• Bernie Sanders tells East River rally to get out the vote


    Bernie Sanders appealed to thousands gathered at a park along the East River on Tuesday night to go to the polls Tuesday, saying it will take high voter turnout to propel him to victory in the Democratic presidential primary. “Tomorrow, let us all do everything we can to make sure that New York State has the largest turnout in a Democratic primary in its history,” Sanders said to an enthusiastic but smaller-than-usual crowd of supporters at Hunter’s Point South Park in Long Island City, Queens. “Tomorrow, New York state can help take this country a giant step forward toward the political revolution.” With the help of several celebrities who warmed up the crowd before his appearance, the U.S. senator from Vermont railed against a now-familiar list of targets: Wall Street, major corporations and rival Hillary Clinton for pocketing donations from both. “I say to corporate America, ‘Get nervous if Bernie Sanders is elected president,’ ” said Sanders, with Manhattan’s towering skyline across the East River serving as a backdrop. “They will become good corporate citizens whether they like it or not.” The crowd, estimated at about 5,000, paled in comparison to what his campaign tallied at more than 28,000 in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Sunday and 27,000 in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park last week. Still, they clung to Sanders’ every word Monday night. Supporters hooted in agreement with his wide-ranging points on the country’s “rigged economy,” its broken criminal justice system and the need to protect the environment. For Sanders — trailing Clinton in polls of voters and in pledged delegates — it was yet another gathering that felt more like a music festival than a presidential campaign rally. Supporters of all ages packed the area in front of the stage to be near him. A field farther back never filled up, allowing attendees room to lounge on picnic blankets and children to romp and run.



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