• Better shop early, better not procrastinate—we’re telling you why


    SEPTEMBER marks the beginning of the Philippine Christmas holiday season. The hundred-day countdown starts on September 16. Indeed, September signals Christmas shopping in almost all the malls in the country. While giving gift is a very good Filipino tradition, shopping for gifts and other holiday stuff can also damaged one’s wallet. Here are ten tips on how to enjoy early shopping for the much-awaited season of all.

    Making a list and checking it twice. Start with making a list; start with the immediate family or make them the last on the list. Some people shop only for their close family but for some, Christmas season is the chance to be good to everyone.

    Set the holiday budget. It’s important to set aside budget for the holiday season. It can be included in the household or personal budget for the year. Saving a small amount of money every month will not be a burden during the shopping months or shopping can be done as early as January of every year to avoid stress shopping.

    Decide on what gifts to give. Try to figure out what gifts would please people on the list and write them also on the list. Handy mobile phone can be a good partner for quick reference.

    Do online research and shopping. If unsure of which specific item to buy ( for instance, a digital camera for the husband) search for the reputable online review first or buy online if its possible.

    Avoid the crowds. Avoid procrastination to avoid stress that may cloud the magic of the holiday season. Do the shopping early to get rid of crowded stores, long lines and grouchy shoppers.

    Good buy. Shopping after December 25 may be crazy but most stores offer incredible sales immediately after the holiday season. Checking sales throughout the year is also a good time to buy gifts.

    Set shopping dates and don’t procrastinate. Consciously set dates on when to shop, mark the calendar and follow it. It can help to have someone to take note of the schedule.

    Remember to cheer the children. Most often, young children don’t value gift based on price, they seem more interested in opening the gifts and receiving what they wrote in their letter to Santa.

    Don’t borrow for Christmas, but if can’t be avoided, get a 0 percent card. The longest 0 percent spending cards can be the best option if you have to borrow for Christmas.

    Keep track of the shopped items. After buying the stuff, designate an area and boxes or bags where to put those stuff and be sure to put the names of the designated gift-receiver on a removable sticker or piece of tape. Cross the name off the list to avoid forgetting that an item was already bought for that specific recipient.

    Happy shopping!


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