• Beijing can help ‘legalize’ PH workers’ stay in China


    President Rodrigo Duterte’s friendly stance with China should result in legalization of around 200,000 undocumented Filipino workers there, according to a lawmaker.

    ACTS-OFW party-list group Rep. Ancieto Bertiz made the statement on Monday, or a day after Duterte assured that Filipino fishermen in a few days can fish again in Scarborough Shoal (Panatag Shoal) in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) where the Philippines has fishing rights under a ruling by the UN Permanent Court of Arbitration.

    “If we are warming up our relations with China, then they [Chinese authorities] should legalize these [Filipino] workers. There are 200,000 undocumented workers in China, most of them are household service workers, tutors, teachers,” Bertiz told reporters.

    He said China only issues work visas for Filipinos who belong to a musical band that performs in hotels.

    “China does not issue work visas for these [undocumented]workers because it will affect the stock of millions of Chinese in the workforce. Building relations is not just about agriculture and the territorial dispute, it should also be about crafting policies that will ensure the welfare of our workers. As it is, a lot of them earn less than their local counterparts,” Bertiz added.

    He, however, virtually contradicted himself by saying that Duterte’s anti-US rhetoric where he cursed US President Barack Obama, criticized Americans for “lacking civility” and called them“white monkeys” would not affect undocumented Filipino workers in the United States.

    Bertiz said it is just right for the US government to deport the undocumented Filipino workers in the US because they abuse tourist and student visas granted to them by overstaying.

    Overstaying Filipinos in the US are derisively called TNT (Tago ng Tago), which means hiding perpetually.

    “They violated the privileges granted to them, so the US has the right to deport them,” Bertiz said.

    Congressman LRay Villafuerte of Camarines Sur said Duterte’s friendly stance with China should spur economic integration among Asian countries toward shared progress.

    “I welcome Malacañang’s economic managers’ pronouncement that the Philippines will continue relations with Western countries even as the President recalibrates foreign policy with the end in view of integrating our economy with Asean as well as with Asia’s economic giants China, South Korea and Japan,” Villafuerte added.

    “Greater trade prospects for the Philippines with other Asian economies should convince the investor community that our country is now the best place to set up shop in. Moody’s and multilateral lenders such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund believe that the Philippines would remain as one of the world’s best performing economies. We should not squander this opportunity,” he said.


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    1. What a stupid comment from an elected “con-man”. It’s ludicrous how this idiot would label Undocumented OFWs in China and TNTs (no pun intended) in the US. Advocating deportation of TNTs in the US shows lack of comprehension on the issues of migrants and is really ironic of him since he came from OFW-party list, the supposed to be protector of our modern heroes, legal or not! So, instead of demonizing these hardworking souls who just want to get through life but relentlessly sending hard earned money that undeniably buoys the economy, all these corrupt politicians should persuade the US government to legalize these TNTs by making humanitarian laws. Every country of great economy is a real human magnet. But even our poor country has her share of undocumented population. Bet you the government didn’t offer business or work visas to Indians and Chinese vendors in Quiapo and across the country. But the point is this is a basic human reality, and in the US, there are 11million undocumented immigrants. Of which more than 300k are kababayans some in different visa categories with specific priority dates and are out of status. These OFWs must wait for 5,8,15,22 yrs or even longer since we Filipinos are the US “best ally”. America has not included the Philippines in the 38-country with visa waiver program and our visa vetting process is not for tourist but for terrorists. Nakapanliliit! Oh yeah! A lot have abused the the laws but many are caught in this complex system and rather would stay out of status since these “con-men” are only busy stealing tax payers money, instead of trying to provide jobs that would prevent our modern heroes to be TNTs worldwide! Kudos to OFWs!