to say something new, or say something that would put his accusations in the headlines. He then accused Duterte of more horrible things like ordering the bombing of Muslim mosques to retaliate against the bombing in 1993 of the Davao Cathedral and directing the police to arrest Muslim suspects and kill them.

    Gallery of rogues, or “whistleblowers”? Clockwise, Arula of Jabidah-massacre hoax,  Mawanay of  Lacson’s dollar-accounts hoax;  Lozada on the ZTE corruption hoax;  the clever Luy, who kept his millions through the pork-barrel investigations; and now,  Matobato, the  I-killed-50-people witness vs Duterte.

    Gallery of rogues, or “whistleblowers”? Clockwise, Arula of Jabidah-massacre hoax,  Mawanay of  Lacson’s dollar-accounts hoax;  Lozada on the ZTE corruption hoax;  the clever Luy, who kept his millions through the pork-barrel investigations; and now,  Matobato, the  I-killed-50-people witness vs Duterte.

    Matobato also claimed Duterte even practiced his driving skills by swinging his golf club against suspected international terrorist’s mouth that knocked off all the poor man’s teeth. (Senator Panfilo Lacson, though, pointed out that that there was no report of such a terrorist Matobato identified as “Salim Makdum” ever existing, much less arrested and killed.) Matobato even threw in a stock plot for murder movies, a love triangle. He claimed Duterte’s son Paolo ordered the killing of hotelier Richard King in 2014 because of rivalry over a woman.

    Matobato’s testimony was designed to shock. He said he himself had killed 50 suspected criminals as ordered by Duterte’s death squad. Upon questioning by Senator Angara, however, he claimed there were always others who did the killing with him, as in six people pulling the rope that strangled the victim. (That could be a record of sorts, six people strangling a single man.)

    Of course, nobody in his right mind thinks that Matobato’s allegations will result in charges against Duterte and son. Duterte especially is immune from suits while he is President. Matobato also admitted he never heard of Duterte himself ordering the killings, and had not spoken to him ever. He heard all about these from the mayor’s underlings. He got orders from the mayor’s underlings, most of whom, he volunteered the information, had retired from service.

    All in the 1990s

    Of course, these killings were all, except one, committed in the 1990s, which in our criminal investigation capabilities, might as well have been during our Spanish colonization. “Cold case” investigations, or solving decades-old crimes is just seen on TV and in movies, folks.

    Why and when did he decide to be a whistleblower? This is where the King killing plays a role. Matobato said after that killing in June 2014, for some reason he didn’t disclose, the police killers wanted him to be the fall guy for it, and even tortured him for a week to admit to it. So he fled, although he didn’t say how. In August 2014, he claimed, he went to the Commission on Human Rights, which accepted his testimony.

    I find it amazing that the testimony given to the CHR wasn’t used by the Liberal Party against Duterte in the elections, which would have been very damaging, especially for the elite since Duterte was accused of killing a rich hotelier.

    Matobato claimed he went to the CHR, as his “conscience was bugging him,” the usual explanation by past Pinoy whistleblowers for their miraculous change of heart.

    This is all obviously rubbish. He went to the CHR, rather than to President Aquino and his presidential candidate Mar Roxas, who would have lavished him with a lot of money for his accusations that would have been damaging to Duterte’s bid for the presidency?

    I think De Lima is taking us for fools. This Matobato “bombshell” is her project, and she has concealed it as a testimony given to the CHR, which just happened to be disclosed at this time. The Senate should call Etta Rosales, who headed the CHR until May 2015, to determine if, indeed, this Matobato went to the CHR in 2014 to spill the beans on Duterte and his son.

    Old trick

    The use of “whistleblowers” has been a sickening old trick in Philippine political warfare, possible because of the unscrupulousness of our legislators, the tremendous public forum the Senate provides (especially with live TV coverage) and Filipinos’ gullibility and penchant for melodrama.

    In 1968, the Liberal Party had one Jibin Arula as a sole witness claiming the Army Special Forces massacred young Muslims who were being trained to infiltrate Malaysian-held Sabah, when they learned of their mission. It turned out to be the Liberal Party’s unforgivable treasonous act.

    There was no massacre, and the Liberals merely wanted an issue to pin down former strongman Marcos as he was planning a reelection in 1969 — even if it meant exposing his plans to the Malaysians. Even his fellow Muslims shunned Arula, and he died in Cavite several years ago after being given menial work by the son of his handler, the anti-Marcos governor Delfin Montano (See my three part-series starting with “Jabidah was a big hoax,” March 22, 2015.)

