• ‘Beware of pretenders’


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd has cautioned the public against falling prey into the trap set by “pretenders” who are out to destroy what his administration has started as he reminded them to choose the right path as they approach the “crossroads,” a subtle reference to the 2016 elections.

    “Sa muling pagharap ng sambayanan sa sangandaan, piliin nating muli ang landas ng malasakit at katuwiran; Pumanig tayo sa tama, at umiwas sa mga mapagsamantala. Napakaganda na po talaga ng ating nasimulan; ang mga mithiin na dati-rati ay hindi natin magawang pangarapin, ngayon, isa-isa na nating nararating,” the president said in his televised New Year’s Day message that is littered with political undertones.

    He reminded all Filipinos that despite the achievements gained by the government since he came into power, there remains a “few who watch our every move and waiting for the chance to pounce and bring us back to the old ways.”

    “Sa pagpasok natin sa ikalimang taon ng ating pamahalaan, tiwala akong malinaw na sa inyo kung sino ang mga tunay na kakampi ng taumbayan, at kung sino ang nagpapanggap lang. Ngayong napipitas na natin ang positibong bunga ng pagtahak sa tuwid na landas, mga Boss, lilihis pa ba tayo?” he asked.

    “Mga Boss, patuloy sana tayong maging mapanuri at mapagmat–yag,” Aquino added.

    The president vowed that as he enters his last year in office, his promise of “permanent change” will be delivered.

    In the first part of his message, Aquino recalled the challenges that his government had to endure in the past years, including attempts to pull him down.

    “Basta’t nakatutok tayo sa iisang direksyon, basta’t magkakapit-bisig tayong humahakbang, walang makakapigil sa pag-abot natin sa ating mga pangarap,” he stressed.

    He again boasted of the 21 positive credit rating actions that the country earned from respected credit rating agencies such as Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s.

    “Ano po ba ang ibig-sabihin nito para sa mga Pilipino? Mas murang mahihiram ng gobyerno ang pondo para sa mga programa’t proyekto; mas naeengganyo ang mga negosyanteng maglagak ng puhunan sa bansa, at mas mabilis nating maihahatid ang mga benepisyo sa ating mga kababayan,” he explained.

    Aquino also cited the eight Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects that were sealed from December 2011 to present with the combined cost of P127 billion.

    This, he said, has surpassed the six PPP projects that were “solicited” by the past three administrations.

    Aquino also harped on the successes of the Education department’s K to 12 program and the addressing of the backlogs in school buildings, teachers and books.

    In terms of job generation, he said the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) has trained 672,258 scholars under the Training-for-Work Scholarship Program.

    In relation to this, he said the expanded Conditional Cash Transfer Program will ensure that thousands more will graduate from high school and become part of the “demographic sweet spot” in the labor sector.

    He said previous studies have shown that high school graduates earn 40 percent more than those who only finished elementary education.


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    1. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      The Philippines should have a target for the following:
      1. Target zero casualty for weather diasters in 3 years.
      2. Target improved traffic situation in MM in 3 years.
      3. Target zero casualties in New year due to firecrackers, in one year.
      4. Target faster decision in our justice system in one year.
      5. Target faster COA, BIR, Ombudsman, Sandigan Bayan investigation, in 1 year.
      6. Target reduced home fires, within 4 years.

    2. Pnoy haters are enjoying the freedom of speech in which they can’t do to during marcos regime… so to say democracy is working in this Pnoy admin.

    3. ikaw ang tunay na Great Pretender! pag sosyalan,mabilis ka! pag dating sa kalamidad, wala kang pakialam! kaya ihinto mo na ang mga salita mo na puno ng kasinungalinga!

    4. Reminding people to be cautious on pretenders is not an issue for me as OFW. It’s very natural for leader to protect the gains of his administration by reminding us to vote wisely. Unfortunately there are a number of people who’s vote can still be bought. This is just my observation and knowledge about the vote buying in our country. It’s not hopeless and I hope educated Filipinos will help those who are unfortunate to understand the issues and what is happening in our country.
      I am happy to be home this Christmas and celebrated New Year with my family. Happy New Year to you all.

    5. apolonio reyes on

      PLACED IN SPAM KASI 2 BESES PINOST NG SENDER ITO Tama si Pnoy ” Beware of pretenders ” na mga politicians at political party na nagsasabi sila ay para at maka mahirap at ang tutoo sila lang at pamilya ang bumubukol ang bulsa sa yaman na di matukoy kung saan nangaling.
      Inumpisahan ni Pres. Ramon Magsaysay ang maka-mahirap na slogan ” Magsaysay is my Guy at Mambo Mambo Magsaysay ” na sinulat daw di umano ng isang areneow na si Sen. Raul Manglapus. Ito ay sinundan ni Pres. Diosdado Macapagal’s ” The poor boy from Lubao “, Ito ay ginamit ng maraming politico mula mayors to governors at sumikat ang na convict na si Pres. Joseph Estrada, President GMA na ginamit ang ” Partido ng Masang Pilipino” at “Kampi ng Mahihirap” at ngayon ay ni VP Binay na UNA.

    6. Roldan Guerrero on

      How hypocrite in saying “MGA BOSS”. You are the GREAT PRETENDER Mr. Simeon Aquino! You should stop telling LIES, RESIGN and face YOUR CRIMES.

    7. The caution that PNoy gives telling us to avoid falling prey to pretenders is irritatingly amusing to say the least. If there is a pretender in our midst, it is him who had preyed on us by making us believe that his is an honest and Straight Path (Landas na Matuwid).

      Now, we know that he is an unconscionable liar and a wolf in sheep clothing. Through his unadited P1 Trillion pork, graft-ridden pork barrel and DAP dole-outs, corruption remains alive and well in the government. Four and one-half years into his rule, Philippines remains one of the most corrupt in Asia. Even the United Nations warmed the Philippines recently that it will withdraw its membership if it doesn’t stop corruption (You tube).

    8. Yan ang sabi niyan!!sabi nga! Ng Americano, wag isipin kung ano ang ibibigay ng gobyerno sa iyo! Isipin mo daw! Kung ano ang magagawa mo para sa gobyerno!
      Kaya – kanyang sikap na lang!kahit sinong pangulo kapag maykayod ka at nasa abroad mabubuhay ka ng mabuti!!
      Happy new year sa lahat!!

    9. The message of the President is very simple and clear. Kung may kasamang miracle ang kanyang message baka right there and there may tamaan ng kidlat.Mga pahaging at patutsada ang ginagawa lamang niya

    10. It is amazing how this Abnoy can make much ado about nothing. Nothing is what his performance is during the time of his illegitimate usurpation of the presidency.

      Reading what he claims, I am tempted to blurt out : “what in Hades is he talking about?” He has led the country into one disaster after another due to his criminal offenses. He stole the people’s money. He bribed Congress to impeach a sitting chief justice and had him convicted by a bribed and partial senate. He imprisoned a former president for crimes with insufficient evidence. He has caused the dislocation of a great number of typhoon victims by his negligence and arrogant stubbornness and his own cabinet cannot even account for the donations of foreign countries intended for them. And up to now, he continues to defy the definitive ruling of the Supreme Court against his PDAF and DAP. The economic problems of our country mount (transportation, power problems, unemployment, unabated poverty and criminality, degenerating peace and order, and now even drug manufacturing inside prison premises). Now what claims to good performance is this Ydiot and imbecYL bragging about? Heavens, I hope the earth beneath his feet will just crumble under the weight of his lies.