Beware of what you pray for


I do not begrudge President B. S. Aquino 3rd his right to enjoy himself in Chicago and Canada, given the awful time he’s been having with us here at home. Free from the ridicule, insults and angry words that have been his daily fare since 44 Special Action Forces police commandos under his command were massacred by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. on Jan. 25, 2015, he deserves a few moments away from his critics where he could spin stories about himself without being mocked by anyone in the audience. I thought he was entitled to this, just as a sea bird caught in a storm is entitled to seek refuge in a crevice upon the rock surface.

The three-mile rule
As a political critic, I have tried to observe what I call the three-mile rule, which is never to criticize the government or its political leaders whenever I have gone beyond the three-mile cannon-range from shore. After I left the Marcos Cabinet in 1980, following ten years of service, I was invited by Asia Society to give a speech in New York. My friends in Manila and other political leaders expected me to mount a two-fisted attack against Marcos. They were sorely disappointed that I did not. Similarly, when Aquino is out of range, we owe it to him, to the nation and to ourselves, to observe a moratorium on our regular tirade. I was, therefore, ready to forego all criticism of PNoy until he returns from abroad.

A necessary response
However, while in Chicago, PNoy said a few things which invite a quick response. He told his Filipino audience that since 2010 he has “transformed” the Philippines from “the sick man of Asia” into “the darling of Asia,” and that,“you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Indeed, our casino economy has exploded as Manila rivals Las Vegas and Macau as the gambling capital of the world. But manufacturing is dead, agriculture is dying, and the only jobs being created for Filipinos are either in the call centers or overseas.

The vaunted economic growth has done nothing for the poor. The oligarchy has grown so much bigger, and the poor so much poorer. For all this, nobody has called us the “sick man of Asia” except those who wanted to claim that because of them the country had become a “tiger”–which it hasn’t. Similarly, nobody is calling us “the darling of Asia” except for Aquino who has coined the term to support his claim of “unparalleled achievements.”

Fraudulent achievements
What are these achievements? He did not elaborate. Apart from the questionable economic development, the moral order is all shot. The constitutional order and the rule of law are a mess. Corruption is getting out of control as the administration’s effort to raise a huge war chest for 2016 escalates. The record will bear that by physically bribing the members of Congress, which no president had ever done before, Aquino was able to:

• force the passage of the patently immoral and unconstitutional Reproductive Health Law, to the delight of the Obama administration and the global population controllers;

• impeach and remove Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, who might have stood in the way of his unconstitutional control the three branches of government;

• siphon off at least P240 billion from the General Appropriations Act into unlegislated programs of his own, through Budget Secretary Florencio Abad’s so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program, which the Supreme Court subseuently declared unconstitutional;

• impose one-man rule without declaring martial law or emergency rule but simply by usurping the vital powers of Congress and intimidating the Judiciary by threatening SC justices with possible impeachment, a la Corona, if they do not toe the line;

• ignore the Supreme Court’s express directive to investigate and prosecute all those involved in the manipulation and misuse of the DAP and the Priority Development Assistance Fund;

• escape the impeachment process despite his having committed so many impeachable offenses, simply by keeping the members of Congress, which alone has the power to impeach and try the President, under his thumb and committed to protect and defend his interests.

Adversarial media abolished
By making the owners and principal gatekeepers of Big Media part of the official power structure, PNoy and the oligarchy succeeded in abolishing the adversarial relationship between media and the government, as far as the mainstream commercial media are concerned. This allowed the conscript media to exercise what the British Prime Stanley Baldwin once called, in reference to the media moguls on Fleet Street, “power without responsibility, the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.” The citizens had to turn to the non-conformist mosquito press—notably the Times, the Standard, and the Daily Tribune—and the social media for an independent view of government and the world.

Destroying the opposition
With the jailing of Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jingjoy Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. on corruption charges, PNoy succeeded in abolishing the last semblance of nominal opposition in the Senate. What remains is but a small “independent” minority in the House of Representatives. Although the three senators had cooperated with Aquino in removing Corona as chief justice, their continued presence in the Senate seemed too much for PNoy; they had to be jailed even before they could be tried or convicted. The same with former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who remains in jail without trial, despite her failing health. This was one achievement PNoy was proud to share with his Chicago audience.