    And then there was Ador Mawanay, who fooled President Arroyo’s intelligence services and Liberal Party allies, that he had hacked Senator Panfilo Lacson’s huge dollar accounts abroad, which contained hundreds of millions of dollars. Mawanay proved to be a complete conman.

    More recently, there was Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, the Liberal Party’s star witness, who claimed that the ZTE broadband deal involved huge money for Arroyo and his officials. The cases brought in court involving ZTE have all been dropped. Justice or karma had caught up with Lozada, with his conviction by the Sandiganbayan for corruption in an office he headed. The truth is that Lozada became the Liberal Party’s “star witness” in his hope that he could strike a deal for the charges to be dropped. It couldn’t, and he now faces spending years in prison.

    Under President Aquino, the star whistleblower was Ben-hur Luy, the factotum of Janet Napoles, who purportedly ran the pork-barrel scam for years. Luy was the administration’s and Justice Secretary de Lima’s star witness, who steered the investigation of the pork-barrel scam (in which even administration officials and legislators were involved) into what would lead three of the most popular opposition senators in the country to jail. No administration Senator, of course, has been charged.

    Luy, of course, has been the smartest “whistleblower.” Senator Jinggoy Estrada had produced bank documents showing that he had P150 million in his bank accounts, which his reported income (and his occupation) could not have generated. But for some reason the Sandiganbayan had refused Estrada’s pleas for the court to officially disclose his accounts, and investigate their source.

    It seems another only-in-the-Philippines phenomenon: this Pinoy “whistleblower” as a political weapon. In this recent case, it is obviously Senator de Lima’s move to check Duterte’s campaign against her, which includes removing her from the Senate.

    Matobato may be telling the truth. But it’s a complete waste of everyone’s time. After a few weeks, we will all forget about this admitted killer Matobato. There certainly won’t be some new legislation inspired by de Lima’s hearings.

    Enough already of these ‘whistleblowers’ hogging the headlines and the Senate’s and our time. Just file cases in courts if you have real whistleblowers.



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    1. Don’t lost focus on what being talk about issues regarding the senate’s investigation on Extra Judicial Killings. The purpose of the inquiry by the chairperson is to confuse the public by putting a witness with doubtful credibility to spread lies and half truths to make it appear that what he says has a semblance of truth. The witness’ narrations was being carefully scripted, tailored and recited repeatedly, practiced for a long time with dramatic effect to make it appear as very convincing truth by following previous news, gossips, police, CHR and other government agency’s investigations which was never been pursued due to doubtful circumstances, cold case, not happening at all or just a lie and half truth. Sen. Trillanes is an expert on this and the yellows also during EDSA 1 and 2, PEDAF and DAP case. Remember also VP Binay and what happened to him before the election. Trillanes and co. was not after for truth, they want to confuse the people (ano ba talaga ang totoo?). Senators de Lima, Drilon, CHR, LP yellow diehards and other organizations and individuals were/are willing conspirators. VP Robredo and Matobato are pawns with Trillanes as director with yellow oligarch as financial managers, yellow priests as “spiritual advisers”, yellow media as PRO and yellow civil society as crowd managers. Once the general public were confused and some group of individuals started to shift support to other side and the credibility of the President and his government is on the balance and its diehard supporters are in doubt, more lies and half truth will flood all over by international and local yellow media to add more confusions and chaos. We wake up one morning with a new government. Then the mind of the people can easily swayed to the other side once they were blinded by deceit and lies being swindled as convincing truth. If we are not vigilantly careful and react incorrectly to the issues, we are only to blame and become spectators with a heavy heart.

    2. The oligarchs wants yellow to reinstate in power to have their usual holidays the likes of ENDOS that are now being deprived by this present dispensation. The commoners are happy having a president understands the miseries and maladies plaguing the society.

    3. Whether the allegations of Matobato are true or not, it still has to be investigated NOT by the government of Duterte but by an independent foreign body free from influence and non-partisan. The pattern of killings seen before in Davao bore resemblance to the killings happening throughout the country. It looks like Duterte had unleashed a monster out of the bottle with order to kill. How could he (Duterte) put the evil Genie back into the bottle?

