• Beware of Erwin Esteban

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    Contractors beware!

    A certain Erwin Esteban has reportedly duped a dozen contractors, having pocketed over P300 million in cash advances or “goodwill” in exchange for big juicy projects allegedly from the departments of agriculture and public works and highways.

    According to several complaints, Erwin Esteban would introduce himself as someone who had contacts in the two agencies, as well as in the Department of Budget.

    He would usually assure an unsuspecting contractor that he could bag contracts worth millions of pesos if he is willing to shell out “goodwill money.”

    Once the contractor releases the cash, Esteban would vanish.

    Agriculture and Public Works officials had denied having Erwin Esteban in their roster.

    * * *

    Let’s not forget the other areas too
    While the government’s relief efforts have started rolling in Leyte and Samar, Typhoon Yolanda victims in Palawan and Antique have yet to see a single pack of relief goods since the super storm made landfall on November 8.

    Hundreds of victims in several towns in Antique and in Coron, Palawan, who have had no food or water for days, have been appealing for help.

    However, government spokesmen took turns in explaining on national TV last week that the devastation was so enormous and extensive that authorities, particularly the Department of Social Welfare and Development, are having a hard time reaching the victims.

    On Thursday, Malacanang apologized for the delay of the distribution of relief goods in Leyte and Samar. Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman are saying that their people are working almost round the clock now to make sure that food and essential items will reach Palawan and Antique the soonest possible time.

    For the meantime, the victims in the two provinces will have to wait a little bit more.

    * * *

    Politics in relief efforts?
    What’s this I heard all the way from Tacloban City that the reason why the government’s help came in several days late was due to politics?

    According to the grapevine, Leyte is an opposition bailiwick, particularly Tacloban City which is considered as the Romualdez’s turf, thus their appeal for help fell on deaf ears.

    However, this rumor was immediately quashed by the President’s men on the ground, who maintained that the widespread destruction in the province was the only reason for the delay in the relief operation.

    Some observers believe the rumor could be true as they pointed out that residents of Zamboanga and Bohol did not starve for days when the war and strong quake hit their respective areas last month.

    They claim that the local chief executives of the two cities are allies of the Palace.

    Geeez, I hope this isn’t true. Or could it be? Just wondering.


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    1. eduardo nufable on

      Maybe you just refused to accept the fact that Bohol and Zamboanga incidents were concentrated in just at their respective places and the local units are still functioning. The devastation caused by typhoon Yolanda did not hit Tacloban alone but rather all through the northern part of the Visayas region.It is even ironic to say that media coverage is concentrated only in Tacloban because media itself has no immediate access to those devastated areas.LGU’s and even the national government may have been prepared for certain calamities but not to this extent where lgu’s collapsed being the victims themselves. It is a sad fact that media is more concentrated on trying to sensationalize the tragedy and used it for self gratification and leverage for positioning for top rating.

    2. lalo na nung binagyo ang batanes. next day may c130 na dala mga relief, cong. abad at mga taga NEA para restore kuryente dun at mga taga telco naman para sa signal ng cellphone. ikaw na ang malapit kay pnoy

    3. Everything this administration does if politicking. Informations are ripe that cheap noodles, biscuits and other food itmes bear the yellow ribbon color and name of the yellow administration and even Binay have his name, face and color on the wrappers. If the PNoy administration and Binay not epal? If these people are not shameless, what other word can one describe them.

    4. Erwin, if the report is not true, then it can only be a result of incompetence on the part of the National Government. One question that begs an answer is why the insistence of noynoy that there was a failure of the Tacloban LGU on the preparation prior to the typhoon hitting land? Can anyone prepare for something unpredictable such as 3-6meter high storm surge engulfing the entire city of Tacloban? Did noynoy and his ilk even thought of such a scenario? I doubt because if they did, they could have prepared plan b or could they? ANother thing, with just a mere glane on the immediate surroundings, one can already see the devastation and if one had a real inkling how to respond to a calamity the gravity of seeing almost an entire city razed to the ground, whoever the point man is, he/she could have immediately ordered the basic responses in time of a calamity and that is to immediately deploy rescue personnel, medical personnel, security personnel, be they military or police, then organize feeding stations and temporary medical tents. Of course, they government can always commander private equipments and pay them later for their services so these can be used to clear the routes for transporting the injured and food supplies! Funny but noynoy even blames the LGU for not being able to function even when it is very clear, everyone is affected! Noynoy should not even compare other localities with Tacloban as they were spared with the kind of Storm surge experienced by Tacloban! Puro kasi pa-pogi lang alam para sa graduation book!