No more prosecution
But there was no mention of his having avoided the prosecution of his political allies in Congress and the Cabinet who are deeply involved in the same pork barrel mess. After months on end of promising to file the appropriate charges against pro-Aquino senators and congressmen who had misused the DAP and the PDAF, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima finally announced there would be no such prosecution anymore.

With the sentencing to life imprisonment of Janet Lim Napoles on illegal detention charges, there is very little chance we would be hearing anymore about those involved in the so-called P10-billion pork barrel scam, of which she was supposed to have been the mastermind, and which became the basis of the charges against the three opposition senators.

Indeed, this promises to be one of the most outstanding achievements of PNoy’s “daang matuwid.”

And yet he had the courage to tell his Canada audience, as reported by one well-known Aquino mouthpiece, “I’m confident that like in 1986, and in 2010, come 2016, you’ll be there to carry on what we’ve started. Our goal is not to go back to the rotten system, but to continue our country’s transformation… Surely even the next administration will reap what we’ve sown, that is if the straight path doesn’t turn crooked, and if you pick the right leaders as you (did) in 2010.”

Believing his own propaganda
From this, one can see that one of PNoy’s greatest achievements is his ability to believe in his own propaganda, long after everybody else has nixed it. Since August of last year, the National Transformation Council has been calling on PNoy to step down and allow a process of national transformation to take place. In Chicago, PNoyclaimed to have already brought about such “transformation.” How incredible indeed.

PNoy cannot possibly not know that his so-called “straight path” has already been junked as a fraud, that even his own legitimacy is now held in serious doubt. An increasing number of Filipinos now regard him as a de facto president, at the head of a de facto government. The precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine itself, which played a central role in the 2010 and 2013 elections, has lost its right to participate in the 2016 elections.

Mamasapano success
One of PNoy’s biggest recent achievements is his having successfully ignored the public demand for accountability for the death of the 44 SAF commandos, who were massacred by the combined forces of the MILF and the BIFF, after he had ordered the reinforcement units to stand down. Several inquiries were conducted into the massacre, first by the Philippine National Police, then by the Senate, then by the House. But not one of them ever dared to inquire into the “stand-down” order or into PNoy’s actual conduct during the tragic operation. That, indeed, is a phenomenal achievement.

Success with China
In foreign affairs, his biggest success is in having avoided a shooting war with China despite his unilateral effort to make the Philippines a “frontline state” against China’s rise in the Asia-Pacific, and despite his bellicose statements against the Asian giant every time he opens his mouth on our maritime dispute. In defense of a few disputed shoals, islets and reefs in the Spratlys, PNoy has shown extreme eagerness to go to war against China, perhaps to the last American, while resisting every suggestion to invoke the country’s rights over Sabah, which has been made part of the Federation of Malaysia, over and above the protest of the Philippine government.

Ungrateful critics
For all the wonderful things PNoy believes he is doing for the country, he is scoffed at by ingrates who do not appreciate their luck in having him as their president. Thus he complained to the JW Marriott crowd: “I get blamed for a heavy downpour, and for heavy traffic on EDSA. I get blamed even for Manny Pacquiao’s recent loss.”

This is not exactly correct. Some people may have blamed Manny Pacquiao for wearing bright yellow trunks at his fight with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, trunks as bright as PNoy’s yellow necktie at Marriott. But they fault PNoy for many other things. Many have noted as many major disasters during his watch as there were during his late mother Cory’s, but people don’t blame him for the calamities per se. They blame him for his uniformly slow response and lack of heart for the victims. Yolanda was epic.

As for the EDSA traffic, PNoy has long immortalized his quote about traffic being a sign of progress, so the only time he had EDSA cleared as when he banned all possible protesters from marching on it. I have a six-year-old grandson who wants to be president because he wants to fix the EDSA traffic; this is the least a sitting president should want to do while in office.

Apparently, PNoy’s stopover in Chicago was a huge success from a certain perspective, for we heard the City Mayor Rahm Emmanuel praising him for his “campaign against corruption,” and one obvious sycophant posting the question, “ Is this good government going to continue?” Still, PNoy seems to believe that at the end of the day, he would end up in jail—just as his grandfather and father ended in jail. His grandfather was incarcerated at the Sugamo Prison in Tokyo for collaborating with the Japanese during the war but died of a heart attack while watching a boxing match at the Rizal Stadium before he could be tried for treason, while his father Ninoy was jailed during martial law on charges related to national security.

