Between ‘My Husband’s Lover’ and my husband’s life as a kingpin

Karen Kunawicz

Karen Kunawicz

The first thing I promised my editor upon my return was that I’d write a review on My Husband’s Lover (MHL). MHL got a lot of buzz in June when supposed representatives of the moral majority issued statements questioning the plot that ended up making the news—way to give the show free publicity, guys.

When I arrived in the US, one friend of mine could not stop talking about MHL—about how addicted she was to the show and how she’d marathon the episodes on YouTube.

At around the time I came around to watching MHL, it was also time for me to get caught up with “Breaking Bad” which starts airing its fifth and final season this Sunday on AMC in the US.

The two shows do share something though: secret lives, which are so appealing and enticing for one reason or another that it’s impossible to just walk away from.

MHL is a variation of the popular No Other Woman, The Mistress, My Neighbor’s Wife, and A Secret Affair themes of philandering husbands. This time, it’s not about a husband’s querida but about a man who may be the Jack Twist to his Ennis Del Mar (Jake Gylenhaal and Heath Ledger’s characters in Brokeback Mountain).

I probably find it engaging for reasons different from everyone else. I find Roi Vinzon’s character, General Armando Soriano, darkly funny. He is the dad of Vincent (Tom Rodriguez), who is in love with but “can’t quit” Eric (Dennis Trillo). Vincent is also married to Lally (Carla Abellana). Armando represents that macho Pinoy male who likes bragging about guns, encourages a plethora of female conquests to prove masculinity and has boys at his beck and call to beat the life out of anyone who annoys him. He also cannot stand gays. He wants to beat “gayness” out of people, while his wife Elaine (Kuh Ledesma) would rather pray the condition out of them.

Apart from the Roi and Kuh’s characters the show benefits from the working chemistry of Tom and Dennis.

Speaking of chemistry, in Breaking Bad, Walter White’s character starts out as a down and out chemistry teacher at a high school in Albuquerque—except he discovers almost at the same he’s working two jobs, getting no respect and earning peanuts, that he has lung cancer, his wife is expecting a new baby and he can actually cook and extremely pure, extremely movable and high priced variety of crystal meth.
Just who can he keep all this a secret from?

After four seasons of following White’s journey—his family’s journey (including that of a brother-in-law connected with the local Drug Enforcement Agency) and his on and off partner Jesse Pinkman, it’s time to see how it all plays out.

The show has been brilliant, rewarding and I will miss seeing the likewise brilliant Bryan Cranston and will have to wait until his next television project to see him again on a regular basis. He will be in the new Godzilla film though.

My Husband’s Lover airs on GMA 7, Breaking Bad (old episodes) airs on Star World here and Godzilla is expected to open on May 16, 2014.


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