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    AS a spectator of a thousand basketball games in my lifetime, not one game is the same. You see basketball, no matter where you are in the world, has the ability to break down barriers and to foster an environment of healthy competition and yes, inspiration.

    And while skeptics may say that it’s simply just a game, for most of us die-hard basketball fans, each game and each player bears a story just waiting to be told. This is the case in the middle of an intense knockout game between La Salle Junior Archers and Lyceum Junior Pirates.

    You see their story reminds me of a classic basketball film, Coach Carter. Here was a neophyte squad in juniors division of the prestigious National Collegiate Athletic Association and for the better part of their run, they have been known for losing during blowout games.

    In fact, the team has been winless since they entered the league, so that was a 59 game losing streak and have not won since they joined the league three years ago. This has caused the morale of the team to be on an all time low.

    And coming into the scene to manage the pieces is a young, enthusiastic thirty something, LA Mumar. If his name sounds familiar, it’s probably because of his short stint as an actor, his years spent in the UAAP under the Ateneo Blue Eagles, and his family lineage. LA is the grandson of PBA Legend Lauro Mumar and son of another PBA great, Larry, and premiered actress, Coney Reyes.

    LA, who spent a lot of time in prayer and consultation with his wife, Macy, boldly took on the challenge of bringing life to the team in early 2014, halfway through the season. During that time, LA simply wanted to boost the morale of the team by at least not losing in such big margins.

    And what may have seemed like such an impossible task became doable through LA’s enthusiasm, the management’s support, and the team’s dedication to become better. From the get-go, one can sense LA’s enthusiasm about life. He’s excited and brimming with energy that one cannot help to be just as passionate. And this is what he brings to the table. He motivates his players in a way that gives them confidence to play, even if they have failed so many times before that.

    In the past year alone, the team has not only achieved LA’s initial goal but actually won games and came extremely close to clinching a final four spot.

    But more than just the story of statistics and numbers, what LA wishes to impart to his players goes beyond the four corners of the basketball gym. His main vision going in is to provide players with core values that will carry them not just through four quarters of play, but through life, “It is possible that these boys will choose other career paths in the future and what will stay is not how many games they’ve won but their character, their discipline, and how they face challenges.”

    This is what sets LA apart. As a motivational speaker who is known for facilitating effective team buildings, LA believes in the power of encouragement in helping people discover the hidden gems within themselves. His business has provided team building efforts to big companies like Alveo Land Corporation, Mead Johnson, and Monde Nissin to name a few.

    And truly his life reflects this truth: that in a world filled with critics, it’s important to be an encourager because ultimately, they are the ones who actually change the world.
    To know more about LA’s speaking engagements, you can contact him at la.mumar@yahoo.com

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