Benguet town passes wildlife ordinance


LA TRINIDAD, Benguet: To preserve the flora and fauna of Bakun, officials here passed an ordinance to ensure the conservation and protection of indigenous wildlife and their habitat.

The fate of Ordinance Number 04-2014 now rests in the hands of the Benguet Provincial Board.

Vice Mayor Edwin Bandao, who authored the measure, said this would help protect some of the local wildlife that are considered critically endangered.

“We are indigenous peoples yet we cannot show any indigenous wildlife in our area,” said Bandao. “The next generation will question us on what we have done about this.”

Among the critically endangered flora are orchids, blackberries, the Benguet Lily, and Almaciga trees, while fauna include the Philippine brown deer and bearded pig. Other endangered species are the cloud rat, wildcat, woodpecker, and giant ferns.

Contributing to the extinction of indigenous wildlife are illegal acts like killing and destruction, hunting, trapping, collecting, possessing, trading, and transporting endangered species.

Other factors are the dumping of waste products detrimental to wildlife, squatting or occupying portions of the critical habitat, mineral exploitation and extraction, and logging and quarrying that are considered unlawful acts.

If approved, the measure will lead to the creation of a task force on wildlife protection and conservation for proper implementation and enforcement.


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  1. Pete Gabriel on

    I have been an enlisted sailor with the US Navy and retired after 20 years of service. I have been around the world, been to a lot of countries. I was stationed in the Subic when it was a US Navy base. I have seen the Philippines from the air, from the sea on surface and underwater, on land and I can tell you that the Philippines is one of the most beautiful country in the whole world. It is mismanaged by ignorant politicians that just enrich themselves, and steal the peoples money, and populated by ignorant voters who have no idea that they have the power not the politicians. Something needs to be done, let us start by kicking all Chinese out of the Philippines now! Then vote this greedy politicians out of office now! Let’s start there.

    • Pete, I am not Chinese but French but reading your comment makes me feel disgusted by you ignorance. You talked about ignorance but you are ignorant yourself. First of all, the Chinese people you are criticizing about are mostly Chinese-Filipinos who were born in the Philippines. It is racist to say ” Something needs to be done, let us start by kicking all Chinese out of the Philippines now! ” Based on the many Chinese-Filipinos that I know, they are very passionate about their beloved Philippines and that they will defend her with their lives. From what I know, there were only two groups of People who killed more Filipinos and those were the ” US Army” during the Filipino-American War and the ” Japanese Imperial Army” during WWII. So please don’t spread your hatred to the Peace loving Filipinos like you have spread in “Iraq”. PEACE

  2. The Philippine Government should set aside some money for natural conservation. The Rice Terraces in Banaue is being neglected and yet we feature these beautiful pictures in our tourist brochures,Our natural scenery and beauty together with our white sand beaches are more superior than the whole south east asia combined but our officials are so preoccupied with graft and corruption that they do not have any blue print or vision to capitalize on these natural resources so as to attract the whole world to visit our beautiful country,We should create or expand our Bureau of National Parks and create Provincial Park Districts and Municipal Park Districts all the way to the Barangays..Since most of our officials do not have the background or idea on what is beautiful and appropriate we should outsource all of these jobs to the experts, landscape architects ,city scapers and landscapers.And we should also give priority to our waste management and cleaning up our slums especially along and around our waterways.