• ‘I believe naglagay,’ Gina sings after CA debacle


    FRESH from her frustrating turn at what she calls the “Commission on (Dis)Appointments,” former Environment secretary Gina Lopez on Friday morning had a no-holds barred interview with Mike Enriquez on the program “Dobol A sa Dobol B” over radio station dzBB.

    The highlight of the interview, however, was Lopez’s jamming with Enriquez and the other hosts of the program, Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto, on the song “I Believe Naglagay,” sang to the tune of Lopez’s “anthem” “I Believe I can Fly” (see lyrics below).

    Lopez said the only person she could see filling up the position she vacated after 10 months, is President Rodrigo Duterte. “Siya lang ang may tapang [He is the only one brave enough],” she said.

    “Kahit sino nandoon, kakainin lang siya [Whoever is put there will just be eaten up by the system]. Look at what happened to me,” she added.

    Lopez said she could not understand why lawmakers who are supposed to craft laws and adhere to the constitutional mandate that the state should promote social justice, found her wanting.

    “I stepped on big mining toes. Wala akong takot. [I have no fear.] That is not in my vocabulary,” she said in answer to Enriquez’s question about what may have been her undoing at the Commission on Appointments.

    Asked if she thought she had enough support from the President, Lopez said, “Duterte really loves the poor, we resonate in that respect. I don’t know if people are telling him things… people around him.”

    “I have non-negotiables. The greatest law is the law of the common good. There is a big gap between the law and the common good. That is what we tried to do,” she said.

    “I Believe Naglagay”
    I used to think na papasa noon
    Dahil sa sobra-sobra nyang passion
    But now I know na malakas sila
    Mas pinili pa nila pagmimina.

    If I can see it
    Ke Ronnie ay masungit
    If I could just believe it
    Ang nag- ‘No’ ay pangit.

    I believe nagbigay
    I believe may lumalagay
    I think about it every night and day
    Spend the money and fly away.

    Ako ay pasaway
    I see me running through that open mining pit
    Ako ay pasaway
    Kaydaming kaaway
    Kaylaki ng lagay.

    Umiiyak ako at nadeadma
    Tuloy-tuloy, lab lab kalikasan
    money ay kung saan-saan.

    If I can see it
    Kay Ronnie na masungit
    Believe it
    Mga nag- “No” ay pangit.

    I believe naglagay
    I believe kumalat ang lagay
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread the money and fly away
    Ako ay pasaway
    I see me running through that open mining pit
    Ako ay pasaway
    Kaydaming kaaway
    Kaylaki ng lagay.



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