His only wish, PNoy said, is that if he were to end up in jail, he should at least be jailed at the Fort in Taguig, with all its amenities. I have no wish to see PNoy in jail after he leaves Malacañang. But I would advise him to be very very careful about what he prays for. The good Lord might be listening.


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  1. Frankly, I could hardly understand the yellows, the oligarchs and the liberal party members why they stay stuck with a brainless, thoughtless pcos-created president who is a picture perfect ” mata-pobre” . The nation was hoodwinked by the comelec, the yellows and politicos who rooted for computerized elections. No one is going to be fooled forever. Just a thought: it is better to have an open voting. Use the computers of the horse racing industry: it would be economical and quicker. It will issue proofs via tickets! Trending? Let it be, after all there is such a thing as band wagon effect, and whether it is secret voting or through pcos ( manipulation was by way of mainstream media which led the populace into believing!) what the heck. What job awaits Abnoy after his term? As a stand-up comic/buffoon who will make fun of himself , humorizing his fate. But, let us wait for his jail term to wind up.

  2. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Huwag lang si Binay ang iboboto para sa president at tiyak nga naman na uunlad ang Pilipinas. Alisin ang mga magnanakaw na pamilya Binay. Sobra na ang ninakaw nilang bilyones sa kaban ng bayan.

  3. RP is fast becoming the bastion of jailed EX PRES. The last 2 Expres..and then this one…by the time my grand children will vote for their president, they have no choice due to no one dared to run. Alas becoming an RP Pres comes with a hazardous caveat. My 2 cents worth is this…change the pre-set idea that there will be clean elected RP president…he will always have political debts and these are callable with high interests to pay. Politics is the worst form of livelihood and people into this vocation are wallowing in pig sty armed with gilded tongues. They feed their families with money taken from bribes and yet they say they are righteous and have the temerity to pray to their gods for deliverance. The next RP Pres my crystal ball says..his whole family will.

  4. Kay ren Fuentes,di ako against sa kung ano man ang religion ng tao,against ako kung pipigilin nila ang tao na sundin ang alam nilang tama para sa kanila!ang RH bill ay para bigyan ng karapatan ang lahat ng taong mamili ng kanilang gusto,iba ang gusto ng pari,gusto nilang pigilin ang lahat kahit hindi naniniwala sa kanila!yan ang hindi tama!

  5. Abnoy-noyingski on

    Marcospolo, agree ako sa iyo, kapag binatay lahat ang gagawin ng mga tao sa Biblia, di tayo maliligaw…siyempre ang Panginoong Dios ang may sabi eh! Sino ang tututol?

  6. Most of Pilipino press outside the country are yellow press , you will hardly see any negative press about abnoy pnoy , thats why I dont buy them kahit nga libre na di ko pa rin binabasa dahil kwenta , we are mostly out of touch
    Our source of news is TFC pnoy channel meaning ABS CBN yellow press .
    ABS CBN (All Bull Shit Con & Bull Network ) . How do you like that ?

    • i agree with you about where the pinoy expats and ofws are getting their news from the conscripted media. i know this coz my siblings who are residing in america thinks boy sisi is great. they did know that he is a de facto president and was accepted as the president when the kano ambassador went to his house congratulating him even if the count is still starting. the kano has a direct link to the hocos pcos machines???? that is the only way the kano would know boy sisi won because the comelec was just starting to get the transmission from sources

    • What can we expect from AB(ia)S-CBN but praises for The Noy and his family to where the lopezes owes alot. The are back with their ways. Now I truly understand why Marcos sent them packing. This started when cory gave back the tv station to them.

  7. I just wish that the worst next Admin or president (VP) will not occupy Malacanang. There are other best, qualified, & credible candidates Filipinos should choose.

  8. abnoy is the most crooked, mental, arrogant, and corrupt president of all time. One more year I bet he will be wearing a straight jacket in his mental home in west triangle. his kkk will abandoned him. But before i forget his KKK has the same qualities as him.

  9. Just as that girl Quo Rhee used to say about justice being a pre-requisite to reconciliation, simyon will surely have to face at least 5,000 technical malversation charges on top of treason and money laundering. Similarly, just as one man couldn’t have done it by his lone self, the charges shall include all those who have planned the crime, abetted its growth and participated in its implementation. Note that treason does not mean that Cotabato has become a part of another country. Just the planning and the creation of legalese to provide a legitimate cover is already prima facie evidence. Even if the next congress wouldn’t have any more attendees, the law will just have to be applied – whatever the political consequences would be for the next president.

