• Belmonte’s bill gives Krus na Ligas residents rights to own lots


    A HOUSE Bill authored by Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. aims to make the lots available to residents who have lived in Krus na Ligas for more than 30 years. The measure is supported by fourth district Quezon City councilors who filed a resolution last week supporting the proposal to amend the charter of the University of the Philippines (UP) to allow it to sell its property in Barangay Krus na Ligas to longtime residents. “Precepts of social justice compel us to give utmost priority to extremely support the noble House Bill No. 5737 in order to fully and finally protect the rights of the people of Barangay Krus na Ligas to the land to which they have long resided,” said the resolution filed by Councilors Vicente Eric Belmonte, Jesus Manuel Suntay, Bayani Hipol, Jessica Daza, Racquel Malañgen and Marvin Rillo.


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