‘Being a Marcos is a blessing not a curse’ – Bongbong

TWO FERDIES  Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (left) and cousin, Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, at the assembly of the Philippine Constitution Association. PHOTO BY BONG RANES

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (left) and cousin, Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, at the assembly of the Philippine Constitution Association. PHOTO BY BONG RANES

SEN. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. doesn’t consider being the son of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos as a curse.

In fact, he sees it as an advantage in case he decides to run for a higher position in 2016.

“I only have recognized the blessing not the curse. I never felt that I was cursed somehow by being a Marcos,” Marcos told reporters on Friday.

“I feel that if there are disadvantages, they are far outweighed by the advantages of being the son of my parents,” he added.

Although still eligible for reelection, Marcos is among those rumored to be running for either President or Vice President in 2016.

“All options are available to me from barangay [village]captain to President of the country, but I will of course be a candidate for a national position,” he said.


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  1. From Marcos era to present, Can anyone tell me a former President of the Philippines who has really unite the divided Filipino people? Or voters populace voted for him landslide, honestly? Then he is a great Filipino president and leader.

  2. One Marcos president is enough. The memories of the performance of the late Ferdinand Marcos are so horrendous the the mere mention of his name besmirch the air around us.

  3. Bongbong Marcos has an advantage because of his late father. Although the Aquinos tried to maligned the good name of the Marcoses, the Filipinos learned that the Aquinos are bogus leaders. What have they done to enhance the country? Nothing really.

  4. For me Bong Marcos is the answer. Life was bliss during President Marcos. No carnapings, home invasions, hold ups and hulidaps, drugs and the like. Compare to these administration where killings are rampant drugs for the taking, traffic is is a mess and nothing is done about it. We get floods with just a little rain. The Aquinos have been pthe curse of these Country no qualms about it.

    • Lloyd Nicholas on

      Yes, during the marshall law things were more peaceful because that man threatened or killed those who dared to protest against his threats.
      If you like such a solution: then better kill all. In the end you will have less traffic and less killing. It just gets rather smelly.

  5. sonny dela cruz on

    Bobong Marcos is hallucinating to become the next president of the Philippines. Mrs. Imelda Marcos will be very HAPPY to be back in POWER and again SIPHON the Philippine treasury once more. POOR FILIPINOS if they will never learned from the PAST MARCOS DICTATORSHIP. The corruptions that are happening now is the post effect of the MARCOS DICTATORSHIPS because the Philippines started from the scratch to build a NEW ECONOMY. It was a SOUND ECONOMY from the RAMOS ADMINISTRATION & MACAPAGAL ARROYO ADMINISTRATION but under the B. S. Aquino, the treasury is again used for BRIBING THE CONGRESS & other AGENCY, nothing for the WELFARE of the Filipino people. Nothing was done to create JOBS. Filipinos still has to work as a DOMESTIC HELPERS ABROAD and support the Philippine ECONOMY. But in return the government does nothing for them. Millions of Filipinos still struggling and fighting for survival, they are still HUNGRY including their CHILDREN. Filipinos should be tired and sick with the declared candidates for 2016 presidency, Filipinos should learn to live in a comfortable leader with VISION and HARD WORKING person who will deliver the solution to the present problems of the country. NEVER NEVER VOTE FOR THE MARCOSES, THEY ARE THE ROOT PROBLEMS of the country RIGHT NOW. It is true there are not too many to choose for a good leader comes 2016 because most of the good ones already left the country for good because of frustration from the uneducated VOTERS who only think to make MONEY for themselves and not for the good of the country. Many GOOD persons who left the country are dedicated, patriotic to sacrifice for the betterment of the Filipinos and the country but got FRUSTRATED because of the uncaring VOTERS who only think of themselves to make money and not seek for a better Philippines. Who among the BEST PEOPLE to look at comes 2016 for president. I may say; RICHARD J. GORDON, GIBO TEODORO, ALAN CAYETANO, TED FAILON. I RAN OUT OF good PEOPLE to be the next president of the Philippines comes 2016. PLEASE No DUTERTE, BINAY, ROXAS, POE, ESCUDERO, LACSON, MARCOS, DRILLON, BELMONTE, MANNY PANGILINAN, THE WORST IS MANNY PACQUIOA COMES 2022, MAYBE MIRRIAM D. SANTIAGO BUT STILL A QUESTION MARK IN MY LIST. MAYBE YOU PEOPLE KNOWS SOME MORE WHO HAS NO CORRUPTION ANOMALIES IN THE PRIVATE & PUBLIC SERVICE THAT YOU CAN ADD. As I’ve said before not to many people will be the answer to the problems of the country.

    • Rey Casayas on

      What a stupid observation you have there Sony Dela Cruz. However it is your bloody opinion but still it sucks! What BS Aquino did now is more worst than Marcos. Can you tell me who of the previous Philippine Presidents that created a decree and or executive order that until now still being implemented by Malacañang because of its usefulness? If you just do a profound reading on the previous event and consolidate them properly, you wouldn’t be far from reality and will give more accurate judgment.

    • sonny dela cruz on

      Hello Rey, I don’t know how old are you but I am old enough to know the Marcos administration because I was in college at the time. I know things from the insider that many doesn’t know what was happening, so if you don;t believe my observation, I also respect your opinion but what I am projecting here and maybe you too are eager to have a better Philippines and also to help many of our KABABAYAN to have a better life and the children in the street to go school to have a better future rather than grow-up to be a professional criminal. It is time to have a good leader comes 2016 to invest on Filipino people to digest the INTELLIGENCE, SKILL and HARD WORK to move the country forward so that everyone will benefit from him. I hope you got my idea, thanks at least my comment have been connected.

