‘Better angels’ will prevail in US election – Biden


SYDNEY: The “better angels in America will prevail” in the upcoming presidential elections, Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday as he warned about xenophobia during a visit to Australia. Biden said both the US and Australia were dealing with the legacies of racism and exclusion but would inexorably move forward. “Don’t worry about our election. The better angels in America will prevail,” he assured Australians in Sydney at the end of his three-day visit. “So at a time like this, when the forces of xenophobia and nationalism and demagoguery are once again being trumpeted around the world, including in my own country… we have to remember who we are as Australians and Americans and reflect our best selves back to the world.” His comments came as Donald Trump was formally chosen by Republicans as the party’s presidential nominee, despite relentless controversy over his campaign rhetoric.



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