• ‘Bets must have clear stand on terrorism’


    THE country’s next leaders should have a clear stand on terrorism, according to Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan 2nd.

    Honasan made the statement as he condemned the barbaric beheading of John Ridsdel at the hands of Abu Sayyaf bandits.

    “I hope our government, including our future leaders, as the campaign nears its end to give way to the May 9 elections, will eventually make a clear stand on how we should address problems like the Abu Sayyaf,” Honasan said.

    “We cannot go on like this forever. Local and foreign tourists and residents should be guaranteed security and safety. This is another very unfortunate incident and I condemn the display of no value for life,” he added.

    Honasan challenged voters to study the background and track record of presidential candidates, noting that it is only during crisis and trying times that a leader’s true character can be tested.

    “This is what we offer. Vice President Jojo Binay and I, promise for a country that is secure and free from this regrettable incident. One life is precious and this kind of senseless killing should be prevented by eliminating the causes of this barbaric groups and its root causes; poverty and social injustice,” the senator said.

    Honasan is running for vice president under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

    Binay has earlier said that the barbaric incident “should also remind us that as we take decisive action against criminal and bandit groups, we should address the lingering problem of poverty, which has nurtured unrest, disunity and criminality, especially in Mindanao.”

    During the vice presidential debate earlier this month, Honasan said that delivering social services will help achieve long lasting peace in the region.

    The senator – who was a former soldier – said that root causes such as social injustice, poverty, hunger, ignorance, homelessness must be addressed.

    “We must commit ourselves to the fundamentals of the peace process and we must recognize right to life, basic services, food, clothing, shelter, education, health services. That will solve or begin to solve the problem,” Honasan said.


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    1. Juan T. Delacruz on

      This is my unsolicited recommendation to the future President on how to eradicate the ASG. If it is planned properly, lost of lives on the government side should be minimized. It is well known that the ASG operates in their territory of Sulu or Jolo.

      The President can declare Martial Law in Sulu and let a Division of Army Rangers go in and operate in the area where they are concentrated. Let the Army Rangers perform Combat Patrols in mountains and in areas with thick vegetation. From there, the soldiers can shoot anything that move and kill them all. GOD will sort them out later. Lastly, there shall be NO MEDIA imbedded in any of these patrols and do not let any of these human rights advocates to tag along, either. In six months, the ASG is neutralized, and the soldiers can move to another major area to engage with NPA and do the same process. Capturing prisoners would not be an option, but kill them all.