Bello fears shortage of skilled workers


The Philippines may run out of skilled workers once massive infrastructure projects are in full swing, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello 3rd said on Thursday.

Bello said the demand for skilled construction workers, laborers and professionals will shoot up once the government’s construction projects start. He said the impending construction boom will generate thousands of jobs.

“The final aim of the President is to get back our Overseas Filipino Workers,” he added.

Duterte has committed to spend a record P890.9 billion on vital infrastructure projects this year in line with plans to hike expenditures to 7 percent of the gross domestic product within the next six years.

The President’s recent trips to Japan and China are also expected to create around 2.4 million jobs.

“These projects are expansive and comprehensive that if it pushes through, we estimate it would create an immediate 2.4 million jobs for Filipinos over a period of three years. If these are constructed altogether at the same time, we might need additional skills especially those skilled OFWs repatriated from Saudi Arabia as a result of Saudization,” the Associated Labor Unions said.

Aside from railways, roads and bridges, the government plans to build strategic communications and logistics hubs to spur development activities in the countryside and stimulate the rural economy.


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