‘I believe in the police version’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said he believes the “police version” on the killing of Albuera, Leyte mayor Rolando Espinosa inside his jail cell, which senators suspect was “premeditated.”

    Duterte defended the raiding team of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) that killed Espinosa and another inmate, Raul Yap, saying the November 5 pre-dawn raid of the sub-provincial jail in Baybay City, Leyte was a legitimate police operation.

    “Let me state my case as the Chief Executive of the Executive branch. I believe in the version of the police,” the President said in a news conference in Davao City following his arrival from an official visit to Malaysia.

    But he added: “[If] they have evidence to prove otherwise, then a case should be filed against the police.”

    Authorities claimed Espinosa, who was among local government executives linked by the President to illegal drugs, was shot after he fought back while being served a search warrant. The raiding team reported finding guns and sachets of shabu.

    Citing the CIDG team’s sequence of events, Sen. Panfilo Lacson, a former national police chief, on Thursday said the shooting appeared “premeditated.”

    Duterte said he was taking responsibility for policemen waging his war on illegal drugs.

    “Natural, utos ko `yon e. [Naturally, it was my order]. The fight against drugs is mine. It was not somebody else’s order,” the President said.

    He then reiterated the assurances he had given to the police that he would protect them against charges, and said he was even willing to go to jail.

    “If anybody should go to prison, I should be the one. Ako ang nag-utos e. So I assume full legal responsibility,” the President said.

    Kerwin to be expatriated

    Duterte also said Espinosa’s son, Kerwin, would be expatriated from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to testify because “he has plenty to tell.”

    He said police would fetch Kerwin from Abu Dhabi in the UAE, where he had been detained since his arrest on October 17.

    “I guarantee you he will be brought back … he will be repatriated. I’m sure of that,” Duterte said.

    Father and son had been tagged as drug lords by the President, who assumed office on June 30 with the promise to wage a relentless anti-narcotics campaign.


    A leading critic of the drug war, Sen. Leila de Lima, decried the President’s defense of the CIDG team that killed Espinosa, and said the International Criminal Court should take note of it.

    “It’s an unfortunate, deplorable state of affairs in our country today to be witnessing these brazen acts of impunity, and with a Chief Executive empowering abusive and violent policemen, by continuing to protect said policemen and their gross misconduct in carrying out attacks against civilians,” de Lima said in a text message on Friday.

    “I think the President has a tendency to be willfully blind where he feels it would reflect badly on him and his ‘War on Drugs,’” she added.

    Senator Grace Poe said the President’s statement ran counter to his earlier vow to not tolerate any official of the government, including the police, who would be found violating the law.


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    1. Its hard to agree in this one. I hope President Duterte shall also lay his iron hand on erring policemen.

      • Turns out the police are allowed to murder citizens under Duterte’s administration, They are allowed to take the video evidence with them apparently as well. Doesn’t matter at all to Duterte that the jail guards and officials tell a different story.

    2. Big Surprise, The question now is will the rest of the law makers and enforcement go against the king and file murder charges against the police for premeditated murder ?

      Not a chance.

      Cowards and sheep

      From now on skip all the investigations and just ask Duterte how he feels about it.

      • jose b. taganahan on

        If the Senators are not a bunch of cowards they should now recommend for the filing of the crime of conspiracy to commit murder against the CIDG0-8 raiding team and its conspirators.

    3. “Natural, utos ko `yon e. [Naturally, it was my order]. The fight against drugs is mine. It was not somebody else’s order,” the President said.

      does this mean he gave the orders to murder mendoza?

      or is he joking again? what game is he playing this time around?

      • The Senate said it was a rubout. The CIDG presented a photo of the scene. Another photo was presented by an anonymous jail personnel – somehow fortifying the Senate findings.

        DU30 won’t say he gave the order. He was intimating he did, a subtle way of intimidating intelligent onlookers and a guarantee for the force who are hard-pressed in imitating the Baybay jail model.

        DU30’s joke is always backed up with truth.

      • Vagoneto Rieles on

        Who’s Mendoza? And, who’s playing around? The President is aware of the nature of this fight against illegal drugs, and he is willing to take on the ‘lords’ and their ‘protectors’…at their own terms, and in their turf or elsewhere. I, and many others are with him.

    4. Christ and Duterte : a comparison

      Both Christ and Duterte twist , distort and corrupt reality when dealing with sinners and criminals , respectively—in order to be more effective in bringing up change.
      Both employ “unrealistic approach” in dealing with sinners and criminals.

      However , sinners and criminals are two different subjects. Sinners were pardoned by Christ during his first visit into the world , whereas criminals particularly the heinous breed are punished and destroyed—the essence of Christ second coming.

      Study very carefully how Christ did go about in effecting change in the gospels. Study some of the typical examples of those unrealistic foray of Christ into the hearts and minds of sinners.

      Bear in mind that Christ came for the sake of sinners not for the righteous. He made them so especial that sinners felt appeased and propitiated.
      By saying the words : I came not for the righteous but for the sinners , he somewhat twisted wisdom to bring forth positive results.

      Thereby he brought joy not only for the sinners but above all , he made very comfortable the god of sinners who is satan. Remember satan is the nemesis of Christ. Why the change of heart in dealing with the arch-enemy ?
      It is more realistic to hate your enemy that is why it is given: love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But christ went for the unreal when he said , love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. In so doing he distorted and corrupted reality. What is evil with that?

      And what is evil with Duterte’s doing the same thing as Christ in coping with criminals? Notice how Duterte distort reality when speaking , and addressing criminals and corrupt government officials. Look at his very unrealistic approach : he intimidates and wreak havoc into their hearts and minds. Again , what is evil with that?
      Those among you who professed to be christians or so-called followers of christ—don’t you know that Christ also throw invective and he curses when angry?

      Matthew 12:34 (ESV)
      34 You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

      Christ has thrown his usual curse and invective toward the sinners—You brood of vipers! The curse that he uttered is actually the very sin being committed by those whom he had cursed. They are evil but they professed to be good. Are they not vipers or traitors?
      You proclaimed to be christians and yet you hate those who pronounce curses , when in reality , your lord is doing just that. Did Christ outlaw pronouncing a curse when one is utterly angry? If uttering a curse when angry is wrong , then why do Christ exemplify?
      Are you not vipers or traitors against the truth , all of you who call yourselves christians?

      Whenever Duterte pronounces his usual curse , he does it because he is angry with people’s duplicity , just like Christ who also hates duplicity—what’s the big deal with that?

      • What about 6 years from now when the economy is in a shambles due to massive government debt, no reduction in poverty or any increase in employment or wages.

        What will have been accomplished beside killing thousands of people ?

      • Banyagang Makabayan on

        If you, if ever possible, had penetrated the heart of President Duterte and read fully what’s really inside it and found out that all you have stated and narrated were all truth compared to all what Jesus Christ manifested during His time with regards to curses and being irate even with people in authority and even those who profess morals and righteousness, as even the Pope is not spared with Duterte’s anger, then I could fully agree with you in comparing the President to Jesus Christ, and so be it, if all what you stated were through your prayers and discernment and constant communication with God the father and Jesus Christ himself, because just quoting what’s written and what you had read in the Bible is not enough.