• Beware of pols’ ‘empty promises’


    Malacañang on Monday warned against candidates who may not have the interest of Filipinos at heart as the campaign period for local elections kicked off all over the country.

    In a statement, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda urged the people to vote for candidates who have the long view in mind, not for those who only make empty promises.

    “During this crucial time, when the Filipino people once again hold the nation’s future in their hands, we urge citizens to look beyond mere slogans and posters, and exercise their right to scrutinize the platforms of their candidates, both local and national,” Lacierda said.

    “We trust that our voters remain cognizant that their choices will affect not only their future, or the future of their children, but also that of many, many generations to come. In this light, let us all vote for leaders who have the long view in mind, not for those who dangle empty promises or propose unlawful shortcuts,” he added.

    The Palace official said the people should choose someone who is for continuity and consistency of the country’s development, not for uncertainty.

    “Discernment is key to a successful transition between leaders and the continuation of our country’s transformation under daang matuwid [straight path],” Lacierda added, referring to the good-governance mantra of the Aquino administration.

    “Keeping our recent successes in mind, let us vote not for uncertainty but for continuity and consistency, and thereby further accelerate our country’s upward trajectory,” he said.

    For a broader view of the country’s electoral history, Lacierda asked the public to read the newly revised and expanded edition of the Philippine Electoral Almanac, available for free download on archive.org.

    “Spanning the pre-colonial period to the present, the almanac explores the political relationships between the government and its electorate, and features articles, maps, charts and other infographics,” he said.

    “For more information and other interesting resources, the public may also visit the websites of the Presidential Museum and Library and Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines,” Lacierda added.


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