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Alden20131229The young Kapuso star talks about ’10,000 Hours’, welcomes 2014
Then-newcomer Alden Richards capitalized on his good looks and raw talent to pursue a dream. And so he did—with a blitzkrieg of high-profile projects and motion picture nods, he elevated himself to leading man status barely three years later.

In his new cinematic endeavor 10,000 Hours, Alden portrays a tough-as-nails young cop whose role is pivotal to the central character played by lead star Robin Padilla. 10,000 Hours is an official entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

The suspense-thriller, shot in several locations around the world, tells the story of a man “who has lived his life by the law and for the law” but is betrayed by the very law that he serves.

“[Robin’s character] went through several phases in life. This film shows his journey that will serve as an inspiration to many,” Alden tells of his newest role.

The young actor then relates how he underwent intense physical training to prepare for his role. The actors were not provided stunt doubles, but instead were trained heavily by stuntmen. He reveals, “I went through several stamina and gun-handling lessons for this movie. While we were doing the scenes, I always had to ensure my safety, as well as the safety of my co-actors.”

For a young actor with great aspirations like Alden, the experience of working with a legitimate showbiz superstar like Robin helped him grasp the rudiments and stepping stones of success. “Now that I’ve gotten to know him [Robin], I’ve learned that he’s a genuinely nice person who is very devoted to his craft I want to mature just like him,” Alden shares.

As for director Joyce Bernal, he praises, “I knew the credentials of Bb. Joyce Bernal. Her projects have been outstanding. I wanted to live up to her expectations. I just hope I did.”

Asked whether he sees his role in 10,000 Hours as a springboard for a career in the action genre, he responds, “Why not? I have always wanted to star in an action film. Though my career path, for the moment, is leaned towards drama, I wouldn’t mind doing more action movies in the future.”

10,000 Hours won the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor awards at the 39th MMFF Awards Night held at the Meralco Theater on December 27.

Ringing in the New Year
Alden has undeniably evolved into an artiste par excellence who exhibits versatility in acting, hosting, and performing. His amiable nature and sweet personality have endeared him both to colleagues and supporters.

Improvement is a factor that Alden will always welcome, and he considers everyday as an opportunity to learn and grow. “I realized that part of being an actor is to get my emotions from past experiences. For every role that I portray, I want to reinvent myself. I would always study the role I am given and imbibe it. Learning to own your character has also been a key to this,” he explains.

In 2014, Alden wants to be visible in all media platforms and he is very much on his way to doing just that. In the first quarter alone, he is set to star in Carmela, Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera’s much-awaited comeback drama.

For the coming year, he also hopes to further his music career. Alden launched his eponymous debut album earlier this year, adding the title of “recording artist” to his numerous achievements in showbiz.

Finally, Alden will be ringing in the New Year together with fellow Kapuso artists as part of the GMA 2014 Countdown.

And his New Year’s resolution: “To be remarkable in every aspect of my life.”


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