• Beware of de-branding


    THERE is a need to understand the practice of big celebrated brand titles who co-brand with bogus award-giving bodies to their detriment.

    Why these brands allow themselves to be duped amazes us. It is either the brand managers going on the cheap or the proprietors themselves who allow this mischief. To brand or co-brand with outfits that do not carry integrity will only spoil what the celebrated brands may have already achieved. It is appalling to read adverts of awardees on ink by bankrupt rags who promote their surveys as if to generate integrity when to begin with their samples utilized are negligible. This is what we call negative branding or de-branding!

    There are a number of award-giving bodies in this market place that somehow succeeds in duping its participants. It is either the fault of brand managers or the proprietors themselves going on the cheap. And just because it is either cheap or affordable does not cut it for the awardees who are duped into positioning themselves with award-giving bodies that do not carry any integrity. Ergo the awardees tend to brand with poor to no integrity outfits to its detriment. Let us take for example the big oil players who have been branded one way or other due to their expanse and volumes. By branded in this specific case is to mean, popularity. It does not necessarily promote the intricate facility branding allows for the biggies to brand. In other words it does not bode well for these celebrated popular brands to position themselves with poor to insignificant survey data that is promoted by magazines.

    Branding is not merely about differentiating products; it is about striking emotional chords with consumers. It is about cultivating identity, attachment and trust to inspire customer loyalty. Nonbrands or failures score low on attributes such as “sophisticated,” “desirable,” “innovative,” “friendly” and “trustworthy.” In other words branding is all about the consistent delivery of the brand promise generating integrity making it the brand.

    Brands need not necessarily be expensive as well considering unaffordability eliminates the market presence without its sales. It is all about value for money! The thin line between affordability and expensive is all about value for money. Promoting on the cheap and delivering the brand on an impulse is a onetime strategy for a sale, nothing more. This is not branding. If you have what it takes to be a Superbrand, call us.



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