Beyond change: ISA’s 2017 fundraising gift



ONE of ISA’s most anticipated events is the yearly launch of a new work by its founder and chairman emeritus, Jess Estanislao. Beginning last year, ISA decided that instead of putting the book on sale as usual, it would be given as a fundraising gift for a simple campaign to enlist civic support for its governance programs. In 2016, ISA presented 1,000 books to Filipinos living here and abroad who supported the “Good Filipinos” campaign. The organization is proud to count them among its network of responsible citizens pushing for governance to be practiced at all levels of society.

This year, ISA aims to invite more citizens to once again pledge their support for the governance advocacy. At the launch on May 22,Estanislao’s new book, Beyond Change: Ideas for Sustainable Governance, will be given as a token for every pledge of P1,500. Donors will also receive two other books: Rex Drilon’s Patriots on the Street and Alex Lacson’s12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do for the Country. The three authors will be available to sign their books at the event, which is the first for this year under the ‘Dream Philippines’ campaign. All proceeds will be used to support ISA’s 2017 governance programs.

Beyond Change tackles the challenge of sustainable governance and offers practical steps that can be carried out by individuals, teams, and enterprises. It encourages citizens, especially those working in government, to ‘think national’ and to consider that governance is not the responsibility of one person but of every Filipino. The book features the stories of 17 contributors from business, government, civil society, and the academe to illustrate these ideas.

The May 22, 2017 book launch is open to the public and will be held at Makati Sports Club’s Ayala Hall from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Guests are requested to RSVP through Jyska Kuan Ken (, 886-3652 local 106).

ISA will be writing more about the book through this column in the coming months.


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