  6. Yes! Bongbong Marcos is the most
    Qualified presidenttables. He’s the opposite of the incumbent lunatic.

    • Put a “Sungay” to the Marcoses and they will be still idolized by Ilocanos. My kababayan voters do not be fool again by Ilocano politician ( Binay is one). No more Ilocano in higher office mga kurakot pag nasa puwesto na sila.

  7. Maybe Marcos yes but Romualdez definitely NO,need to pass the anti-dynasty law to stop families from making politics as a business.Root of corruptions that create poverty and criminality.

    • Bongbong should be thankful he is a Pinoy living in a Christian/democratic country. Remember North Korea recently executed member of his military cabinet with a cannon. We dont execute member of the Marcoses for their karumaldumal na ginawa, because we are Godly people. Let “Higher Authority” judge corrupt politicians,

  8. How can it be a “curse” being the son of Marcos, the DictatorPlunderer, when he is now using the stolen wealth for fis own family and his political ambition together with his mom and sister Imee, as the BLESSINGS of ill-gotten wealth. Marcos Jr. Never for a moment apologized for the plunder and brutal rule of fis father for 22 years! In fact, the Marcos even publicly declare that his father is such a “hero” who deserve burial in Lbingan ng mga Bayani. Up,to now the MARCOSES are hiding the stolen wealth of $10billion from Philippine treasury. The evil blessings the MARCOSES now enjoys are the legacy and I’ll-gotten wealth his father, the Plunderer, had left to them. Only the paintings, jewelries, buildings in New York Vity and the Swiss deposits of $300 million were the only I’ll-gotten and stolen assets that were sequestered by the PCGG from the MARCOSES and Imelda. Up until this time the forfeiture cases against the MARCOSES are still pending before the Supreme Court. Never put any Marcos to the Presidency as Marcos legacy is so evil and disastrous to the moral fiber of the country!

    • Put a “Sungay” to the Marcoses and they will be still idolized by Ilocanos. My kababayan voters do not be fool again by Ilocano politician ( Binay is one). No more Ilocano in higher office mga kurakot pag nasa puwesto na sila.

  9. i disagree with those comments, everyone has the capacity to be corrupt, including you guys. It is the decision of a person that decides his future and not his parents.
    Judgement should be based on facts and not feeling.

    Everyone has the right to contest the highest position of the land. The question is , will you allow the money of corrupt politicians to dictate your decision. Mostly it happen this way, and then we complain about them. We should be wise to decide who we vote.

    • Lloyd Nicholas on

      What if the voters (are too poor and therefore uneducated or hopeless) to elect someone who will not rob them and make the country even more hopeless?

  10. francoalmino on

    yes, blessings to you but perpetual curse to us. look at binay and where do you think he patterned his graft and corruption?

  11. Bobski Natividad on

    If this happens then we will have a “papa doc” and “baby doc” like in Haiti

  12. So being a Marcos is a blessing? Yes indeed to have all those privileges and being educated abroad (funded by the filipinos, the money that was supposed to help them was used for your family convenience). You had a good life, a great life while the poor suffer, you and your sisters were living abroad enjoying life to the fullest.
    You have no conscience just like Imelda.

  13. Alejo Rosete on

    Run for President.


    To correct all the wrong doings of this
    ADMINISTRATION. No other President can
    remove that FAKE HERO and that FAKE JABIDAH MASSACRE.

    No other President can reclaim SABATH. If needed be invade

  14. Roldan Guerrero on

    This Nation can be GREAT AGAIN if Bongbong will run and be elected President of the Republic. He has learned enough lessons from the lapses of his father the late Fredinand Marcos who until today is still being maligned by the Aquinos and Cojuangcos, BONGBONG will by all means avoid committing the same mistakes done by his father. We had two Aquino presidents and we all know how they delivered their functions as the highest officials of the country. BONGBONG will make it better than anybody who is/are aspiring for the Presidency. Let us give another try for another Marcos. Bongbong will not fail us. He is the only man who can repair the damages inflicted by the mother and son Aquinos to this country. Bongbong Marcos is well prepared for the Presidency, he worked hard in preparation for the highest position of the country, a TOTAL OPPOSITE of the STUPID INCUMBENT!


    I do agree that Marcos is the best president the country has ever had. One must have to analyze objectively that the Philippines was far better off during Macos than today.
    Thailand used to send their students to the Phlippines to study in Los Banos. Now,
    student Thailand is exporting rice but teacher Philippines is still importing rice. The
    problem with this country is too much politics, too much corruption. What’s the cause?
    The problem? It is us Filipinos because we elect people who are dishonest, incompetent, vindictive and corrupt. I am not saying that Marcos was perfect. He was
    not. In politics, it is just a matter of selecting the better of two evils. In this this case,
    we have to be honest to ourselves and be able to see the difference. THIS COUNTRY

  16. P.Akialamiro on

    Like anyone else, BBM had no choice of parents; he is different from them wiith personality of his own. He has a good track record of government service.

    Having been a governor for 9 years and now Senator for 4 years, he is the most qualified to be the next President! Binay is accused of corruption, Poe is very “inexperieced”, Roxas “cannot” lead and Erap is a “plunderer” and a shame to the country and people..