    4. There’s always 90% truth in these cases most especially the corruption charges against the Binays (how can an ordinary mayor of Makati afford to spend millions of dollars to the U.S. to seek medical exams for his ailing daughter. Kasunod niyan ay “karma” sa pagnanakaw) . Now Binay is trying his best not to criticize Stupid Duterte for he might require the courts to fast forward the corruption charges against the Binays. It is a well known fact that the Binays really stole billions of pesos from Makati. As Duterte said in one of the presidential debate, “hindi kayang bilangin ni Binay ang nakurakot niyang pera sa isang araw…”. Now Binay and his lawyers are trying to say positive things about Duterte. Binay is so scared of Duterte that sometimes Binay and his lawyers are so quiet and very careful about making any negative remarks against Duterte and Cayetano.

    5. Sad state of affairs in the country. When an article discredits witnesses and politicizes everything, then nothing will be accomplished and the truth will always be hidden. Just smoke and mirrors for the people…

    6. It’s so obvious that when Senator Cayetano questioning will reveal Matobatos handler when suddenly Trillanes showed and want Cayetano to stop questioning the witness resulting in their confrontation. Even Senator Drilon did not even question the witness knowing credibility is questionable. Even Senator De Lima said that the witness does not have an affidavit yet but he was on WPP three years ago, belied by V Aguirre telling that you cannot enter WPP without executing an affidavit. There are a lot of flawed that Senator De Lima and Trillanes proved that they did not do their homework before presenting this witness. Trillanes will be the biggest loser once his term ends, with the number of enemies he had.

    7. George F Guillermo on

      The over all impact of the Senate investigation is the destruction of the credibility, ability and leadership of President Duterte to effectively govern and lead the country towards eliminating/solving the widespread illegal drug problem, criminality, graft and corruption, incompetent government officials, anti-people government policies and rules, etc. It will surely undermine the President’s efforts to institute the reforms, policies and programs (” mga pagbabago”) very much needed by the country. In short, “back to zero” or tulad pa rin ng dati naman tayo kung walang mangyari sa mga magagandang plano ng Duterte Administration. Ang bayan ang siguradong talo dito. We as a people and as a whole, will suffer the consequences, except of course for those people/individuals who do not like President Duterte to succeed especially for those directly and negatively affected by the very programs or “pagbabago” this Administration are implementing.

      There are two factors or truth that we should reflect and must consider in evaluating our options/actions re alleged criminal acts of Pres. Duterte that were committed during or when he was still a City Mayor of Davao City.

      Assuming those alleged criminal acts were true, as a President, DU30 is immune from suit within the 6 years period that he was elected by the people as President. The wisdom of this Constitutional immunity from suit is to protect the President or Office of the President from “disturbances that will divide his full energy and attention or focus to the country rather to himself”.

      The other truth is that President Duterte is publicly known as “‘The Punisher” or he is allegedly behind the “DDS” or Davao Death Squad and even one of the issues raised against DU30 during the election period, yet despite such issue against him, majority of the people elected him as President because it is in fact a “plus factor or strong points for DU30 to be known as the “Punisher”. Thus, jn summary, by being voted as President the Filipino people indirectly condoned or exonerated DU30 of his alleged criminal acts during his incumbency as City Mayor of Davao.

      In view of the foregoing considerations and the very much urgent “Pagbabago” our country needs, the Senate should instead focus all their intellectual energies and financial resources (which all come from the “hard-earned taxes of the people) in supporting and/or crafting the much needed legal and policies for the efficient, effective and sustainable implementation of plans, programs and projects of the Duterte Administration for the long term benefits of the country. Tama na… Sobra na mga Melodrama sa Senado…!! Panahon na ang PAGBABAGO.. para sa Bayan..!!

    8. Trillanes is right. The Dutertes are the Ampatuans of Davao City. Other witnesses will bear that out, that is if the killers don’t get to them first. The dark truth about the Dutertes is gradually coming out, no matter how hard this author is diverting the issue to discredit the witness. I hope Delima will focus on the killing of Jun Pala and other broadcasters in Davao. They were not criminals, not drug users, drug lords or anything of that sort. But why were they killed gangland style? Just because they were critical of Duterte? Is harboring different views a crime? Just asking.

      • Hi good sir. Be that as it may, but it can’t be doubted that the witness presented by De Lima was outright lying, given the different inconsistencies in his claims. The main issue of this article is how “whistleblowers” like this are being used to make the Filipino people look like fools. Yes, it is very important to investigate this so-called extra-judicial killings and all related cases, but then again how can we provide true justice by hearing and recognizing this kind of testimonies? And you can’t justify lying under oath and even, on part of De Lima and colleagues, defending those false accusations made by the witness.

    9. A movie plot and nothing else. Why can’t Delima get impeached? Wasn’t illegal drug proliferation in a government controlled institution like Bilibid during Delima’s watch not enough to prove shed incompetent and neglectful of her official duties?

