• Beyonce unveils ‘Lemonade’ amid album speculation


    NEW YORK: Pop superstar Beyonce announced in a televised project entitled “Lemonade” for next week, fueling speculation that she will release a “film-album.”

    Beyonce posted on Instagram a short video with the title “Lemonade” which it billed as a “world premiere event” to air on the cable network HBO on April 23.

    The rest of the video is cryptic, with a faint whispering as a person—presumably Beyonce—slowly rises with dreaded hair and a fur jacket but without any glance at the face.

    The video would appear to confirm a report in February by The BeyHive, a fan site, that said she was working on an “album film.”

    Beyonce is known for surprise releases and her interest in pairing her music with visuals.

    She released her last album, which was self-titled, in December 2013 with no prior announcement and combined the music with a series of short films.



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