Polaris Treasure Trove
Add that perfect touch of glamour to your everyday ensemble with an elegant piece of jewelry. Designer Isha Ivonne Ricaña prides herself in her original designs that burst with youthful vibrancy and energy. Through her jewelry brand, Polaris Treasure Trove, she aims to bring more joy and beauty into a woman’s daily life.

Initially named Polaris Antique and Jewellery, the brand takes a new route and adopts a new name this year. Named after the North Star, Polaris Treasure Trove and its stunning collections are inspired by the memories of Ricaña’s daughter Sujin, who passed away in 2012 at the age of six.

As it relaunches this month with its new branding, Polaris Treasure Trove introduces exquisite collections that highlight pieces made with South Sea pearls that are sourced in Palawan, and which highlight the craftsmanship of Filipino plateros who set them in gold. The brand also offers diamond jewelry, antique jewelry and gemstones and crystals from India, Indonesia, Nepal and Cambodia.

Partnering with an international label, Ricaña also brings in ID Diamonds to Manila, the first diamond investment bar in the world. Originating in Belgium and based in London, ID Diamonds offers a way for collectors and investors to preserve certified natural polished diamonds in an ultra-secure, safe and transparent manner, using its multi-patented ID- Knox technology.

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