    10. There should be a law punishing senators who abuse their power to “investigate” by using a hoax witness in order to push their hidden political agenda. If they are serious about extrajudicial killings or EJK, then why not include the Mamasapano massacre, the Mendiola massacre or the shooting of the hungry farmers in Kidapawan or the massacre of the lumads.

    11. I agree with you 100%. This whistle blower thing, penchant for melodrama, trial by publicity should stop. Sir, where we heading as a people and as a nations–are we developing to be a “well educated moron” and an “idiotic liar”. So appalling to see and read on all daily news paper and TV, all the negativity and it seems all that there is in Philippines is extra judicial killings, human rights violation, Senate inquiry here and there in “aid of legislation”, (correct me if I am wrong) are there no laws that can deal with this human violations, extra judicial killings, etc. As you said, if you have a “case/complain filed let in court”

    12. Why let this shameless lady fornicator grandstand in the senate? She has no credibility. We should not be talking about all these supposed EJKs if she did her job!! But she didn’t. She was criminally negligent. Now she wants to project herself as a champion of Human Rights investigating all these killings which in the first place, is the result of her negligence!

    13. Why not jail this whistle blower for MURDER with his admitted killings (did I read it right, 1000 killings? whatever the count is, its still a crime) and being a member of the DDS. Is turning a whistle blower as a witness for somebody’s favor be an excuse so as not to be CHARGED and CONVICTED for his crimes? Where is the law? A murderer is a murderer whether he/she turns coat. Why do the police let this scumbag and self-confessed murderer roam the streets freely? Why not arrest and charge him based on his testimonies on the killings and information on other incidents? WHY??? Chief BATO what are you waiting for? Here’s a man admitting his and his accomplices crimes in the past. It doesn’t matter if it was your time or not as Chief PNP…. Crimes were committed. He’s no longer a suspect because he is GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt. ARREST THIS MAN NOW!!!!!!

    14. He, he, if nobody noticed that all these brouhaha mentioned and said by Edgar Matobato is a handiwork of Senators Leila de Halimaw and Tonyo Trillanes. Obviously, Leila and Tony are not good coaches and their fabricated information as said by Matobato are not well researched.

    15. Why not jail this whistleblower for MURDER with his admiited killings (did I read it right, 1000 killings? ) and being a member of the DDS. Is turning a whistleblower for somebody’s favor be an excuse so as not to be CHARGED and CONVICTED for his crimes? Where is the law? A murderer is a murderer whether he/she turns coat. Why do the police let this scumbag and self-confessed murderer roam the streets freely? Why not arrest and charge him based on his testimonies on the killings and information on other incidents? WHY??? Chief BATO what are you waiting for? Here’s a man addmitting his and his accomplices bad deeds in the past. It doesn’t matter if it was your time or not as CPNP…. Crimes were committed and admitted. He’s no longer a suspect coz he is GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt. ARREST THIS MAN NOW!!!!!!

    16. This moro=moro show in the senate hearing was written, produced and directed by De LIma and Trillanes …. they are running this show as a smoke screen when the real fire works starts next week when Herbert Coloangco and Co. from NBI will testify VS Delima and Co. ….Shameless senators, wasting the hard earned money of the Filipino people …

    17. The Senators forgot to ask Mr, Matobato on how he and his group was paid on these killings they performed. When was his involvement with the group started and when it was ended? How much money did Senator De Lima promised to pay him just to appear in the Senate blue ribbon committee? It seems like all his story are scripted, at maraming hindi mag tugma-tugma, as far as the dates and circumstances are concerned. If I were to cross-examine this person, under oath, he would shit on his pants while still on the witness stand.

    18. Mr. Pres. Duterte, pls. don`t be swayed by this drama you know what to do, 16 M are behind you and thousands of us abroad are with you.

    19. Tama na ang mumukha ng dalawang HALIMAW DE-LIEMA, THRILL-INIS.Talagang mga beteranong gumawa ng SARSWELA. Lalo na si DE-LIE-MA ganito rin ang mga ginawa noong PDAP namulot ng mga kunwari witness, yun pala bayaran nang mga GANID na tauhan ni PANOT.

    20. Ignacio Balbutin on

      The accusation of this witness is so serious so damaging as well as shocking that the President or his son should file a case against him and if the court found him lying then he and De lima should be imprisoned.

    21. It appeared that both Sen. De Lima and Sen. Trillanes were always ready to rescue Mr. Matobato when cornered by Sen. Cayetano .