  10. Alejo Rosete on

    Do you think they will jail a MAN who what we call in Ilocano
    adda Balballa na? That is his defense. They will release his
    Psycho test after leaving the Palace.

    Do you think the Ombudsman or a Judge wants a man or woman
    tried in any offense, if he/she is kulangkulang?

    This is his best defense to avoid jail.

  11. Eddie de Leon on

    Only two alternatives are left to resolve our almost HOPELESS situation:
    (1) More intense prayer while rising in a People Power Revolt
    (2) More intense prayer and bahala na.

  12. Imprisonment ONLY for the Lying Psycho? That is too mild a punishment for all his crimes.

  13. Roldan Guerrero on

    I would convince SIR KITS TATAD to refrain from calling BSA Pnoy. He does not deserve to be called such a nationalistic name. I dare SIR KITS to call BSA PIGNOY instead. BINABABOY NYA ANG SAMBAYANANG PILIPINAS AT MGA MAMAMAYAN!

  14. PNoy loves to go abroad mainly because criticisms will not reach his head as well as his eyes. Besides, the audience are expected to be formal and will give him a “standing ovation” after each speech. Audience abroad simply respect the office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, not necessarily the man/woman who stands in it’s stead. But now mistake about it, not every person who listened and applauded in his every narrative believes PNoy. Unless all of them are so stupid to be placed inside PNoy’s pocket.

    • sadly ang mga dumadalo sa mga filipino gatherings to listen to boy sisi are all yellow cult members and hakot crowd by the consulate. these yellows get their daily fare of news from the conscripted press led by tfc. some of these crowd, because they only listen to the conscripted press, are not aware of the corruption and misgovernance of boy sisi. these pinoys, like the ones here, are all teleserye addicts and believe in camelot and fairy tales.

  15. Marami akong natututuhan at hinahangan sa mga ginagawa ni Mr.tatad,isang bagay lang ang napapansin ko,kapag tungkol sa gusto ng simbahan ay totoong ipinaglalaban nito,katulad ng RH bill,hindi ko alam sa humuhugot ng lohika upang sobra ang pag-against niya sa bill na ito,na totoong
    Makakabuti sa lahat!
    Kung pagbabatayan sa religion ang pag-uusapan nakasulat naman ito sa bible! Ang problema lang hindi niya binabasa ng buo!
    Ang pagkakaalam ko sa nakasulat ay kalatan lahat ng tao at magparami,ngunit kapag marami na ay inyo ng supilin!o pigilin! Malabo ba ang mga mata ng pari at maraming sumusunod sa mga ito!
    Minsan ang sobrang katalinuhan, hindi lahat naaabot at nauunawaan ang kalooban ng maykapal!

    • marcospolo, you cannot blame kit tatad for pursuing his advocacy against the rh law. he is following his religion. that is the teaching of the catholic church and has withstood for more than 2,000 years. for those who want to practice artificial birth control methods, they are free to do so but if they are catholics, they should not expect the catholic church to support their choice and expect to stay catholic.

    • Justaskingseriously on

      Isinama sana niyo sa sulat kung saan sa biblia ang tinutukoy niyo na nakasulat sa biblia. E wala tayong “reference”. Inisip ko ng inisip kung saan kaya sa biblia yong nalaman niyo na “…kapag marami na ay inyo ng supilin! o pigilin!…” Kung sakali nasa biblia yung nalaman niyo, baka ibang klaseng biblia yon. Kaya hindi sapat ang sabihin na nakasulat sa biblia. Pag sinabing “biblia” malabo yon dahil ang ibig sabihin ng salitang “biblia” ay maraming libro. Bawa’t libro sa biblia ay maaring tawagin “biblos”. Dahil sa dami ng mga libro na nasa bible, tinatawag na “biblia”.

      Sinagot ko ang tanong niyo kung bakit ngayon lang tinawag na “holy father” si Francis. Kung nabasa na niyo ang sagot ko, alam na niyo na ang “office” o tunkulin ni Pedro ay tinanggap ng mga sumunod sa kaniya. Isa sa mga sumunod sa kaniya ay si Pope Paul VI. Siya ang sumulat ng “encyclical letter” na ang title ay “Humanae Vitae” noong July 25, 1968. Ito ay tungkol sa human life. Ipinagbawal ang artificial contraception. Maaring basahin niyo ito sa internet.