• Benham is risen, China will come again



    A good one:
    Pete, 9: Is it true? Dad, I heard that in China, a man doesn’t know his wife until he marries her.

    Roger, his father: That happens everywhere, son, everywhere.

    * * *

    The Court of Appeals (CA) has issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Office of the Ombudsman’s suspension of the four commissioners of the Energy Regulatory Commission. I hope the Ombudsman will not harp on its independence from the court’s decision.

    * * *

    Defense chief Delfin Lorenzana said the HRW has “always been unreasonably critical of and biased against the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and PNP (Philippine National Police).”

    “It stays silent even when the NPA (New People’s Army) goes on a killing rampage, while quick to accuse Philippine law enforcement agencies of trumped-up or unconfirmed violations.”

    – Human rights is not ambidextrous. It is always left-handed.

    * * *

    17 dead in Florida shooting, suspect is a former student. We ask why but we refuse to acknowledge that we are all responsible.

    * * *

    The Year of the Dog began on Friday, the 16th of February and will end on Feb. 4, 2019. The Dog occupies the eleventh position in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. You are a Dog if you are born in one of these years: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018.

    The Chinese Horoscope predicts that the year of the Brown Earth Dog is going to be a good year in all respect, but it will also be an exhausting year. You will be happy, yet frustrated, rested, yet tired, cheerful, yet dull.

    Planning, postponing and negligence are words you will need to remove from your vocabulary during this year.

    Refreshed and regenerated, the Dog will accelerate the initiation of all things, but this will bring, in the same time, pressure and stress in the everyday life.

    According to Chinese Astrology, 2018 is a very good year regarding financial aspects, but a little difficult when it comes to health. On the year of the dog, all zodiac signs will want to pay special attention to their health. This year is the ideal time to start eating healthy, doing sports and getting rid of bad habits.

    The most ordered foods during the Chinese Lunar Year were pancit canton, fried chicken and lumpiang shanghai. There was also a noticeable increase in the volume of white bath towel deliveries. (BLSG – Biglang Liko Survey group).

    * * *

    Last Friday, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson arrived in Manila for a port visit. The vessel’s arrival came at a time when the Philippines is protesting China’s reported naming of five undersea features in Benham Rise. China named them Jinghao and Tianbao Seamounts, Haidonquing Seamount, Cuiqiao Hill and Jujiu Seamounts.

    I hope that the government will not be pacified by another rushed gift-giving gesture of the Chinese ambassador.

    * * *

    Nice to hear this from the Philippine Red Cross:

    With the possibility that of the 830,000 Filipinos, mostly children, who were injected with Dengvaxia, a large number would contract dengue or a more severe case of the deadly disease, Sen. Richard J. Gordon said the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is ensuring that blood would be readily available for the victims.

    * * *

    From inventor Gary Vasquez:
    “Why does an inventor have to sell his invention like a merchant selling his wares, knocking on doorsteps?” There is frustration when other countries buy or imitate the ideas of Filipinos when these inventions should be sold as a Filipino product. This will give pride to the Filipino and encourage the youth to be inventive. The DOST chief, Fortunato de la Peña, maybe supportive but the other branch of government is not.

    We have Republic Act 7459 or the Inventors Incentive Act but this law is not fully implemented.

    * * *

    Many Chinese restaurant owners are not really excited if Benham Rise will be renamed Shanghai Rise or Yang Chow Rise. Although Thais want it named Jasmine Rise.

    * * *

    This news confirms Trillanes as a national nuisance:
    In a statement, Solicitor General Jose Calida said his office had received a letter confirming the termination of the probe of plunder case filed against President Duterte from Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang.

    “I received a letter from Carandang stating that the investigation has already been closed and terminated. The recommendation to terminate was approved by Deputy Ombudsman Cyril Ramos on 29 November 2017,” Calida said.

    This means the charges filed by Sen. Antonio Trillanes against the Chief Executive before the Office of the Ombudsman have been junked.

    Why is this being allowed to happen? And why is it that the termination was recommended as early as November 2017 and the decision released only now?

    * * *

    I have always believed that there is a reason why General Roy Cimatu was appointed. I have worked with him during the previous administration and he is that kind of guy whose lips are sealed, camera shy and prefers to act silently and swiftly. He ignores political affiliations and grade members of his team according to performance. He listens, evaluates, and weighs thoroughly the impact of his decision and sees to it that it will be beneficial to the majority.

    * * *

    The lawyer of Apollo Quiboloy on Friday denied that the pastor was detained or arrested in Hawaii on his way back to the Philippines after attending to the spiritual needs of his members there.

    Still, $350K is a huge amount of money to be tucked in a private plane. Gun parts also make one wonder why those parts had to be purchased outside the Philippines. The ownership claim by one church member is still an embarrassment to their faith if not believable. His private plane, Cessna Citation Sovereign, seats only six passengers. And one was able to hide things from the other five?

    * * *

    CJ ready for SALN issue in impeach trial.

    “Watch out for it in the Senate,” Chief Justice Sereno, speaking in Filipino, told the news website Rappler in an exclusive interview. “There will be good developments on that issue in the Senate.”

    Exclusive interview? Rappler and Sereno? I thought freedom of speech is gone?

    * * *

    “The essence of being human is in the imperfect flux of life, not in the single-minded purity of sainthood. It is the shared beer, the lazy afternoon, the life of accepted imperfection. Full humanness is in having multiple messy commitments and pleasures, not one monistic duty that eclipses all else.”
    – George Orwell

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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