      Is it possible for the Senate to appoint a Chairperson that is NEUTRAL , not somebody (Like Sen. De Lima) who has an ax to grind against Pres. RR Duterte ?

    22. On the contrary, the harder the yellows try, the more they are exposed as fools. There is no need to fear them as they have totally lost their credibility. Let them bring it on until the people are provoked enough to come out in the millions, take them out of their homes, and hang them all along EDSA.

    23. as usual, the liberal party starting from ninoy aquino is the reason why our country had never moved forward because of their selfishness and greediness. if only I had a magical power, I will exterminate all yellowish people in this country than hope that the next generation of yellow will be a people of thinking their fellowman and country first not their own self interest…

    24. The Liberal Party, with the financial support of some groups who have grudge against Duterte plus the CIA, will move heaven and earth just to remove Duterte. If were Duterte, I will request DOJ and Ombudsman to fast track filing of cases against the yellow diehards who have committed grievous crimes against peoples money during PNOY’s term.

      • What you are asking is next to impossible.As long as the LP’s gatekeeper in the Sandiganbayan,Ombudsman Conchita Moral-less remains,no LP bigwig, especially those that served under Boy Sisi,will be charged by the Ombudsman.Everybody now is forgetting what Moral-less did under the Aquino Presidency.It is time for Duterte to kick out Moral-less and appoint an honest to goodness Ombudsman that will serve the people and not the President and its party.Conchita Carpio Moral-less has to go for corruption to be erased in this nation…

    25. I hope lumabas ang katotohanan nang lahat nang eto. We have so many problems in this country, to be swayed by this HR advocates. Yong mga mahihirap na minsan walang pagkain, bakit hindi natin doon ilagay ang ating mga resources, what a waste of time. Salamat Mr. Tiglao

    26. I think having a tsunami of the dead body in a matter of two months can not be taken simply from a simple presumption of who would be the main culprit of the crime in the extra-judicial killings in the Barangay, or in a town or province or a nation. Even the killings of thousands out of extra-judicially executed or judicially executed we may call it, we can not take them from a simple presumption that the killer is at large, besides Mr, President had publicly announced that he would kill criminals. During the election, President DU30 told the public that one could not be a leader, unless he knew how to kill. Who was the main culprit of those killings in Davao? Could that be done by a simple police without the order from the leader of the town or city or province? For me, we can be of good service, if not best, to the nation if we allow the truth about the killings in Davao and today’s present administration to surface.

      • You are also forgetting that those dead bodies presumpted to be extra-judicially killed or murdered are criminals and drug pushers who are asked by the police to surrender,but unfortunately,preferred to shoot it out with the law men.Almost everyday,we,the people are being reminded not only by the police but by the news on TV,radio and newspapers that an “oplan tokhang” of the PNP is underway and is being utilized by the whole police organization in the country.We know how many have surrendered,and we also know how many have been arrested,maimed or killed by the many police operations that they mounted.So if you are a criminal or a drug pusher,common sense dictates that you have to held your hands up if the police will frisk or ask you not to move.Unless of coarse you will try your luck to escape and shoot it out with the lawmen arresting you that will result to you being maimed,killed or injured.And who are those that are being killed? Of coarse,those who are trying to escape that are now presumptively being called the EJK’s.Sorry but that is how it works for the lawmen and the criminals…

    27. My understanding about this Senate Investigation is about the On going Drug Related killings(EJK) and not the past.I am not defending president But this Senate Investigation is an act of revenge of Sen. De Lima, against the president by shaming her publicly being the THE PROTECTOR OF DRUG LORDS and has an intimate sexual relationship or lover on her own driver.If this Senate Investigation will continue, why not include the Hacienda Luisita and Mendiola Massacre? That was the real EJK! THE Human Right Commission was deaf and silent unto this day. And the massacres family victims got no justice!

    28. The CHR and the DOJ did not bring charges after investigating DU30 because of no evidence. Now DeLima has the Senate hearings listening to the fabricators. What a country! We have to stop these Senate investigations that are for politics only.

    29. Bobbi Tiglao Thank you for the analysis about the ‘whistle blower!’ Apt logic! Is there a ‘conspiracy symphony’ to impeach Pres. Digong from the ‘Yellows, etc.?

    30. Jose A. Oliveros on

      The Liberal Party and/or the Yellow Brigade should get better script writers and directors. Gagawa rin lang ng zarzuela, hindi pa gumawa ng perfect script and pinagbuti ang rehearsal ng kanilang mga actors.