Bentley has prepared this special Mulsanne for the Queen’s 60th coronation anniversary.

BENTLEY Motors is helping to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation by playing a headlining role in a special gathering of more than 200 Royal Warrant Holders that will be held from July 11 to 14 in Buckingham Palace Gardens.

The British luxury carmaker, which designed and hand-built the Queen’s state limousine, will sponsor the Coronation Festival Gala that forms part of the coronation festival. The event will showcase some of Britain’s most creative and successful businesses and organizations, and celebrate the best of UK companies.

Many of Bentley’s current cars and finest historical models will make the trip to Buckingham Palace. The company’s luxurious flagship sedan, the award-winning Mulsanne, will be joined by the world’s fastest four-seat, open-top car—the 323-kph Continental GT Speed Convertible.

Key models from the company’s past, including the iconic R-Type Continental that was at its pinnacle during the original coronation celebrations, will also be on display at Buckingham. Bentley’s exhibition area will allow visitors to take a rare glimpse inside the company’s headquarters in Cheshire, where some of the world’s best luxury cars are created using a unique combination of traditional hand craftsmanship skills and leading-edge automotive production processes.

“The opportunity to build, and now support, the state limousine is a great source of pride for everyone at Bentley and many of our customers,” said Richard Charlesworth, Bentley’s director of royal and VIP relations. “It is perhaps one of the most recognized and photographed cars in the world.”

Bentley Motors employs around 4,000 people in Crewe, which is home to all its operations, including design, R&D, engineering and production. The combination of fine craftsmanship, using skills that have been handed down through generations, alongside engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology is a unique example of high-value British manufacturing.


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