‘The best car I’ve ever seen’


WHILE the features and performance of any vehicle are of tantamount importance to the driver, the safety and comfort of the family filling the other seats are no less a consideration, and can often make or break a buying decision. Ten-year-old David Kritz shared his impressions on the Volkswagen Touareg Sport Edition:

“The Volkswagen Touareg has lots of great features for driving in the mountains, these are the positive features I like for the car. First, it has a good aircon system,” he explained. (Both David and 11-year-old sister Ilona gave two thumbs up for the Touareg’s rear-seat climate controls.) “If set to ‘Low,’ it will be very cold, and if set to ‘High,’ it will be warm.”

David was also impressed with the Touareg’s power and torque. “Unlike the gas engine, the diesel is very helpful for a mountain.”

“Also, there’s less drifting, unlike before,” he added. “Drifting can cause plummeting down a mountain that lacks barriers.”

For the record, Dad took exception to this remark, as there has never been any drifting “before” or any other time, but was mollified when David explained that all he meant was that the Touareg seemed much more stable than other vehicles we’ve tested on the same road.

Being very safety-conscious, David was most impressed with the Touareg’s electronic aids. “The OPS, known as the Optical Parking System, is very helpful,” he said. “Each car that will meet behind or in front, it will be alarmed. Also if someone isn’t wearing a seatbelt or the door isn’t closed properly,” he added (although those warnings are obviously not part of the OPS).

David’s final verdict? “The best car I’ve ever seen,” he concluded.


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