Bentleys grace Okada Manila launch


bentley20160823What better way to welcome the country’s newest, largest and most lavish casino resort complex to date than to have it accompanied by three products of an English automotive legend? This was the sight to behold at the announcement of Okada Manila – formerly Manila Bay Resorts Integrated Resorts and Casino – as guests at the announcement were given a foretaste of the level of luxury they can expect at the resort via the presence of three Bentleys and the refined engineering elegance they naturally carry.

“The most uncompromising and focused road car ever produced,” Bentley referring to the Continental GT3-R. Developed with Bentley Motorsport, it is a road car with the heart of a racer. The GT3-R is an amazing 100 kilos lighter than the lightest Continental V8 because of the extensive use of carbon fiber, a titanium exhaust and doing away with the rear seats. Because of this and other tweaks in the name of performance, this car is the quickest Bentley – capable of reaching 100k ph from standstill in just 3.6 seconds. A limited run adds to its already considerable desirability and clear value. Meanwhile, the all-wheel-drive Flying Spur serves up copious amounts of handcrafted luxury and unbridled power, which find motivation from either a twin-turbo V8 (good for 500 hp), or a twin-turbo W12 (616 hp).

Meanwhile, the Mulsanne, blessed with both luxury and performance, beats a twin-turbocharged 6.7-liter V8 with deceptively sprightly acceleration from zero to 100 kph in only 5.3 seconds. Incredible attention to detail underscores the beautiful design of the Mulsanne as rendered by Bentley’s designers. Provided a new front grille with stainless steel vertical vanes, the Mulsanne appears wider, sleeker and lower – suggesting a sportier stance and affinity with the road.

Set to be a mainstay highlight of class and English refinement, Okada Manila has already placed an order for a Mulsanne to transport its VIP guests once it opens later this year. This car worthy to transport the English monarch will surely impress future clientele and raise the bar of opulence.

The track-bred Continental GT3-R, exquisite Flying Spur and peak of luxury that is the Mulsanne lent their unmistakable sense of bespoke luxury to an already auspicious and elegant proceedings at White Space in Makati City. Noted Japanese casino mogul Kazuo Okada of Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment Inc. will lend his name to the envisioned world-class, integrated resort to be called Okada Manila – envisioned to set new standards in luxury and grandeur. The 44-hectare resort will be ideally located with the Manila Bay as a stunning backdrop and promises, among others, the biggest and most luxurious gaming floors in the Philippines. It is set to be a fine addition to the growing gaming and entertainment industry of the country.


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